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Determinants of inpatient rehabilitation length of stay and discharge modality after hip and knee replacement surgery in Switzerland : a retrospective observational study

Amir Tal-Akabi, Stefan Schmid & Jan Taeymans
QUESTIONS UNDER STUDY / PRINCIPLES: The aims of this study were to identify the determinants influencing the inpatient rehabilitation length of stay (LoS) and discharge modality (DisMod) after hip or knee replacement surgery. METHODS: Data were retrieved for 306 patients (185 females, 121 males) who were admitted to a Swiss orthopaedic rehabilitation facility between 2007 and 2008 after hip or knee replacement surgery. LoS and DisMod were extracted from the medical files along with an...

Large roots dominate the contribution of trees to slope stability

Filippo Giadrossich, Denis Cohen, Massimiliano Schwarz, Antonio Ganga, Roberto Marrosu, Mario Pirastru & Gian Franco Capra
Tree roots provide surface erosion protection and improve slope stability through highly complex interactions with the soil due to the nature of root systems. Root reinforcement estimation is usually performed by in situ pullout tests, in which roots are pulled out of the soil to reliably estimate the root strength of compact soils. However, this test is not suitable for the scenario where a soil progressively fails in a series of slump blocks – for...

Französische Ventilhornschulen im 19. Jahrhundert

Daniel Allenbach

Nigerian agricultural waste products for the production of particleboard

Andreas Rosenkranz, Frédéric Pichelin, Martin Lehmann, Charles Job, H. Tata Kimeng, S. Mustapha, O. Nduka & C. Aghaegbusi Mgbemene
In recent years scarcity of resources and environmental aspects have stimulated research on renewable and recyclable resources for particleboard production 1. This paper deals with single- layer particleboards based on corn cobs, rice husks and groundnut shells, abundantly available agricultural residues in Nigeria. Panels were produced at densities between 550 and 900 kg/m3 using a natural tannin-based adhesive. On the side of the process parameters, the moisture content after adhesive application and the press temperature...

Health care Professionals' Experiences and Needs When Delivering End-of-Life Care to Children

Eva Bergstraesser, Eva Cignacco Müller & Patricia Luck
Pediatric end-of-life care (EOL care) entails challenging tasks for health care professionals (HCPs). Little is known about HCPs’ experiences and needs when providing pediatric EOL care in Switzerland. This study aimed to describe the experiences and needs of HCPs in pediatric EOL care in Switzerland and to develop recommendations for the health ministry. The key aspect in EOL care provision was identified as the capacity to establish a relationship with the dying child and the...

Do mergers and acquisitions among small and medium-sized enterprises affect the performance of acquiring firms?

Spyros Arvanitis & Tobias Stucki
This article investigates the post-merger performance effects resulting from mergers and acquisitions (M&As), drawing on a representative sample taken from all Swiss M&As occurring between 2006 and 2008, the majority of which took place between small and medium-sized firms (SMEs). Using this data, the study was able to investigate the impact of M&As on differing measures of economic performance, and also on innovation for the post-merger period of 2008–2010. The study found positive statistically significant...

Feasibility and effects applying stochastic resonance whole-body vibration on untrained elderly: A randomized crossover pilot study

Slavko Rogan, Lorenz Radlinger, Roger Hilfiker, Dietmar Schmidtbleicher, Rob A. De Bie & Eling D. De Bruin
Background Aging is associated with loss of balance and activity in daily life. It impacts postural control and increases the risk of falls. The current study was conducted to determine the feasibility and long-term impact of stochastic resonance whole-body vibration (SR-WBV) on static and dynamic balance and reaction time among elderly individuals. Methods A randomized crossover pilot study with blinding of the participants. Twenty elderly were divided into group A (SR-WBV 5 Hz, Noise 4/SR-WBV...

Sport in den Gegenwartskünsten

Corina Caduff, Sabine Gebhardt, Florian Fink & Steffen Schmidt

Bach und Händel in den deutschen Diktaturen

Thomas Gartmann

Vorfussentlastung durch Schuheinlagen : Effekte unterschiedlicher Konstruktionsprinzipien.

Heiner Baur, N. Merz, A. Muster, G. Fluckiger & A. Hirschmuller
Hintergrund Schuheinlagen- und Schuhmodifikationen werden zur Reduktion des plantaren Spitzendruckes eingesetzt. Die Effekte verschiedener Schuheinlagen und -konstruktionen zur Vorfußentlastung sind bisher unzureichend untersucht. Fragestellung Ziel war die Überprüfung des Einflusses von Einlagen- (retrokapitale Pelotte, Vorfußweichbettung, Kontrolle) und Schuhkonstruktionen (flexibel, steif) auf den Spitzendruck im Vorfuß. Material und Methoden In die Studie wurden 15 gesunde Probanden eingeschlossen. Die plantare Druckverteilung wurde mit einem In-Schuh-System während des Gehens (3,5 km∙h−1) auf einem Laufband gemessen und der durchschnittliche...

