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Data from: Function of isolated pancreatic islets from patients at onset of type 1 diabetes; Insulin secretion can be restored after some days in a non-diabetogenic environment in vitro. Results from the DiViD study.

Lars Krogvold, Oskar Skog, Görel Sundström, Bjørn Edwin, Trond Buanes, Kristian F Hanssen, Johnny Ludvigsson, Manfred Grabherr, Olle Korsgren & Knut Dahl-Jørgensen
RNA-Sequencing reads from pancreatit islets.

Computational Study of Mammalian Alcohol Dehydrogenase 5 - The Odd Sibling

Linus Östberg, Jan-Olov Höög & Bengt Persson
Structure and sequence analysis of Alcohol Dehydrogenase 5.

Antagonistic interaction between heterotrophic bacteria and cyanobacteria

Omneya Ahmed Osman & Stefan Bertilsson
Metatranscriptomic data of antagonistic interaction between cyanobacteria and heterotrophic bacteria after 24 h incubation time

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  • 2015

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