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Satisfaction regarding the methods used to evaluate hotel performance

Maria Joao Machado & Miguel Sampaio Silva
This study has four specific objectives: to analyse the association between hotel features and the methods used to evaluate hotel performance; to analyse the convergence between what the theory considers as appropriate performance evaluation methods, and the opinion of the hotels’ financial managers; to identify the factors that explain why the same method is considered appropriate in some hotels and not in others; to analyse whether there is an association between the method used to...

How to Help Female Victims of Domestic Violence? A Dialogue Between Scientific, Professional and Political Expert to Build Networks of Support

Maria Lucia Piga
How and through which instruments can social policies prevent domestic violence? Three of these instruments are, in our point of view: 1) the professional competence of the social workers and caregivers in protecting and preventing; 2) a shared gender-sensitive methodology, to help victims of domestic violence; 3) and the dialogue (necessary but not yet realized) among scientific, professional and political experts. Competent help is the pivot around which prevention strategies can be developed, to support...

Foreword and a short history of the Journal

Stefano Aloe
Dostoevsky Studies, Vol 23 (2020)


Carlo Brentari
This paper offers an initial investigation of some philosophical-anthropological and phenomenological aspects of Nicolai Hartmann’s Philosophie der Natur. In this work, besides the critical analysis of the ontological articulation of the natural being, Hartmann shows great interest in the spontaneous, unmediated usage of some categories of natural ontology (space, time, causality, process, and so on). Our particular focus is Hartmann’s analysis of the pre-critical spatial self-perception of the subject, that reveals wide-ranging links with the...

Вступление, или краткая история Журнала

Stefano Aloe
Dostoevsky Studies, Vol 23 (2020)

Литературная искренность. Дискуссия о Достоевском и о романе во Франции в конце 1920-х годов

Maria Candida Ghidini
Literary sincerity. Discussion about Dostoevsky and the novel in France at the end of the 1920s. Confession is a peculiar and ancient genre, but after Rousseau’s claim to an individual, inner truth, modern confession lives by paradoxes and borders. It is a conscious monologue that, however, still keeps inside a virtual dialogue; it is a word that is locked in itself, but desperately tries to reach out to others, conscious, however, that this is almost...

Katherine Bowers, Connor Doak, Kate Holland (ed.), A Dostoevskii Companion

Daniel Schümann
Katherine Bowers, Connor Doak, Kate Holland (ed.), A Dostoevskii Companion: Texts and Contexts (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2018) (= Cultural Syllabus). Paperback, 535 pp. ISBN 978-1-61811-727-4

News from the North American Dostoevsky Society (NADS)

Kate Holland
Dostoevsky Studies, Vol 23 (2020)

Introduzione alla sezione monografica “Transmedia Storytelling/Narrazioni Transmediali”

Anna De Biasio & Valeria Gennero
Introduzione alla sezione monografica “Transmedia Storytelling/Narrazioni Transmediali”

Transmorphisms in Sarah Kane’s Cleansed and Laura Wade’s Breathing Corpses

Zornitsa Dimitrova
This article shows how postdramatic works for the theatre invite us into conceptual regions wherein the distinction between the diegetic and the mimetic modes is effectively blurred. Not only does this interfusion of mimesis and diegesis make the boundaries between the ‘fictitious’ theatrical reality and the non-theatrical somewhat permeable, but it also invites us to re-conceptualize mimesis as an act of production within a work. This auto-generative mimesis accounts for a elfpropelled, non-purposive, and fluxional...

Sophoclean Beckett in Performance

Barry Allen Spence
While Samuel Beckett’s innovations for the stage place him in the vanguard of late twentieth-century theatre, his debt to ancient Greek drama is seldom discussed. This article argues that the richest engagement between Beckett’s theatre and the tragedy and comedy of ancient Athens can be seen in the performance, that is, postpublication phase of his plays’ composition. Beckett’s directorial control created an ongoing compositional process; using the evidence of his production notes, I demonstrate how...

“It is not a small thing to defeat a king”. The Servant/Messenger’s Tale in Euripides’ Electra

Guido Avezzù
In Euripides’ Electra, the narrative of Aegisthus’ murder (774-858) is generally appreciated for its vividness. Yet, both the dialogue that precedes the speech and the speech itself constitute an exception among the messenger-speeches in Attic tragedies for their length and emphasis upon dramatized speech, respectively. Furthermore, the unexpected opposition between ‘words’ and ‘deeds’ made by Orestes himself after his victory over Aegisthus (893-4) seems to substantially relativize the dramatic convention of the messenger-speech as a...

Intrafamilial Surrogacy: Motivations, Imaginary and Current Reality

Cristina Lonardi
In some countries it happens that a person or a couple making use of medically assisted reproductive technology prefers (if possible) to use as gamete donor or a surrogate woman a person from within their own family, whether this person offers their services spontaneously or is asked to help: sisters who donate eggs to their sisters, brothers who donate sperm to their brothers, mothers who carry their future grandchildren in their own womb or vice...

Terrorism as Ritual Process and Cultural Trauma: a Performative Analysis of ISIS’s Attacks in Europe

Vincenzo Romania & Serena Tozzo
Social sciences studied terrorism focussing mainly on causes, processes of recruitment, relationships with media and new media, propaganda. At the same time, Italian and European public opinion gave voice almost exclusively to military, political and economic analysis. Sociological reflection on Islamist terrorism focussed itself almost exclusively on the religious aspect of radicalisation of Islam, spending little efforts to widen the analytic perspective to the effects of ISIS actions on the (re)definition of the identity and...

