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Economic crisis and well-being in Italy

Sandro Stanzani
Literature about the consequences of economic crisis on people’s well-being has highlighted some statistical connections. In particular, researchers agree on the fact that economic crises bring an increase in suicides, states of psychological depression, and abuse of alcohol along with them. This work deals with the issue of human impact of economic crisis, and, through a panel of data concerning Italian population, it searches for any possible connection with less critical but anyway significant phenomena,...

Worry about the economic situation of the family in Italy: input from surveys conducted by the Observatory on Family Consumption Strategies

Luigi Tronca
This paper addresses the issue of worry about the future economic situation of the family by analysing data collected in 2009, 2010 and 2011 from samples of individuals resident in Italy by the Osservatorio sulle Strategie di Consumo delle Famiglie (Observatory on Family Consumption Strategies). After providing a theoretical overview of the object of study, I will attempt to establish whether the number of subjects who are worried about their family’s future economic situation increased...

Identity, recognition and work in post-Fordist society: a path of indepth critical analysis

Lucia Bertell
From an approach to questions and theories of identity and recognition and through authors that have dealt with them over the last few decades using different political-philosophical perspectives, I have addressed the concept of recognition by focusing on the issue of work from the starting point of Axel Honneth. Self-realization at work and capitalist paradox are combined in a debate with Fraser’s perspectival dualism, continuing the dialogue between the two scholars on recognition and redistribution.

Personal Networks as Social Capital: a Research Strategy to Measure Contents and Forms of Social Support

Paola Di Nicola, Sandro Stanzani & Luigi Tronca
The basic idea of social capital consists of the belief that individuals’ lives can be qualitatively improved by social relationships, or rather by the social resources that these relationships manage to mobilize. So, personal networks can provide a kind of capital for individuals. This essay examines the characteristics of personal networks that mobilize social resources in a sample of 307 individuals, representative of the population of Verona (Italy). By using some structural indicators of social...

The criminalization of immigration in Italy: extent of the phenomenon and possible interpretations

Sergio Cecchi
This article investigates the relationship between immigration and crime inItaly. Although the number of crimes seems to be in constant decline, inItalythe social debate about the threat to law and order posed by immigrants still rages. While public initiatives to encourage the social integration of immigrants are practically nonexistent, policing of these groups has been redoubled leading to a rapid increase in incarceration rates. This article provides a critical interpretation of this process, seen as...

Narrative: in search of lost meaning

Cristina Lonardi
The de-institutionalization of biographies and life paths, and the fact that they are increasingly exposed to deviations with increasingly uncertain transient routes makes the personal biographies more and more reflexive and makes the identity of postmodern man more and more fragmented. In this way, narrating to oneself and narrating oneself to others is a way to recover at least some of the certainties lost in our liquid modernity. Narrative favours the construction or recomposition of...

“L’unico indiano buono è un indiano muto.” Un’analisi contrastiva inglese/italiano del discorso filmico western

Lorena Carbonara
This paper focuses on the contrastive analysis (English/Italian) of the trailers of two important films in the history of the western genre: Stagecoach/Ombre rosse (1939) and Dances With Wolves/Balla coi lupi (1990). Following the “discourse-historical” approach proposed by Ruth Wodak and Martin Reisigl (2001), the analysis of the discourse of power at play on the American frontier is conducted in order to emphasise the presence of a strongly connoted language that describes both Indians and...

Football: an introduction to a rite of rites

Antonio Iannaccone
We live in a society that is anything but devoid of rituals. We see it from football, a sporting phenomenon that impassions the whole world moving amid rituals of appearance and affiliation, warlike ones and ones of cohesion, and practices of exhibition and celebration. For around the gamel of football a total social fact has developed, able to go beyond the confines of simple fun to interweave with the seriousness of life and thus become...

The Inscription of the American Southwest in Navajo Tribal Parks

Imelda Martín Junquera
This article aims at pointing out and analyzing the different uses and transformations of the landscape of Navajo tribal parks through the films of John Ford and the Native American literature of the Southwest of the United States. These parks, especially Monument Valley, located between Arizona and Utah, stand as a sign of power and victory for the Western immigrants and explorers and as a site of resistance for the indigenous inhabitants. These inhabitants were...

Ameriscopia: The Kaleidoscopic Poetic of Edwin Torres between Sound, Language, Image

Irene Polimante
In 2014 the Arizona University Press published Ameriscopia, the last collection of poems by Edwin Torres, in the series “Camino del Sol” (a series completely devoted to latino and latina writers). In this volume, the poet-performer, who’d like to define himself as a lingualisualist, witty undertakes a demanding challenge. Torres offers several samples of performance pieces in print, while he tries to outline a new representation of the composite reality of New York, using his...

L’Italia o l’invenzione del romanzo spagnolo. Frenching Amadis. Stampa e orizzonte europeo. Ancora traduzioni. I viaggi di Diana. Picari pellegrini

Fernando Cabo Aseguinolaza & Anna Bognolo
Traduzione di alcuni saggi di Fernando Cabo Aseguinolaza pubblicati originariamente in El lugar de la literatura española, vol. 9 di Historia de la literatura española, diretta da José-Carlos Mainer, Barcelona, Editorial Crítica, 2012, pp. 106-144. In particolare si traducono i seguenti paragrafi: «Italia o la invención de la novela española», «Frenching Amadis», «Imprenta y horizonte europeo», «Más traducciones», «Los viajes de Diana», «Pícaros peregrinos». Italian translation of some essays on Spanish literature by Fernando Cabo...

