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Vancouver Island Children's Book Festival 2017

Jessie Zhang
Video of Vancouver Island Children's Book Festival held in Nanaimo in May 2017.

LibQUAL+ 2012

The 2012 LibQUAL+ survey conducted at Vancouver Island University Library. LibQUAL+ surveys measure dimensions of perceived library quality. Survey questions are grouped together in broader categories (dimensions) and scores within those categories are analyzed in order to form general observations about library users' perceptions of service.

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Digital Learning Environments

George Veletsianos
This chapter introduces the reader to four foundational and emerging issues facing individuals who are engaging with the design, development, and evaluation of digital learning environments. These are the following: ● organizational structures used to categorize digital learning environments ● the design of digital learning environments for effective and meaningful learning experiences ● the debate on guided vs minimally guided instruction within digital learning environments ● the issue of appropriated and repurposed digital learning environments...

Teaching with Instructional Software

Aaron Doering & George Veletsianos

Hybrid online education: Identifying integration models using adventure learning

Aaron Doering & George Veletsianos
In this paper we sought to understand how teachers chose to integrate a hybrid online education program in their classrooms, how students responded to this choice, and how students’ experiences were influenced by the integration model chosen by the teachers. Data collected via classroom observations, personal interviews, and focus groups suggest four integration models: curriculum-based, activities-based, standards-based, and media-based. We discuss these models in the context of hybrid online education and particularly in adventure learning....

Cognitive and affective benefits of an animated pedagogical agent: Considering contextual relevance and aesthetics

George Veletsianos
Choi and Clark (2006) argue that learning is attributed to the instructional method rather than the specific medium used to deliver instruction (i.e. the pedagogical agent). Additionally, they consider pedagogical agents as unnecessarily expensive tools, whose instructional affordances can be replicated by less expensive options. In this response to Choi and Clark (2006), I argue that pedagogical agents are not a new iteration of the media debate because the anthropomorphous features and social affordances of...

Conversational agents and their longitudinal affordances on communication and interaction

Aaron Doering, George Veletsianos & Theano Yerasimou
In this study, we investigate the effects of conversational agents on communication and interaction when used to assist participants in developing an online portfolio. Data from 52 participants were gathered and analyzed through questionnaires, written reflections, transcripts of student-agent interactions, and focus groups. Data revealed that participants communicated with the agents on issues ranging from portfolio development to popular culture. Although participants did not view the agents as particularly helpful in completing class activities, they...

Urban policy for sustainable development: Taking a wide-angle view

Don Alexander & Ray Tomalty
In this review of literature relevant to urban policy for sustainable development, we consider both empirical writings and more "visionary" work. The two aspects that will be considered in our review of urban policy for sustainability are population size and the built environment. In considering the issues raised by both empirical and the visionary literatures, we arrive at five broad goals or areas of concern which we feel urban policy for sustainable development should address...

The International Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (ICSRC)

Gary Clarke & Ellie Bennett
The establishment of the International Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (ICSRC) was proposed as a legacy project at the October 2013 meeting of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, which included 36 countries from Europe and North America, known as the EuroMAB Group, held in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. The delegates endorsed the proposal to form an international EuroMAB Working Group to advance the project. The ICSRC will be located in Brockville, within the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve. It...

The establishment of a database on current research in UNESCO biosphere reserves: limitations and opportunities

Pamela Shaw, Martin F. Price, Taylor Alexander, Rushi Gadoya, Graham Sakaki & Lauren Shaw
The investigation into current research on biosphere reserves is complex and multi-faceted. Numerous factors, including the widespread interests of those publishing on biosphere reserves, publication methods, author languages, and the peculiarity of various search engines makes the determination of gaps, patterns, and opportunities in research a convoluted task. To respond to the question “what is the current state of research on biosphere reserves?” a major university-led research project was developed as a partnership between the...

Multi-scaffolding learning environment: An analysis of scaffolding and its impact on cognitive load and problem-solving ability

Aaron Doering & George Veletsianos
A Multi-Scaffolding Environment (MSE) is a multimedia environment reliant on authentic scaffolding. We examine the impact of the availability of multiple scaffolds on learning and cognitive load within an MSE where learners are assigned a real-world task and given access to four support tools to help them complete the task. By examining an MSE in the area of geographic literacy, we explore the effectiveness of problem-based learning and whether multiple scaffolding is applicable to any...

Raising the bar for instructional outcomes: Towards transformative learning experiences.

Brent G. Wilson, Patrick Parrish & George Veletsianos
Most instructional technologists understand that instruction aims to be effective, efficient, and appealing. These three quality indicators have proven useful in establishing desired outcomes. In this article we suggest an expanded set of indicators, with more attention to social impact, engagement, and the learner’s experience. By broadening and deepening our expectations, we hope to encourage more research on instruction leading to powerful or transformative learning.

