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Dan Anthon, Brian Belcher, Rachel Claus, Rachel Davel & Stephanie Jones
Projects by Sustainability Research Effectiveness team, Royal Roads University. Photography by Dan Anthon, Royal Roads University.

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Dan Anthon, Brian Belcher, Rachel Claus, Rachel Davel & Stephanie Jones
Projects by Sustainability Research Effectiveness team, Royal Roads University. Photography by Dan Anthon, Royal Roads University.

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Dan Anthon, Brian Belcher, Rachel Claus, Rachel Davel & Stephanie Jones
Projects by Sustainability Research Effectiveness team, Royal Roads University. Photography by Dan Anthon, Royal Roads University.

Fostering openness within a higher education institution: Tensions, opportunities and a work in progress

Elizabeth Childs, Jo Axe, George Veletsianos & Keith Webster
This is a preprint of the article. The definitive version of record is available at https://doi.org/10.1163/9789004422988_016.

Evidence-based practices for struggling intermediate and secondary readers: What, why, how?

Ericia McKenzie Bingham
This applied project examined Response to Intervention evidence-based programs that teachers can use at Tier 1 in the teaching of reading to support intermediate and secondary students who encounter reading challenges in the general education classroom. Evidence-based reading programs demonstrated effectiveness in supporting students’ reading practices, particularly those students who are struggling to read as well as those who read at the frustration level. The handbook provides teachers with the information they will need to...

Riding the wave: Planning for ride-hailing in Canadian communities

Victor Ngo
The availability of smartphone technology has transformed and disrupted the vehicle-for-hire transportation industry through the introduction of new ride-hailing services that provide on-demand services using non-professional, privately owned vehicles. The legality of these ride-hailing services has been challenged by jurisdictions across the world. However, jurisdictions have begun to recognize it as a distinct service, developing new enabling legislation (using the “transportation network company” regulatory category) and policy to support ride-hailing as part of a multi-modal...

Planning for demographic challenges in our communities

Timothy Shah
In this issue of Plan Canada, we explore the critical and emerging demographic challenges facing Canadian cities and highlight the many opportunities planners have to make life more manageable for Millennials and seniors alike.

The Heart of Hope City Church : exploring volunteer leadership

Rondah Dianne Worrell-Maik
This thesis employed an action-oriented research project that explored volunteer leadership development in a faith-based religious context. The methodology employed for this project was community-based research, as it best aligned with the organization, allowing research to be guided by the knowledge gained through the lived experience of the research participants. The inquiry included two phases of research conducted using three research methods: storytelling, focus groups, and interviews. A total of 20 participants took part in...

Plan Canada - Volume 29, Number 3 (May 1989)

Editorial|Editorial / Brijesh Mathur -- Letters|Lettres -- Housing concerns: A Canadian overview / Tom Carter -- Rural residential renovation: A case study of rural homeowners in Atlantic Canada / Ron Corbett -- No place like home: Dealing with homelessness in Canada / Gerald Daly -- The National Housing Research Committee / Tony Wellman -- A guide to housing statistics at Statistics Canada / Robin Lowe -- Housing research: Getting a little help from CMHC /...

How can we better plan age-friendly communities?

Eva Peterson
Age-friendly plans represent an opportunity to ‘get out in front’ of the challenges facing our aging communities. However, in order to be impactful, they require a strategic and contextual approach to each community. The author offers several lessons learned and then challenges planners to both integrate an age-friendly lens into their daily work and, importantly, address the deep-rooted barriers to age-friendly communities. While others – including my esteemed collaborator, Elaine Gallagher, PhD – have and...

The gender question

Mary Bishop
Last year, Sue Hendler’s book (with Julia Markovich), titled “I was the Only Woman”: Women and Planning in Canada was published. It was with great anticipation that I ordered a copy, hoping to read all about the wonderful women who have contributed to planning and our profession. While disappointed that there were so few, as I reflected on my own experience, I realized that it really wasn’t until the 1980s that women began to enter...

The reflective journey to implement both UDL and RTI strategies within a collaborative environment: A self study

Shane Wilson
Educational reform is a controversial topic and an issue that needs to be continually addressed within schools around the world. Within every educational environment, there needs to be a push for change and personal development. All educators must improve in the areas of their teaching to be prepared for any challenges they face with their students. Specifically, each international educational system has a set of diverse needs that pose challenges to the school, administration, teachers,...

Fort Rupert

Ed Barraclough
Audio recording and transcript of two brief presentations given by Ed Barraclough to the Nanaimo Historical Society in 1994 about Fort Rupert. In the first presentation, given in October 1994, Barraclough gives a history of the development of Fort Rupert by the Hudson’s Bay Company. To describe the fort and its activities, Barraclough reads passages written by naturalist John Keast Lord, who visited Fort Rupert in 1858, and HBC physician Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken, who...

Risk of exposure to metals from urban garden soils in Kelowna and West Kelowna, BC

Amanda Anderson
Health risk exposure of heavy metals from home and community garden soils in Kelowna and West Kelowna, BC were assessed. Total metals in samples collected from 28 home and 17 community garden plots and one soil conditioner were analysed by XRF and ICP-MS. Barium was the most common whereas manganese had the highest mean. Copper was the only element with a mean concentration over the CCME soil quality guideline for residential land use and had...

