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Engagement in online learning: It’s not all about faculty!

Kathy Bishop, Catherine Etmanski & M. Beth Page
The definitive version of record is available at https://dx.doi.org/10.1108/978-1-78754-325-620181006.

Plan Canada - Volume 35, Number 5 (September 1995)

A new kind of sprawl|Une nouvelle forme d'étalement urbain / Hok-Lin Leung -- Being at the table and in the loop|Entrer dans le jeu, être dans le coup / Gerry Couture -- Letters|Courrier -- "Come to Toronto, discover the world": Conference an international planning extravaganza|<> : Congrès grandiose sur l'urbanisme international / Plan Canada's editorial staff -- Cities and a sustainable Earth: Maurice Strong / Ian Wight -- Planning in a global economy: Michael Goldberg...

Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, July 4, 1896]

Vehicular negligence: A socio-legal study of crime, law and public safety

Dan Anthon & Varinder Badh
Photo by Preventable. Chapter excerpt by Varinder Badh, Royal Roads University. Photography by Dan Anthon, Royal Roads University.

Planning for bird habitat protection: BC guidelines for local governments, developers and planners

Christopher Mark Stephens
Planning for Bird Habitat Protection: BC Guidelines for Local Governments, Developers and Planners is a research report completed as the research portion of my major project completed as part of my Master of Community Planning at Vancouver Island University. Throughout the completion of this research for my major project, I consulted with local government staff members, developers and non-profit representatives. In combination with academic reference material, fieldwork and the application of my background in land...

The new archivists: Social media, memory and history

Jaigris Hodson
The definitive version of record of this article is available at https://www.acs-aec.ca/en/publications/canadian-issues.

Guidance pole 15

Harold Joe
Staff that worked at Globetrotter Sporting Goods store that's next to the carving site. George Rice is pictured at the far right. Picture taken in Cologne, Germany.

Guidance pole 16

Harold Joe
Wolf with Salmon in its mouth. Picture taken in Cologne, Germany.

Guidance pole 17

Harold Joe
Claudia Brandt painting Wolf. Picture taken in Cologne, Germany.

Guidance pole 3

Harold Joe
Start of Moon above Wolf. Picture taken at VIU Cowichan Campus.

Guidance pole 11

Harold Joe
Sun and Thunderbird. Picture taken at VIU Cowichan Campus.

Using learning maps to foster sense of belonging in elementary students

Tom Wilkinson
Teachers have always known about the importance of positive adult and peer relationships in the classroom. However, time and curriculum pressures can lead some teachers to avoid developing an interconnected learning environment that enhances students' sense of belonging. The purpose of this study was to explore how to foster an elementary classroom learning environment that develops a rich sense of student belonging. The researcher was also examining their teaching experience in this process, especially related...

The effects of emotional labour on teacher identity

Marsie L. Fisk
This purpose of this study was to share the experience of mid-career teachers as they continued to develop and understand their personal and professional identities, and to identify how emotional labor impacts identity. Through an online survey inclusive of closed and open-ended questions, participants provided responses that addressed participant demographics, personal and professional identity, and emotional labour in teaching. These findings provided insight into possible structures that support teachers as they navigate and manage the...

How I use personal stories to build connections in a middle school

Corrie L. Goessman
What has become my most magnificent skill is my ability to cultivate and create connections between learners within their school community by using their personal stories. I have learned that when a child is free to share his or her own stories they become part of a classroom community, connected to their learning, validated as a person and confident in the classroom. These attributes are necessary for students to succeed at school. As a teacher,...

Rethinking learning spaces: how Reggio Emilia environments promote critical thinking

Jessica L. Koop
The study explores the historical influences and pedagogical practices of the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, and how particular aspects of its environment work as a third teacher to influence and promote critical thinking. This thesis draws connections between constructivist theory, social constructivism, critical thinking, and the key values and principles of the Reggio Emilia approach. In particular, exploration of the atelier, space, colour, lighting, materials, provocations, and documentation reveals a powerful link...

What is emergence and how does it relate to our educational ecology?

Martha J. Swinn
The basis of this project was to create a workshop using emergent pedagogy to explain the semantics and propagation of emergence to educators. The strategies used in the workshop to demonstrate being-with a subject include: dialogue, picture word index model, journal reflection, check-in, walk and talk, multi-sensory brainstorming, found poetry, Frayer vocabulary model, mime as a narrative frame, and idea-mapping. The strategies used to learn more about emergence before the workshop include: workshopping poetry, an...