Un nuevo proyecto de investigación sobre libros de caballerías portugueses

Aurelio Vargas Díaz-Toledo
En el presente trabajo damos a conocer un nuevo proyecto de investigación que tiene como principal objetivo elaborar una gran base de datos digital sobre la materia caballeresca portuguesa de los siglos XVI al XVIII. Para darnos cuenta de la importancia y necesidad de este trabajo, antes realizamos un panorama general de los principales proyectos que nos podemos encontrar hoy día en la red relacionados con el universo caballeresco, tanto en la Península Ibérica como...

Chivalry in the New World

Peter Burke
The romances of chivalry of the Middle Ages are still living in the popular literature of Latin America. After spreading in Renaissance Europe, the Spanish chivalric romance came to America, first in the territories conquered by the Spaniards, later in Brazil. Here, thanks to precise cultural conditions, its branches extend until the nineteenth century, when it also inspired popular rebellions, and reach Guimarães Rosa's novel and its contemporary cinema adaptations. We publish here a new,...

El Polendo de Pietro Lauro: un heredero italiano de Palmerín

Monica Bombardini
La Historia delle gloriose imprese di Polendo, figliuolo di Palmerino d’Oliva, e di Pompide figliuolo di don Duardo re d’Inghilterra (Venecia, 1566), escrita por Pietro Lauro, pertenece al ciclo italiano de Palmerín de Olivia y es una continuación los dos primeros libros del ciclo original español, Palmerín de Olivia y Primaleón. El libro de Pietro Lauro presenta algunos elementos novedosos en relación a la tradición del libro de caballerías, no sólo por lo que atañe...

Un genere commerciale. L’origine del teen movie come terreno di exploitation

Stefano Guerini Rocco
The aim of this paper is to address the ontology of the teen movie genre as the product of the interaction between process of production and consumption. In fact, more than other cinematographic genres, the teen movie seems to be a chiefly commercial one: to effectively understand its origin and its development, it is crucial to investigate the relationship between the production practices of American film industry and the cultural habits of cinematic audiences. Analyzing...

A Synthetic Indicator Method Applied to Putnam’s Social Capital Indicators: The Case of Italy

Marco Carradore
In his 1993 book titled Making Democracy Work, R. D. Putnam (1993) paved the way for many studies on the distribution of social capital in the different Italian regions. Moreover, he introduced the use of some ‘specific’ indicators to measure social capital considered as civicness, which have ‘systematically’ been adopted in subsequent investigations. In the present essay, the synthetic indicator method, which was designed by Pena (1977; 2009), was applied to the data collected by...

Abuse Experiencing Among the Adolescents Students in Irbid Secondary Schools

Basim Aldahadha
This study aimed at investigating the level of abuse experience due to the effect of gender, achievement, grade, family income, high qualification of one parent or both, number of children, order of birth, and student residency variables upon means of abuse experience AE, among students of first and second secondary grades in Qasabah of Irbid. The sample of the study consisted of (1567) students: (684) males. They were selected randomly using clustering method. The results...

El prólogo del libro de caballerías: mentalidad y propaganda

Almudena Izquierdo Andreu
Ficha de la tesis de doctorado (defendida)

“Yo soy tú, y tú eres yo”. Disfraz, metamorfosis y duplicación en los libros de caballerías de Feliciano de Silva

Stefania Trujillo
Ficha de la tesis de doctorado (defendida)


Giacomo Pezzano
This paper suggests that philosophy tells us something about and of the world, mostly of our contemporary world, if we see it as a metamorphic world. Thus, in order to understand our world, I claim that philosophy needs to pose as an explicit question the problem of transformations, or of processes: in this way, transformation can be properly conceived. Then, my contribution aims to present a first “transformative” definition of five concepts or actions, as...

Suzie Wong non abita più qui. La letteratura delle minoranze asiatiche negli Stati Uniti. A cura di Donatella Izzo

Fiorenzo Iuliano
Recensione di Suzie Wong non abita più qui. La letteratura delle minoranze asiatiche negli Stati Uniti. A cura di Donatella Izzo

La casa di carta. A cura di Bianca Tarozzi e Nijole Kudirka

María Cecilia Graña
Recensione di La casa di carta a cura di Bianca Tarozzi e Nijole Kudirka

L'Italia e il Confine Orientale by Marina Cattaruzza

Andrea Avogaro
Review of L'Italia e il Confine Orientale, by Marina Cattaruzza.

Dos nuevas continuaciones para el Espejo de príncipes y caballeros

Rafael Ramos Nogales
Se da noticia de dos nuevas continuaciones manuscritas del Espejo de príncipes y caballeros: una Quinta parte, distinta de la ya conocida, y una Sexta parte. Ambas fueron escritas por el jurista Juan Cano López, que ejerció como escribano real en Madrid entre 1609 y 1639, y se pueden fechar entre 1637 y 1640. Se presenta brevemente las dos partes, que en realidad funcionan como un único texto, al arrimo de la edición zaragozana de...

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