Dialogic change and the practice of inclusive leadership

Niels Agger-Gupta & Brigitte Harris
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Identification of range extent of the Morrison Creek lamprey (Lampetra richardsoni var. marifuga) in Canada

Sean MacConnachie, Joy Wade & Mike Waters
In 2014, preliminary surveys were undertaken to assess the extent of distribution of lamprey in the headwaters of Morrison Creek in Courtenay, BC. In support of the identification of critical habitat of Morrison Creek lamprey (Lampetra richardsoni var. marifuga), further studies were undertaken in June and July 2015 to determine if adult lamprey were present in the headwaters. Until this time they had only been observed in the main stem of the creek. Over the...

Planning, power and ethics

Kent Gerecke & Barton Reid
The integrity of planning as a profession is under challenge. The retreat from rational comprehensive planning in the 1960s has not produced an adequate substitute. Into the breach, a number of competing perspectives have emerged. While a plurality of views now exist, planning still remains firmly enmeshed in a corporatist practice. Of greater concern is the crowding out of useful alternative views by a new brand of opportunism. The rise of laissez-faire corporatism and the...

Intensive care: Public participation and urban design

Karen Pianosi
The desirability of increased use of existing residential areas is acknowledged. Anticipating development pressure and community concerns around this issues, the City of Burlington Strategic Plan directed resident involvement in determining appropriate future development. "Intensive care" was needed to provide for community education which could be used to build support to change official plan policies. Consultants designed and implemented an innovative public participation process and assisted staff in the study. The "experiment," emphasizing urban design,...

Canadian community planning 100 years on: Where next?

Gerald Hodge
As community planning in Canada enters its second century, many past challenges (e.g., affordable housing, citizen participation and environmental pollution) still await resolution. New challenges through the aging of the population and its growing multicultural complexity are emerging that will also test planners' will and skills. Whether planning practice is sufficient to meet these challenges will depend upon planners (a) opening up the present bureaucratic process; (b) sharing power with citizen participants; (c) taking a...

From Korea to Cowichan: a Korean perspective on English language learning in Duncan

Adam B. Reid
The purpose of the present study was to gain a better understanding of what opportunities for successful learning and socialization that young South Korean ELLs encountered at X Elementary School in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, BC. In order to achieve this aim, the author of the current study set out to determine the students’ perceptions of various factors that could influence their immersion experience in Canada. The questionnaires created for...

Challenges, as perceived by teachers, to integrating Aboriginal content

Laura L. Tait
Aboriginal students are not succeeding at the same rate as their non-Aboriginal counterparts. An approach to address this concern is to increase Aboriginal content, as it will positively affect Aboriginal student achievement. A quantitative study was conducted, surveying 87 teachers to elicit perceived challenges to integrating this content into the B.C. curriculum. The teachers were of varying grade levels and years of teaching experience. Lack of Aboriginal resources and lack of knowledge of Aboriginal cultures...

New urbanism and aging in place

Mary Catherine Mehak
We are now familiar with the application of new urbanism in residential developments in Canada. As a model, new urbanism recognizes the need to provide communities that support aging in place. Developments based on the model, however, have not adequately addressed needs for barrier-free and affordable housing, and access to services. At the same time, new urbanism incorporates an approach to planning communities that is end-design driven, and promotes the collaboration of all interested parties...

An approach to home-based business

Alain Pinard
Following a lengthy and heated debate, the former Town of Ancaster (now part of the new City of Hamilton) adopted new zoning regulations for home-based businesses. Although this activity is increasingly commonplace, some Canadians remain opposed to the idea of neighbours carrying out business in their homes. However, two years after the passing of Bylaw 99-20, it has been concluded that the new regulations are working well. The new regulations work well for two principal...

The effect of sustained silent reading and booktalks on high school students' attitudes towards reading

Andrea L. Berkey
The current study explored the effect of Sustained Silent Reading and booktalks on high school students’ attitudes towards reading. The mixed methods study used a survey made up of ten Likert style questions and one open ended question to examine 24 Grade 12 English students’ attitudes after participating in Sustained Silent Reading and two booktalks. Triangulation was used to analyse and compare the quantitative and qualitative data. The study found that the participants believed that...

Primary teachers’ beliefs on the role of play in early childhood education

Katie M. Smith
The purpose of the current study was to gather primary teachers’ beliefs about the role of play in early childhood education. In order to gather these beliefs, all primary teachers in School District 70 (Port Alberni) were given a multi-method survey to complete (Appendix A). The surveys were distributed in October of 2011 and teachers were given two weeks to complete and return the survey. Ten out of a possible twenty-seven surveys were collected from...

The Tao of smart growth: (The way that can be named is not the way)

Raymond Young
All professions are prone to fads and fashionable trends. Planning is no exception. "Smart growth" is attractive because it asks no questions, provides all the answers, and invites no critical thought. It's entirely packaged: all we have to do is unwrap it and wonder at its truth. Planners have a duty to break smart growth rhetoric down to its components- to think about them, test them, and make judgements about what works and what doesn't....

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