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Tammurriata Nera. Sessualità interrazziale nel secondo dopoguerra italiano

Vincenza Perilli
Since the liberal era, “half-breeds” have been one of the greatest problems Italian colonial racism had to face. From the initial absence of explicit prohibitions to useless and confused attempts to stop “interracial sexual unions” (long tolerated only in the form of the “madamato”), to the Empire’s final prohibition of “unions of conjugal nature” between “nationals” and “subjects” (which introduced the asymmetry of the entwined relationship of race and gender; see Sòrgoni 1998), the “miscegenation”...

Peso della libertà o repubblica dell'immaginazione? Il caso Nafisi

Giulia Valsecchi
A critical analysis of the dual perspective developed by the Iranian-American scholar and memoirist, Azar Nafisi, from the bestseller Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books (2003) to the most recent The Republic of Imagination: America in Three Books (2014). Actually, Nafisi’s positions epitomize a controversial case study focused on the exile discourse and the inclination towards a kind of transnational identity passing through the so called “imaginative knowledge”. Through the lens of a...

Giorgio Mariani (a cura di), Narrazioni della distruzione: scrivere la Seconda guerra mondiale (Fictions - Studi sulla narratività XIII)

Marco Petrelli
Review of Narrazioni della distruzione: scrivere la Seconda guerra mondiale (Fictions - Studi sulla narratività XIII).

Elisa Bordin e Anna Scacchi (a cura di), Transatlantic Memories of Slavery: Reimagining the Past, Changing the Future

Stefano Luconi
Review of Elisa Bordin e Anna Scacchi (a cura di), Transatlantic Memories of Slavery: Reimagining the Past, Changing the Future

Interview with Abiodun Oyewole, Founding Member of \"The Last Poets\"

Camilla Fascina
Interview with Abiodun Oyewole, Founding Member of "The Last Poets"

Endangered Intellect: A Case Study of Clinton Vs Trump Campaign Discourse

Marta Degani
This study investigates political language and political discourse with a focus on anti-intellectualism that is interpreted from two different but related perspectives. First, anti-intellectualism is seen as related to linguistic complexity as measured by certain textual features (e.g. sentence length, word length, number of complex words). Secondly, anti-intellectualism is seen as connected to characteristics of discourse such as representation of Self, representation of Other and framing of political issues. This integrated approach to the examination...

Diritto di voto e alfabetizzazione. Bernice Robinson e le Citizenship Schools delle Sea Islands

Nadia Venturini
American historiography in the last two decades has been paying growing attention to the contribution of women to the African American Freedom Struggle. Women were often the main agents in grassroots experiences, delving on their deep connections to local communities, where they were involved on many levels, including friendship networks or church activities. The experience of Bernice Robinson (1914-1994) is telling in that line: after leaving her native Charleston in her youth, she returned after...

Francesco Landolfi, Storia criminale di una città, Boston e la Winter Hill Gang (1965-1995)

Dora Renna
Review of Francesco Landolfi, Storia criminale di una città, Boston e la Winter Hill Gang (1965-1995)

Linda Scarangella McNenly, Native Performers in Wild West Shows: from Buffalo Bill to Euro Disney

Silvia Rizzini
Review of Linda Scarangella McNenly, Native Performers in Wild West Shows: from Buffalo Bill to Euro Disney

Opera in fuga. La regionalità critica e affettiva in Verso nord di Willy Vlautin

Neil Campbell, Stefano Rosso & Roberto Cagliero
La ‘visibilità’ del West in quanto regione è legata, in modo inestricabile, con la sua storia mitica di “nazione di pistoleri”, il racconto epico di una espansione imperiale, il ‘Destino manifesto’, l’eredità della conquista, l’unilateralismo, tutte grandi narrazioni di insediamento e di superiorità. Ne consegue che l’idea di regione, di Occidentalità (Westness), sia distribuita grazie a queste storie: inscritta, ripetuta e costantemente rinnovata, arrivando a costruire un potente regime della rappresentazione o quello che Jacques...

Old and New West / Vecchio e nuovo West. Un'introduzione

Stefano Rosso
Introduction to the special section "Old and New West / Vecchio e nuovo West."

Tre canzoni da You Can't Go Back If There’s Nothing to Go Back to (2015)

Willy Vlautin & Erminio Corti
Tre canzoni da You Can't Go Back If There’s Nothing to Go Back to (2015)


Giuliano Santangeli Valenzani
This paper aims to provide an analysis of the snapshots submitted to two Southern newspapers, the Clarion Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi and The Tennessean of Nashville, Tennessee, in a national photographic contest held from 1960 until 1965. Adopting research methodologies from studies on family and vernacular photography, the paper aims to reach a valid image of the society behind the analyzed photos. A research in the above-mentioned newspapers produced a collection of circa 450 snapshots...