Reviewers Committee 2015

Debora Viviani
Reviewers Committee 2015

Ai limiti dell’impossibile. Forme tragiche in letteratura. Joyce Carol Oates, Giulia Betti

Serena Demichelis
Recensione di Ai limiti dell’impossibile. Forme tragiche in letteratura. Joyce Carol Oates, Giulia Betti

Vision and Revision: Transmedia Representations of Agency in The Handmaid’s Tale Novel, Graphic Novel, and Television Series

Meghan Hurley-Powell
Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is an iconic feminist dystopian novel that was relevant during its initial publication in 1985 when women’s reproductive rights were under attack. However, Atwood’s story still resonates years later, especially since it has been adapted myriad times into several mediums, ultimately rendering it a successful and socially relevant, transmedia franchise. When The Handmaid’s Tale novel, television show, and graphic novel are directly juxtaposed, the way female characters exercise their agency...

Professional Development for EMI: The Choice of a Blended Learning Format for Training EMI Lecturers at the University of Verona

Sharon Hartle
The internationalization of higher education (IoIHE) has led to many changes in university teaching, including the introduction of English Medium Instruction (EMI). This refers to the complete or partial delivery of course contents in English in a context where it is not the first language of the institution. The aim behind such courses is twofold: firstly to create courses that are accessible for overseas students wishing to study abroad and secondly to meet the lifelong...

Baudrillard Between Benjamin and McLuhan: ‘the Narcissistic Seduction’ of the Media Society

Andrea Lombardinilo
This paper aims to further investigate some aspects of Baudrillard’s analysis of the media society, influenced by Benjamin’s aesthetic teaching and McLuhan’s mediological legacy. His purpose is to probe the effects of the symbolic speedup fueled by the repeatability of messages and contents, constantly substituted by their immanent abstractions. The dominion of the signifier upon the signified, the replacement of the referendum with its referential highlights, the emphasis on the semiotic complexity of contemporary myths...

L'umanizzazione dell'Altro Assoluto: una lettura di El Entenado di Juan José Saer

Erminio Corti
Agli inizi di febbraio del 1516, per la prima volta una flotta europea, guidata dal capitano Juan Díaz de Solís e costituita da tre caravelle con un equipaggio di circa sessanta marinai, raggiunse lo smisurato estuario del Río de la Plata. La spedizione, che era stata organizzata in segreto sotto il patrocinio del re di Spagna Fernando II d’Aragona, aveva come obiettivo non tanto la conquista di terre nel Nuovo Continente quanto, piuttosto, la ricerca...

Theatrical Catharsis and Its Therapeutic Effect. Catharsis in Vienna at the Turn of the Century

Daniela M. Schönle
Around 1900, catharsis became “one of the most frequently discussed topics amongst scholars and an equally popular conversation topic at the Viennese salons” (Ellenberger 1970: 2.655). The so-called ‘Viennese discourse on catharsis’ emerged as a reaction to Jacob Bernays’s commentary on Aristotle’s Poetics in which he interpreted the effects of tragedy as a medical procedure. Another important premise for the diffusion and popularization of the topic in the Danube metropolis was the activism of Theodor...

Nationalising English Legal Language Pedagogy in L2 Genre-Based Writing: Legal Problem Question in the UK Loci of Law. Implications and Challenges for the Pluricentricity of a Legal English Pedagogy

Girolamo Tessuto
It is widely recognised that the prominent role of English as a global language affects the nature and form of English used in cross-cultural settings. Over the last decades, this role has formed the subject of a wider and interesting debate among researchers from different theoretical perspectives - most notably in the analyses of Crystal (1997, 2003a/b), House (1999), Jenkins (2000, 2003, 2006), Maley (1985) Mc Kay (2002), and Seidlhofer (2001, 2002, 2004).

Catharsis, Music, and the Mysteries in Aristotle

Andrew L. Ford
Of the many meanings of katharsis available to Aristotle, two have predominated in scholarly attempts to say what the word means in the Poetics when “the katharsis of pity and fear produced by pity and fear” is defined as the aim of tragedy. The past thirty years have seen a concerted effort among scholars of the Poetics to overturn Jacob Bernays’ appeal to Aristotle’s use of katharsis in his Politics (1342a10-11) with its medical meaning...

L'African American English di Zora Neale Hurston

Chiara Spallino
L’esperienza di antropologa di Zora anticipa quella di letterata e saggista. In Mules and Men (scritto nel 1932 e pubblicato nel 1935, solo dopo la pubblicazione di Jonah’s Gourd Vine, 1934, quasi a sancire la priorità della vocazione di scrittrice su quella di antropologa) Zora dimostra la tesi che il folkore dei neri è eversivo e non evasivo. E, non a caso, Mules and Men, ha un ruolo centrale in quella che potremmo definire la...

Profit, Pleasure, and Purgation - Catharsis in Aristotle, Paolo Beni and Italian Late Renaissance Poetics

Brigitte Kappl
The Cinquecento has seen an unprecedented flourishing of literary theory. While many other issues are disputed, nearly all critics agree that poetry should entertain and delight, but also produce some kind of moral benefit. When Aristotle’s Poetics enters the debate, interpreters seek and find in his work a confirmation of their view. In his celebrated notorious catharsis clause, Aristotle seems to hint at the moral effect that should be obtained by tragedy. Since he does...

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