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Differences between younger and elderly driver behavior and how they interact with roadway infrastructure in a naturalistic setting

Charles Layman, Miguel A. Perez, Carryl Baldwin, Brian Philips & José Calvo
Project Description The main focus of this project was to use data collected by the SHRP 2 Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS) to compare the driving behaviors of younger and elderly drivers and how they interact with roadway infrastructure elements in hopes to identify potential differences in factors that could lead to crash scenarios. Variables in the Trip and Event datasets as well as information in the SHRP2 database describing driver demographics, functional status, risk perception,...

Pilot of a randomized trial comparing outcomes of three types of peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVC): Utilizing the Plan, Do, Study, Act Cycle

Heather Galang
Peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVC) are used in high volume in acute and ambulatory settings. Due to high volume of use in patient care, complications from a PIVC can significantly impact patient experience. Literature indicates complications such as blood exposure, phlebitis, unplanned removal, infiltration, occlusion, dwell time, pain, and cost have serious consequences in patient care, leading to potential delays in treatment, patient discomfort, patient dissatisfaction, safety concerns, nursing interruptions, increased length of stay, and added...

North Beach to Haight-Ashbury: Underground Artists and Community in 1950s San Francisco

Rebecca Kelley Young Schoenthal
The dissertation is a sociological study investigating the effects of lifestyle - habitat, proximity, companionship - on the production and reception of art made by "underground" artists between 1950-1965 in San Francisco. It contends that the aesthetics associated with post-war non-conformist values were both constitutive of and shaped by the specific geographic and temporal moment. The perceived cultural provincialism of San Francisco was the ideal setting in which the definition of art could be challenged...

X-ray diffraction data for the crystal structure of a NIPSNAP domain protein from Burkholderia xenovorans (5K9F)

Seattle Structural Genomics Center For Infectious Disease (SSGCID)

Evaluation of Work Zone Mobility by Utilizing Naturalistic Driving Study Data

Huanguo Zhou, Maryam Davoodi, Rod Turochy & Dan Xu
Project Description The purpose of this research is to evaluate work zone mobility using SHRP2 NDS naturalistic driving data. SHRP2 NDS is a naturalistic driving study contains 35 million miles of continuous time series data for 3,400 participants. In this study forward, rear-view video, and time series traces for traversed work zones are collected at 0.1 second intervals. Using the forward and rear-ward videos work zone configurations such as traffic control devices, area types, presence...

Gerald Donato: reinventing the game

Gerald Donato
Digitized version of the catalog of an exhibition of work by Gerald Donato held at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (VCUarts) Anderson Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, and at Staniar Gallery at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, in 2007.

The Effect of Binaural Beats on Visuospatial Working Memory and Cortical Connectivity

Christine Beauchene
Binaural beats utilize a phenomenon that occurs within the cortex when two different frequencies are presented separately to each ear. This procedure produces a third phantom binaural beat, whose frequency is equal to the difference of the two presented tones and which can be manipulated for non-invasive brain stimulation. The effects of binaural beats on working memory, the system in control of temporary retention and online organization of thoughts for successful goal directed behavior, have...

Improving adherence to mental health treatment in a low-income clinic

Janice G. Gandy
The increasing prevalence of mental illness in the United States presents significant challenges for primary care providers in low-income settings. Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) programs have resulted in improved general health for low-income participants; however, managing appointment adherence, in which the patient attends appointment as scheduled, is particularly challenging. The purpose of this pilot project was to implement bundled interventions at a low-income primary care clinic to improve patient adherence to behavioral health treatment. The...

Comprehension, Text Difficulty, Background Knowledge, and Talk: A Comparison of KWL and Listen Read Discuss

Sarah Lupo
Current controversy surrounding the optimum level of text difficulty to maximize literacy growth indicates that more research is needed to determine whether adolescent readers benefit from reading easy or more challenging texts during literacy lessons. Further, investigating the type of scaffolding that will best assist readers in improving comprehension of texts at varying levels of difficulty is necessary. This mixed methods study investigated 318 ninth graders’ comprehension during a 12-week intervention under one of four...