El atuendo en el Florindo como portador de pensamientos

Tomasa Pastrana Santamarta
Fernando Basurto recrea en el Florindo el mundo del caballero renacentista haciendo hincapié en la importancia que en ese momento se concede a la palabra. En esta obra, la preponderancia del componente retórico llega hasta el vestido que, como si de un marco ornamental se tratara, sirve para manifestar el pensamiento y el sentir de su portador. Sólo en esta época, en que el dominio de las armas era tan importante como el de la...

Italian Sociological Review, Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

Personal Networks as Social Capital: a Research Strategy to Measure Contents and Forms of Social Support...1 Family values and domestic interiors. A material-culture experiment using multi-technique analysis...16 Change and social forms...25 The criminalization of immigration in Italy: extent of the phenomenon and possible interpretations...34 Narrative: in search of lost meaning...43 Contemporary studies about fertility changes: common trends or contextual variations?...50

Italian Sociological Review, Vol 1, No 2 (2011)

Diffused religion and civil society in Italy...1 Family, Personal Networks and Social Capital...11 The role of professional training in the valorisation of human capital...25 Reflections on the meaning of the book, beginning with its physicality: instrument or fetish?...38 Social Capital in Relational Approaches: Methodology and Results of Empirical Studies...47

Italian Sociological Review, Vol 3, No 2 (2013)

"Lesser Citizens”: Poverty and Social Exclusion among the Juvenile Italian and European Population...59 Alcohol-related problems and self-help groups: the situational construction of self-image...71 Families in Italy in the face of the crisis of ‘Mediterranean’ welfare...85 The most significant dispositions concerning participation of minors in decision-making processes regarding health matters: relevant legislation and Codes of Ethics...101 The study of representations in sociology: between multidisciplinarity, lines of continuity and differences...111 Basic Income: an open challenge between labour...

Women and Work in Italy: the Risk of Discouragement. With a Southern Italian Case Study.

Letizia Carrera
The difficult relationship between women and work in Italy appears disconcerting at national level and becomes really alarming at Southern Italy ones. We have chosen here to consider a particular phenomenon which, in Italy, is especially referred to women: «discouragement». This is the condition of some women who, after having looked for a job for long time and uselessly, at the end, decide to give up looking for it. Going beyond quantitative data, we have...

Scientific research and “third University mission”: what role for the University

Stefania Capogna
In recent years, in relation to socio-economic and legal-institutional changes, universities faced a significant internal change that contributed to deepen the crisis of the traditional teaching-learning structure. This change can be understood within the broader transition from modern society to post-modern society, characterized by a double recurrence: the paradigm change from a rational and linear vision to an unidirectional relationship between system and actor; the strategic weight held by information, in the “knowledge society”. In...

A Selection of Unpublished Poetry

Gordon Henry
Gordon Henry is an enrolled member of the White Earth Anishinaabe Nation in Minnesota. Dr. Henry is also a Professor in the English Department at Michigan State University, where he teaches American Indian Literature, Creative Writing and the Creative Process, in Integrative Arts and Humanities. He serves as Senior Editor of the American Indian Studies Series (and the series sub-imprint Mukwa Enewed) at Michigan State University Press. Under his editorship the AISS has published research...

“Fame’s Consummate Fee”: Dickinson’s Nameless Celebrity

Paul Crumbley
In the months preceding her death on May 15, 1886, Emily Dickinson requested that Emily Brontë’s poem “No coward soul is mine” be read at her funeral, thereby enlisting Brontë’s defiant declaration of immortality in what can be interpreted as Dickinson’s own equally defiant final statement on the relation of fame to enduring art. Dickinson previewed the logic behind this act in the theory of fame she expressed four years earlier in a letter to...

Brand faithfulness and economic crisis. Brand and quality are important but price counts for more

Debora Viviani
This essay aims to analyze the relationship between brand faithfulness and the economic crisis, assessing whether there have been changes in the way people follow brands caused by the difficulties consumers find themselves faced with today. More specifically, it will attempt to answer the following questions: over the threeyear period 2009-2011, - have brands maintained their importance as a factor when purchasing consumer goods? - have consumers stayed faithful to the brands they always purchased...

Ángel López García-Molins, Teoría del spanglish

Benedetta Binacchi
Recensione di Teorìa del spanglish di Ángel López García-Molins

Economic crisis and well-being in Italy

Sandro Stanzani
Literature about the consequences of economic crisis on people’s well-being has highlighted some statistical connections. In particular, researchers agree on the fact that economic crises bring an increase in suicides, states of psychological depression, and abuse of alcohol along with them. This work deals with the issue of human impact of economic crisis, and, through a panel of data concerning Italian population, it searches for any possible connection with less critical but anyway significant phenomena,...

Worry about the economic situation of the family in Italy: input from surveys conducted by the Observatory on Family Consumption Strategies

Luigi Tronca
This paper addresses the issue of worry about the future economic situation of the family by analysing data collected in 2009, 2010 and 2011 from samples of individuals resident in Italy by the Osservatorio sulle Strategie di Consumo delle Famiglie (Observatory on Family Consumption Strategies). After providing a theoretical overview of the object of study, I will attempt to establish whether the number of subjects who are worried about their family’s future economic situation increased...

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