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Marginal Glosses. The Body and the Imaginary in Durand

Valentina Grassi

“We Work Hard, We Play Hard!”—Fictional Gayspeak in the Italian Dubbing of “The Simpsons”: A Queer Audiovisual Translation Study

Davide Passa
Despite being an animated sitcom, The Simpsons is a satire of contemporary American society and culture. This article intends to apply a queer perspective to Audiovisual Translation Studies, in line with what Flotow (2019) defined the third approach to gender-focused audiovisual translation, that is, the investigation of gay and queer source texts and their treatment in the target text. This study deals with the process of sexualisation of fictional gay men through fictional gayspeak. The...

Arab Arts Focus – Edinburgh: Review

Raphael Cormack
In 2017, the Edinburgh Festival featured for the first time an Arab Arts Focus, which included ten separate performance pieces from across the Arab world. Soon, the critical responses began to focus more on the visa issues that the performers and crew had been having than on the performances themselves. However, for Arab artists at the moment (especially those performing in Europe), the work that they create is not detached from these issues of movement...

\"While We Must Suffer, We Must Not Rebel:\" The Calvinist Framework of Susan Warner's The Wide, Wide World

Simona Porro
According to Barbara Welter, religion or piety was at the heart of a “true” woman’s cardinal attributes. This “peculiar susceptibility” to religion, reportedly bestowed upon women by God Himself, blessed them with an intrinsic virtuosity and, in so doing, appointed them as the bastions of morality within the domestic realm. This emphasis on religion stemmed from the revivalist movement that spread throughout the Unites States in the antebellum decades. The movement, known as the Second...

The Ethics of Linguistic Democracy in Schools and Society

Donaldo Macedo
The prohibition of minority languages has profound ethical implications that go beyond the standard “English only versus native language” debate in educational research. Debates regarding monolingualism in teaching curricula that focus solely on individual student success fail to consider the larger social contexts in which languages are important vehicles for culture, community and identity – and, by extension, are important mechanisms for validating students’ sense of self and belonging. What is more, the depoliticizing of...

Annabelle Mooney e Betsy Evans, Language, Society, & Power: An Introduction

Sara Corrizzato
Recensione di Language, Society Power: An Introduction di Annabelle Mooney e Betsy Evans

Susana Araujo, Transatlantic Fictions of 9/11 and The War on Terror. Images of Insecurity, Narratives of Captivity

Giorgio Mariani
Recensione di Transatlantic Fictions of 9/11 and The War on Terror. Images of Insecurity, Narratives of Captivity di Susana Araujo

Elmore Leonard, Elmore Leonard: Four Novels of the 1980s

Giulio Segato
Review of Elmore Leonard, Elmore Leonard: Four Novels of the 1980s

Il gender della Generazione X e il western di Willy Vlautin

Susan Kollin & Enrico Frigeni
Qualcosa cambiò nelle mie letture quando cominciarono a scrivere romanzi i ragazzi bianchi nati tra la fine del Baby Boom e i primi anni della Generazione X. Sarà stato perché già da adolescenti quei giovani americani avevano assorbito come spugne il femminismo della seconda generazione, perché le loro sorelle, fidanzate e amiche si preparavano a sventolare i vessilli della terza. Fatto sta che, improvvisamente, attorno all’inizio degli anni Novanta, negli Stati Uniti sbocciò una nuova...

Oltreoceano: rappresentazione e autorappresentazione nelle lettere degli emigranti scozzesi del 19° secolo

Marina Dossena
The study of (self-)representation in nineteenth-century Scottish emigrants’ letters presupposes the use of a range of sources which may prove very complex in their plurality. They are generally documents authored by people whose level of schooling could vary considerably and whose self-education may in fact be perceived in their letters, journals, memoirs and autobiographies. These materials may be supplemented with journal reports, literary travelogues, and emigrants’ guides which purport to describe what emigrants may expect...

Chad Luck, The Body of Property: Antebellum American Fiction and the Phenomenology of Possession

Valentina Romanzi
Review of The Body of Property: Antebellum American Fiction and the Phenomenology of Possession by Chad Luck

Lian M. Madsen, Martha S. Karrebæk, and Janus S. Møller (eds.), Everyday Languaging. Collaborative Research on the Language Use of Children and Youth

Paola Vettorel
Review of Everyday Languaging. Collaborative Research on the Language Use of Children and Youth by Lian M. Madsen, Martha S. Karrebæk, and Janus S. Møller (eds.)

\"Where Did We Go From There?\": Beasts of the Southern Wild's Resistance to Civil Life

Elisa Bordin
After 50 years from the battles for civil equality in the United States, this essay analyzes the film Beats of the Southern Wild (2012) and its African American characters’ refusal to participate into the civic life of their country. As a consequence of a hurricane that reminds of Katrina, the isolated community of Bathtub is forced to enter into contact with civic institutions with deleterious effect on both Hushpuppy, the 6-year-old protagonist, and her father....

Capelli e identità. L'evoluzione delle pettinature tra i membri della diaspora africana

Giulia Usai
This paper explores the cultural (and psychological) attitudes toward black people’s hair and hairstyles and their significance in the formation of race relations. Starting from analysing the social, political and religious meanings associated to hair in pre-colonial Africa, the text individuates the Atlantic Trade as the event at the origin of a revolution in black aesthetics. In fact, before the massive influence of European standards, determinant in changing African men and women’s approach to beauty...