Using molecular techniques to detect Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in western toads (Anaxyrus boreas) at Morrell Lake, BC.

Amanda Baxter
Amphibian populations are declining on a global scale. Many of these declines have been linked to the pathogenic fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd); the causative agent of chytridiomycosis. Chytridiomycosis, which infects the epidermis, spreads rapidly through amphibian populations in areas where it occurs. In this study, Western Toads (Anaxyrus boreas) from Morrell Lake, Nanaimo, BC were swabbed to test for the presence of Bd. DNA was extracted from the swabs and PCR methods were used to...

Barriers to intensification: Regina's Warehouse District

Rylan Graham
The three-phase Regina Revitalization Initiative has been heralded as the largest revitalization project in the city’s history. Proponents contend that phase 2, the Railyard Renewal Project, will spur complimentary development within the neighbouring Warehouse District. Research conducted over 2011 and 2012 sought to understand the impediments to residential development (intensification) within the Warehouse District. The findings presented here offer insight with respect to the barriers to intensification; a necessary consideration if the Railyard Renewal Project...

Study on the sustainability legacy of the Canada Winter Games in Red Deer

Tamara Schwass
Red Deer, Alberta hosted Canada’s largest amateur sporting event in February 2019, the Canada Winter Games (CWG). There is little research on sustainability on the scale of a national amateur sporting event or impacts within the host community. Therefore, the research questions asked: can the introduction of sustainability initiatives through a sporting event truly have a lasting impact on the future of sustainability practices in Red Deer? Pre- and post-Game interviews were conducted with the...

Inclusionary zoning: Six insights from international experience

Martine August & Giuseppe Tolfo
Inclusionary zoning (IZ) is increasingly viewed as a best practice in planning, and a potential solution to crises in housing affordability. For jurisdictions considering this approach, we offer six insights into IZ from the international experience. IZ was originally conceived as a suburban policy, and is far from monolithic, with a vast range of potential designs that influence its effectiveness. European adaptations of IZ are based on different conceptions of property that may inspire Canadian...

Engaging students in life-changing learning: Royal Roads University's learning and teaching model in practice - revised edition

Stephen L. Grundy, Doug Hamilton, George Veletsianos, Niels Agger-Gupta, Pedro Márquez, Vivian Forssman & Miriam Legault
While numerous institutions across the globe are currently developing institutional educational frameworks to improve student outcomes, experiences, and success, scholars have long lamented mismatches between theory and practice. In this book, educators and scholars describe how they implemented Royal Roads University's Learning and Teaching Model in practice, illustrating how educational theory translates to practice.

Differentiated instruction and blended learning to support student learning in Workplace Mathematics 10

Stephanie Baker
This paper discusses the creation of Workplace Mathematics 10 trigonometry lesson plans for the BC curriculum as of September 2019. The principles of blended learning and universal design for learning (UDL) were incorporated into the design of this project. UDL can increase overall student achievement by providing flexibility and choice for the diverse learning needs of students along with multiple means of knowledge expression. Blended learning can allow more flexibility in the classroom for teachers...

Strengths-based peer support approach to dyslexia

Sarah Lumley
Dyslexia has often been viewed as a disability that needs to be remediated. Dyslexia is now being considered a variation of human brain development, neurodiversity, that is attributed to specific dyslexic strengths. It was primarily seen as challenges with word recognition, poor spelling, decoding and phonological difficulties, and reading comprehension. Poor self-image, low self-confidence, and a lack of belonging are widely reported by people with dyslexia. Research has shown that students with dyslexia are predisposed...

The effects of language speaking anxiety in second language acquisition

Hao Nguyen
The purpose of this study was to identify factors that lead to the cause of language speaking anxiety. English is a compulsory subject for students from Grade 3 to 12 in Vietnam’s public schools. However, even after such a long period of learning, most university students are still incapable of developing fluency in spoken English. The study investigated factors that lead to their anxieties about speaking English. The secondary goal was to discover methods that...

Planning Peru forward

Rukshan De Silva
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) leads many local and global initiatives in the fields of community, economic, and sustainable development. The CISAL program was initiated in 2014 and aims to empower and strengthen the capacity of rural municipalities in four regions of Peru and Colombia that have been influenced by mining activity. Having volunteered as a planner in Peru on two volunteer missions over the past two years, Rukshan shares his experience working with...

Revolutionizing through polarity management

Shauna Yohemas
Through this organizational leadership project I investigated how Next Architecture (Next) could manage the ongoing balance between traditional and revolutionary practices to position them for growth as they evolve into a primarily self-managing organization. This project was guided by action research methodologies utilizing a design-thinking approach to data gathering, with an appreciative stance. Several data gathering methods were used including survey, ethnographic observation, a half-day design-thinking workshop, and a two-hour visioning exercise. Findings indicated that...

Cycling into the future: Assessing attitudes towards e-bikes in a mid-sized, sprawled Canadian city

Eleni Gibson
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