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IceCube-22 Solar WIMP Data: Searching for Muon Neutrinos from Dark Matter Annihilations in the Sun

Relic dark matter in the galactic halo may become gravitationally trapped in the Sun and accumulate in its center, where it can annihilate each other, producing standard model particles, which may decay creating neutrinos. A search was performed using data from the IceCube detector in its 22 string configuration. The experimental dataset consists of 104.26 days livetime, corresponding to a set of runs recorded during the period when the Sun was below the horizon at...

Review of Fredric Jameson, Brecht and Method (1998) (pp. 383-385)

Marc Silberman

Theaterspiel als Vorgriff und Aneignung von Lebenspraxis (S. 97-100)

Review of \"Brecht-Studien\"--Eine neue Reihe [des Brecht-Zentrums der DDR] (S. 237-242)

Gisela Bahr

Provisorien über Brechts Dickicht (S. 58-71, includes abstract)

Susanne Winnacker

Rettung Brechts durch Bloch? (S. 120-137, includes abstract)

Anna Czajka

Review of Brecht, Schriften I (1992) (pp. 217-219)

Steve Giles

Review of Peter Iden, Peter Palitzsch: Theater muss die Welt veraendern (2005) (pp. 426-428)

Ralf Remshardt

Die Marke Mahagonny: Über konsumistische Urbanität (S. 352-365, includes abstract)

Norbert Bolz

Editorial: Brecht Yearbook 25 (pp. xi-xii)

Maarten Van Dijk

Rollenverzeichnis von Helene Weigel (S. 120-131)

Werner Hecht

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