Heute auf dem Sofa: Johannes Kirchhof : Sabine Hahn im Gespräch mit Pflegeexperten

Sabine Hahn & Johannes Kirchhof

Development of a span wood based self-supported compact façade system for non-residential buildings

Steffen Franke, Roman Hausammann & Marcus Jacob Schiere
Common compact façade elements are usually not self-supporting over a span of more than 5 m. For hall buildings self-supporting façade systems are essential to avoid an additional secondary load-bearing structure. PUR sandwich panels, fiber cement boards or aerated concrete elements are widely used. Façade systems made out of timber components or wooden materials are often used for residential or office buildings in Switzerland or other European countries. A wood-based compact façade system however does...

Enjeux sociopolitiques pour le nouveau Parlement

Michelle Beyeler
Le marché du travail et la société changent et nécessitent un nouveau paramétrage sociopolitique. Les élections de cet automne sont donc l’occasion de choisir la voie sur laquelle nous souhaitons nous engager.

Musculoskeletal full-body models including a detailed thoracolumbar spine for children and adolescents aged 6–18 years

Stefan Schmid, Katelyn A. Burkhart, Brett T. Allaire, Daniel Grindle & Dennis E. Anderson
Currently available musculoskeletal inverse-dynamics thoracolumbar spine models are entirely based on data from adults and might therefore not be applicable for simulations in children and adolescents. In addition, these models lack lower extremities, which are required for comprehensive evaluations of functional activities or therapeutic exercises. We therefore created OpenSim-based musculoskeletal full-body models including a detailed thoracolumbar spine for children and adolescents aged 6–18 years and validated by comparing model predictions to in vivo data. After...

\"Der Zuweisungsprozess ist entscheidend\". Der Handlungsspielraum für individuelle Lösungen steht im Zentrum einer erfolgreichen Integrationsstrategie in der Sozialhilfe

Michelle Beyeler & Sonja Imoberdorf
Die Integration in das gesellschaftliche Leben und in den Arbeitsmarkt ist das zentrale Ziel der Sozialhilfe. Um den Unterstützungsprozess effektiv gestalten zu können, sind die SozialarbeiterInnen der Sozialdienste auf ein zusammenarbeitsförderliches Umfeld und genügend Handlungsspielraum angewiesen.

Caloric dose-responsive genes in blood cells differentiate the metabolic status of obese men

Doreen Gille, Nadine Zangger, Charlotte Soneson, Ueli Bütikofer, Mauro Delorenzi, Flurina Schwander, Katrin Annika Kopf, Magali Chollet, Barbara Walther, Kurt Laederach & Guy Vergères
We have investigated the postprandial transcriptional response of blood cells to increasing caloric doses of a meal challenge to test whether the dynamic response of the human organism to the ingestion of food is dependent on metabolic health. The randomized crossover study included seven normal weight and seven obese men consuming three doses (500/1000/1500 kcal) of a high-fat meal. The blood cell transcriptome was measured before and 2, 4, and 6 h after meal ingestion...

ILWVT - An innovative wood bonding technique

Milena Properzi, Stefanie Wieland, Frédéric Pichelin & Balz Gfeller
In the years 2001/04 the Authors have made an investigation to find an alternative to traditional gluing techniques. The aim of the project was the development of an innovative gluing technique that would be applicable both economically and qualitatively in industrial production. This research work, led to the discovery that Linear Vibration Welding Technology (LVWT), a technique widely used in the plastic and car industry, can also be used to induce the thermal activation of...

Evolution of farm and manure management and their influence on ammonia emissions from agriculture in Switzerland between 1990 and 2010

Thomas Kupper, Cyrill Bonjour & Harald Menzi
The evolution of farm and manure management and their influence on ammonia (NH3) emissions from agriculture in Switzerland between 1990 and 2010 was modeled. In 2010, total agricultural NH3 emissions were 48,290 t N. Livestock contributed 90% (43,480 t N), with the remaining 10% (4760 t N) coming from arable and fodder crops. The emission stages of grazing, housing/exercise yard, manure storage and application produced 3%, 34%, 17% and 46%, respectively, of livestock emissions. Cattle,...

Paediatric end-of-life care in the home care setting (PELICAN HOME) - a mixed methods study protocol

Katri Eskola, Eva Bergsträsser, Karin Zimmermann & Eva Cignacco Müller
Aims (a) To explore parental experiences and needs during their child's end‐of‐life care at home; (b) to explore patient's characteristics and current provision of paediatric end‐of‐life care in the home care setting in Switzerland; and (c) to determine influencing system factors impacting end‐of‐life care at home. Background Parental experiences/needs and paediatric end‐of‐life care services in the home care setting are influenced by national healthcare policy, determinants of the family and the individual patient. In Switzerland,...

Linear friction welding for wood, a parameters study for up-scaled assemblies

Maria Inés Placencia, Antonio Pizzi & Frédéric Pichelin
Linear wood welding is a promising technology which allows holding two wood pieces together by heating the surfaces by a lineal frictional movement between them. It's well known that welding parameters as well as wood anatomical, chemical and physical features are the basis of the welded wood properties. This study presents a window of parameters to weld beech and spruce, separately. For beech, welded pieces had 500x80x24mm3. The studied parameters were: welding pressure and amplitude,...

Der Teufel steckt im Detail – Zur Praxisanwendung der Forschungsergebnisse Transport fragiler Gemälde

Nathalie Bäschlin, Matthias Läuchli, Cornelius Palmbach, Anita Hoess, Marcel Ryser, Thomas Fankhauser & Katharina Sautter

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