Ossa di capra nel sotterraneo. Un caso di razza, genere, e visitazioni nella vecchia Savannah

Tiya Miles & Stefania Panza
Ghost tourism, a form of dark tourism, is steadily competing with traditional tourism in America’s historic places, including plantation sites and urban centers in the South that have been profoundly shaped by histories of slavery. This essay exploresways in which the fraught relationship between an enslaved woman and her male owner is foregrounded and trivialized in a popular ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia, "America's Most Haunted City." Through a close examination of the Sorrel-Weed House...

Singing Cowboys on the Moon: Science Fiction Re-Opens the Western Frontier

David Fenimore
When I was six, my great-grandmother, a devout and practical woman who had nurtured three generations of engineers, gave me The Big Book of Space. I was so utterly absorbed by this colorful encyclopedia of “space ships, space station, rockets, equipment” and “star maps” (Hurst) that she followed up by giving me another illustrated children’s book, You Will Go To the Moon. Published in 1959 in the immediate wake of the International Geophysical Year and...

Wales: (Still) a Problem of Translation? Language Choice in Wales at the End of the Anglo-Welsh Era

David Newbold
In 1996 the poet R. S. Thomas claimed that ‘my country, Cymru, to be understood presents a problem of translation, and if it is to maintain a separate and valuable identity, it must continue to do so.’ Thomas, a native speaker of English, and a self-taught user of Welsh, seemed to be questioning the value of English to reflect the reality of Wales, and with it his own status as an ‘Anglo-Welsh’ poet. This inner...

Remembering the Reverend: An Analysis of Obama's Speeches Commemorating Martin Luther King

Valeria Franceschi
In the wake of the 50th anniversary of the Selma-Montgomery marches, the memory of Martin Luther King and his struggles for equality still survives in the minds of American citizens. The echo of his actions and words endures pervasively in Barack Obama’s own rhetoric; a connection between King and Obama was drawn when the latter became a serious contender for the nomination as a Democratic candidate in early 2007, due to their shared ethnicity as...

La storia al tempo della politica. Le produzione teatrali di Tutto è vero (Enrico VIII) nel Novecento

Carmen Gallo
The paper explores the main features of Shakespeare and Fletcher’s All is True, or Henry VIII (1613) through its twentieth-century productions. The play was included in the famous 1623 Folio among the histories (Fletcher’s co-authorship had not been acknowledged yet and it is still debated today) by the editors who probably dismissed the original or alternative title, All is True, and adopted The Famous History of the Life of King Henry VIII so as to...

Visualizing Black Leadership: The African-American Civil Rights Struggle in Two Contemporary Graphic Novels

Stefano Bosco
Over the last few decades, the genre of the graphic novel has known an unprecedented diffusion as a viable aesthetic form through which its creators can vehicle cultural and political discourses. Especially in the hands of artists belonging to social and racial minorities, the medium has displayed a crucial potential for undermining the master narratives of the dominant (i.e. white) culture, whose traditions of textual and visual representation contributed to the normalization of oppression and...

“All The Nations Call Me A Sac!” Introduzione a Memorie del Capo Black Hawk

Anna Scannavini
The Life of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, or Black Hawk esce nel 1833 a Cincinnati, in Ohio, a cura di John B. Patterson, giovane giornalista da poco emigrato in Illinois dalla nativa Virginia. Negli anni Trenta dell’Ottocento, Cincinnati si è affermata come uno dei più importanti centri editoriali della frontiera transappalachiana e sembra il luogo più appropriato per pubblicare un libro che si presenta come la voce di un vinto nel processo di invasione e appropriazione del continente....

Serena Fusco, Incorporations of Chineseness. Hybridity, Bodies, and Chinese American Literature

Elisabetta Marino
Review of Serena Fusco, Incorporations of Chineseness. Hybridity, Bodies, and Chinese American Literature

Formazione insegnanti, World Englishes e English as a Lingua Franca: verso un approccio glottodidattico WE- e ELF-Informed

Sara Corrizzato & Paola Vettorel
The long-standing research in World Englishes (WE) and, more recently, in English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) has greatly contributed to problematise several areas in connection to English language teaching, highlighting in particular the importance of teacher education as a fundamental step towards a plurilithic approach in ELT. Teacher education can indeed play a pivotal role in providing teachers with critical tools to understand the socio-linguistic and cultural changes brought about by the pluralization of...

The mise en scène of Kingship and Power in Aeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes: Ritual Performativity or Goos, Cledonomancy and Catharsis

Anton Bierl
This contribution focuses on Eteocles’ attempts to secure and assert his authority as king and military leader against the female chorus and both the semiotic and self-referential power struggle in the central scene regarding the description of the shields. The extensive pre-dramatic scene of the ecphrastic accumulation of visual signs is interpreted as a symbolic agonistic strife, the theatrical substitute of actual violence. Cledonomantic speech serves as a performative means to convey the oracular anticipation...

Jacques Lecoq, The Moving Body (Le Corps Poétique). Teaching Creative Theatre. New York: Methuen Drama, 2020, pp. 187.

Rossella Mazzaglia
The Moving Body. Teaching Creative Theatre is the third English edition of Le Corps Poétique: un enseignement de la creation théâtrale by Jacques Lecoq, originally released in France in 1997. This edition includes a foreward by Simon McBurney, an introduction by Mark Evans and an afterword by Fay Lecoq. It presents Lecoq’s philosophy and pedagogical ideas on dramatic mime, through the account of his personal aesthetic journey and of his teaching methods. The book’s structure...

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