Phylogeography of a migratory songbird across its Canadian breeding range: Implications for conservation units

Samuel Haché, Erin M. Bayne, Marc-André Villard, Heather Proctor, Corey S. Davis, Diana Stralberg, Jasmine K. Janes, Michael T. Hallworth, Kenneth R. Foster, Easwaramurthyvasi Chidambara-Vasi, Alexandra A. Grossi, Jamieson C. Gorrell & Richard Krikun
The objectives of this study were to describe and evaluate potential drivers of genetic structure in Canadian breeding populations of the Ovenbird, Seiurus aurocapilla. We performed genetic analyses on feather samples of individuals from six study sites using nuclear microsatellites. We also assessed species identity and population genetic structure of quill mites (Acariformes, Syringophilidae). For male Ovenbirds breeding in three study sites, we collected light-level geolocator data to document migratory paths and identify the wintering...

Constitutive communication in the (re)creation of community

Johanna Michelle Henderson
Given physical intervention’s lack of success in transforming neighbourhoods into communities, communication presents a compelling opportunity for study, with potential to identify tools to organize neighbourhoods into effective, self-conscious and integrated communities. To that end, this qualitative study examines how communication constitutes community within the neighbourhood of Strathcona. The neighbourhood is viewed through the lens of constitutive organization theory (Communicative Constitution of Organizations, or CCO), considering place as a function of materialized communication. This research...

Drought disaster planning and adaptation in rural British Columbia

Evan Lloyd
Drought is one of the more devastating climate-driven hazards across the world. Its impacts have long term impacts and can lead to degradation of access to sufficient water, food and other necessities for human life. British Columbia experiences drought on a regular basis and given the increasing impacts of global climate change on the province, it is crucial to understand how small municipalities are prepared for this hazard in the present, as well as how...

School leaders supporting teachers' mental health

J. Geoff J. MacDonald
This action research project examined school leaders’ role in supporting classroom teachers’ mental health within Prince Edward Island schools. The study explored the question: How can Prince Edward Island’s school leaders support the mental health needs of teachers in Prince Edward Island (PEI)? Using action research methodology, and specifically an action research engagement model I interviewed three classroom teachers from across PEI with between three and thirteen years of experience and conducted a focus group...

Patient confidential : nurses’ social media use in the 21st Century

Johanna Margaret Ward
The rise of social media has corresponded with an explosion in use by healthcare professionals: from online forums and clinical discussions groups to health-care conference ‘tweetups’, social media is being embraced by nurses and naturopaths, dentists and doctors. This hyper-connectedness has a downside, however, as the mixing of public and private lives begins blurring traditional boundaries, leading to violations of patient confidentiality on social media. This thesis examines this problem using Goffman’s theory of the...

“Whimsical and fun and weird and interesting” : prosocial community in minecraft

Kenzie Ann Burniston Woodbridge
Over 700 million people worldwide are socializing and spending time, sometimes significant amounts, in online multiplayer games, and these social spaces can be important sites of community. Unfortunately, levels of civility, aggression, and mutual helping can vary significantly between game spaces. Given their ubiquity and importance in so many people’s lives, it is critical to understand how a prosocial community can be created and maintained over time in these spaces for those who want them....

Indigenous knowledge in Wagiiwing and applications in harvesting and management

Leslie Dana Campbell
Waywayseecappo First Nation in the Greater Riding Mountain Area of Manitoba is faced with challenges to manage natural resources while balancing contemporary and traditional ways of knowing. How do Anishinabe from Waywayseecappo First Nation engage and protect Indigenous Knowledge for the purpose of sustainable resource management of ungulates in Wagiiwing? This research used qualitative methods to develop a case study of the use of Indigenous Knowledge in Wagiiwing using semi-structured interviews and participant observation. This...

Digital dating in Kelowna, BC : examining how women experience online dating in a small, Canadian city

Melissa K. McCluskey
Today, many individuals seek to establish intimate relationships using various forms of computer-mediated communication, including online dating sites and mobile applications. Investigating the ways in which location, in this case a relatively small, Canadian city, affect the online dating experience was a primary purpose of this study. The researcher incorporated social script theory and the life course perspective to gain an understanding of how age, gender, and technology intersect for women dating digitally in the...

Interview to the double: Uncovering student motivations in the library

Kathleen Reed, Cameron Hoffman-McGaw & Meg Ecclestone
Students reflect on both the conscious and unconscious choices they make in the library, informing service and resource design.

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