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The development of collective teacher efficacy at the middle school level

Ryan Davidson
Collective teacher efficacy is a group of teachers’ collective belief in their ability to be effective. This research explores the concept of collective teacher efficacy, specifically middle school teachers’ beliefs on what factors contribute to the development of collective teacher efficacy at the middle school level. An online survey was used as the research instrument to gather responses from teachers in the Sooke School District and Saanich School District on Southern Vancouver Island in British...

Alternative education: administrators’ perspectives on effective leadership practices

Lisa Joan Spalding
The impact an alternative education administrator can have on their staff and students is extraordinary. This unique environment requires an administrator to have specific knowledge and critical skills to not only survive day to day but thrive. This, in turn, could offer the vulnerable students, and the staff that works with them, the very best educational experience possible. This research study delves into what it takes to be a successful alternative education administrator through semi-structured...

Supporting teachers in China to increase their students' school-based wellbeing

Vivian Wang
The purpose of this study is to offer the needed supports and curricular tools so that teachers of a primary school in Beijing can teach in such a way that the students’ social and emotional well-being is addressed and nurtured each day at school. The research problem addressed in this present study is the overwhelming lack of evidence that K-12 teachers in China plan for, and consider, students’ well-being and social-emotional skills while in the...

Pressures regarding standardized tests in India

Anusha Dhananjaya
The purpose of the present study is to examine the experiences and environment of Indian secondary school students with regard to pressure to perform well on academic standardized tests. Moreover, to find impactful strategies that students employed to prosper in such an environment. This study explores students’ perspectives on pressure, stress, and motivation in such circumstances, as examined by VIU Indian students who completed their K-12 schooling in India. The participants completed an online questionnaire...

Local ecological knowledge of mountain goats in the Skeena Region of British Columbia and its importance to wildlife management

Gary McQuaid
The Skeena Region of British Columbia is home to 49% of the province’s mountain goat population. Mountain goats have cultural, economic, and ecological value in the Skeena Region. However, despite continual efforts by the Province to manage the species, many local populations have declined or been extirpated. One blind spot for scientists and managers has been the use and integration of local ecological knowledge (LEK) of experts who frequently interact with and monitor mountain goats....

A mindful adventure: a collaborative inquiry of mindfulness, adventure education, and student success

Simon Ward-Able
This collaborative inquiry sought to answer the primary research question “How can a series of facilitated dialogues focused on mindfulness and adventure enhance student success within the Adventure Studies Department at Thompson Rivers University?”. Guiding this inquiry was the intention to work with the department and its students using an action research methodology that considered the Action Research Engagement model and an appreciative stance. Five second-year diploma students from the Adventure Studies Department participated in...

Characterizing the elusive Vancouver Island wolverine, Gulo gulo vancouverensis, using historical DNA

Evan W. Hessels, Eric C. Lofroth, Richard D. Weir & Jamieson C. Gorrell
This document is a pre-copyedited, author-provided manuscript version of a published work that after revisions following peer review and technical editing by the publisher appeared in final form as: Hessels, E.W., Lofroth, E.C., Weir, R.D., & Gorrell, J.C. (2021). Characterizing the elusive Vancouver Island wolverine, Gulo gulo vancouverensis, using historical DNA. Journal of Mammalogy, 102(2), 530-540. To access the final edited and published work see: https://doi.org/10.1093/jmammal/gyaa175

Innovative and promising practices in sustainable tourism

Preface -- The GNAR Initiative: Empowering gateway communities through collaboration / Jake Powell, Danya Rumore, & Jordan Smith -- Social innovation as a tool to create a more sustainable tourism: The example of the platform Socialbnb / Alexander Haufschild & Dirk Reiser -- Embracing change: The Cayuga Collection's way of building resilience in the tourism industry / Carolin Seiferth -- Finding their way through the weeds: How festivals navigated legalized cannabis / Kiri Shafto &...

Examining change responsiveness in healthcare and the frontline leader at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

Nicole Elizabeth Krywionek
This thesis used an action engaged research methodology to cocreate actionable strategies that the senior leadership team at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance can use to support their staff in future change initiatives. This study investigated the question: How might frontline leaders at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance contribute to a change management framework that could inform future change initiatives? A qualitative sequential data collection approach was applied using interviews and a small group design activity. Four main themes...

The impacts of language and culture on Hul'q'umi'num' students

Brenda Hennig
The focus of the present study is to gain insight into the culture, experiences, and language in order to better support Quw’utsun students and improve academic outcomes. The study explored the following research question: What are the unique literacy needs of ESD students, particularly those with a Hul’q’umi’num language background, and what insights can families and Elders offer educators about teaching literacy? Looking at the English dialect spoken and how it may affect the success...

Literacy interventions for students with hearing impairments

Marley Henault
Literacy development for students with hearing impairments remains an area of study with little research. According to the literature, students who have severe hearing impairment or deafness struggle to develop their literacy skills, and teachers of these students are challenged in supporting them effectively. The author designed a professional development based upon the needs of these teachers. The professional development explored what hearing impairments were, understanding the different ways people with hearing impairments communicate and...

The private sector as a partner for SDG 6-related issues in megacities: Opportunities and challenges in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Maria Inês Paes Ferreira, Vicente De Paulo Santos De Oliveira, Graham Sakaki & Pamela Shaw
This article was originally published as: Ferreira, M.I.P., Oliveira, V.d.P.S.d., Sakaki, G., & Shaw, P. (2022). The private sector as a partner for SDG 6-related issues in megacities: Opportunities and challenges in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sustainability, 14(3), 1-19. https://doi.org/10.3390/su14031597

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