Quantitative and Regional Analysis of Lung Function Assessed by Hyperpolarized Xe-129 MRI

Zixuan Lin
Lungs handle human gas exchange with atmosphere through respiration. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from respiratory disorders. However, the lack of regional or functional information of conventional techniques in assessing lung function limits their application. Quantitative techniques with the ability to provide regional information of lung structure and function are valuable in lung disease diagnosis and treatment. Hyperpolarized gas (HPG) MRI, as it provides the image of lung structure and function with high spatial...

Fabrication, Characterization, and Application of Heterogeneously Integrated GaAs Schottky Diodes

Souheil Nadri
Gallium arsenide Schottky diodes remain the predominant device technology for implementing sources, detectors, and heterodyne-based components for instruments operating from 100 GHz to more than 4 THz. Developments in submillimeter-wave diode technology have been aimed at improving fabrication yields, lowering device parasitics which degrade the electrical performance, and improving thermal management. In this process, the geometry and implementation of GaAs diodes have evolved from a stand alone whisker contact device to a planar Schottky diode...

Contactless Displacement Measurement for Vision-Based Structural Health Monitoring Using Optical Flow

Savannah Washlesky
Inspection and assessment are necessary steps to maintain and ensure the safety and capacity of critical infrastructure systems such as bridges and other civil structures. Traditional sensors, including accelerometers, strain gauges, and string potentiometers, can be difficult to place in remote, offshore, and complex environments where the structure is very tall or hard to reach. Vision-based systems offer an innovative approach for structural health monitoring because they do not require contact with the target structure....

Bioenergetics: Experimental Demonstration of Excess Protons and Related Features

Haitham A. Saeed
Over the last 50 years, ever since the Nobel-prize work of Peter Mitchell’s Chemiosmotic theory, the question whether bioenergetics energy transduction occurs through localized or delocalized protons has been a controversial issue among scientists. Recently, a proton-electrostatics localization hypothesis was formulated which may provide a new and clear understanding of localized and delocalized proton-coupling energy transduction in many biological systems. The aim of this dissertation was to test this new hypothesis. To demonstrate the fundamental...

Utilizing TedTalk Style Presentations to Engage Students

Katie Rosenbusch
BRIEF SESSION DESCRIPTION: Learn how to help students develop TedTalk style presentations. ________________________________________________________________ FULL ABSTRACT: This presentation will go over how we coach students to develop TedTalk style presentations including developing a storyboard. It will also highlight lessons learned from the professor. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using this teaching technique along with the techniques to assist in this developmental process. Examples will be shown of student presentations.

Development of a Structural Equations Model to Understand Factors Influencing the Driver State

Kenny Custer, Miguel A. Perez, Sara Khoeini, Shivam Sharda & Denise Capasso Da Silva
Project Description Safety research has largely focused on developing crash prediction models to directly relate traffic, roadway, and environmental factors to crash frequency and severity, but could not account for unobserved variables (i.e., engagement in risky driver behaviors) that contribute to a crash. The factors that contribute to engagement in risky driving behaviors are not well understood. This study uses the unique information in the NDS data to model driver state and behaviors as a...

Freedom is a State of Mind

Annet Bakker
Artwork by Loco, an incarcerated artist at P.I. Neuwegein, The Netherlands.

Honey bee waggle dance calibration data set and bootstrapped calibration object to predict observed dances

Roger Schürch, Keiran Zwirner, Bethany J Yambrick, Tiffanie Pirault, James M Wilson & Margaret J Couvillon

Procedural Sedation: Policy, Practice & Knowledge

Jennifer A. Martin
Diagnostic and invasive procedures performed outside of the operating room with nurse- administered procedural sedation are increasing. As procedural sedation practice national guidelines are evolving, there are inconsistent state regulations and a great deal of variability in staff training. These challenges lead to potential knowledge gaps and practice variation that create unsafe patient environments. A local hospital has continued to experience near miss events when procedural sedation is administered. In an attempt to investigate this...

The Role of Reward, Risk, and Behavior in Trust Formation and Collaboration Among Multi-Agent Systems

Nikesh Kapadia
The concept of trust is diverse and widely used to understand dynamics within multi-agent systems (MAS). Various academic disciplines study trust to understand the interactions and decisions of humans and/or artificial agents. We define trust as the extent to which an agent is willing to take on the risk governed by the behavior of another agent. The following research formulates trust as a decision process under the reinforcement learning (RL) framework. Distinct from previous work,...

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