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The role of Oxalobacter formigenes in calcium oxalate stone disease

Roswitha Siener
Calcium oxalate is the major component of about 75% of all urinary stones. Hyperoxaluria is a primary risk factor for calcium oxalate stone formation. The bioavailability of ingested oxalate and the extent of intestinal absorption of dietary oxalate are considered to be important factors in hyperoxaluria. Oxalobacter formigenes is a Gram-negative anaerobic bacterium that colonizes the intestinal tract. It is unique in that it requires oxalate both as an energy and carbon source. The only...

Discovering urinary bladder cancer risk variants: status quo after almost ten years of genome-wide association studies

Silvia Selinski
EXCLI Journal; 16:Doc1288; ISSN 1611-2156

An in silico approach in predicting the possible mechanism involving restoration of wild-type p53 functions by small molecular weight compounds in tumor cells expressing R273H mutant p53

Ibrahim Malami, Aliyu Muhammad, Imaobong C. Etti, Peter M. Waziri & Alhassan M. Alhassan
R273H mutant p53 is a DNA-contact mutant that renders p53 dysfunctional due to a single substitution of Arg273 for His273. Rescuing R273 mutant p53 implies that a competent molecule would have to bind to the site of DNA-contact hot spots to complement the loss of contact with the DNA-binding domain. Here, curcumin, flavokawain B, and alpinetin were docked against the crystal structure of R273H mutant p53 in silico. Consequently, all the compounds bind to the...

Idiopathisches Parkinson-Syndrom. Parkinson-Krankheit – wenn sich Bewegungen verändern

Ärztliches Zentrum Für Qualität In Der Medizin (ÄZQ)
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Paula Von Gleich, Marius Henderson, Jasmin Humburg, Julia Lange, Mariya Dimitrova Nikolova & Samira Spatzek
Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies, Vol 18, No 1 (2017)

Resisting Xenophobia: Transatlantic Mobility and Aleksandar Hemon’s Immigrant Autobiography The Book of My Lives

Elvira Bolanca-Lowman
The article examines the significance of xenophobic language used in the current portrayal of migration in mainstream media and its potential to determine Western – i.e. especially U.S. American and European – understandings of the migration debate. By critically observing how politically diverse media outlets essentialize the identity of migrants, the article attempts to expose the dangers inherent in the emerging xenophobic anti-immigration rhetoric. The focus on Aleksandar Hemon’s personal account of displacement and the...

The Struggle of Being Alive: Laboring Bodies in Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl

Juliane Straetz
This essay reconsiders the Marxist question of how value is created through work and expressed within a lived experience of the body in a near-future setting that is characterized by an expanding impact of biotechnologies. To do so, I will read androids – organic, humanoid beings – as an allegory of the human laborer in a globalized capitalism. The object of my critical inquiry will be Paolo Bacigalupi’s novel The Windup Girl as it uncompromisingly...

'Extreme Forms of Aging:' The Case of Sam Berns

Julia Velten
By discussing the aging disorder progeria as depicted in the HBO documentary Life According to Sam, this paper argues that extraordinary forms of aging allow us to gain new insights into the cultural construction of age. The paper explores the ways in which age is culturally constructed through physical and behavioral aspects. The condition of progeria, puts individuals in between these categories, providing an angle to look at the way subcategories of age influence a...

The Function of Form, Fiction, and Faith in Elisabeth Elliot’s Life Writing

Mareike Zapp
This article explores the role of form, fiction, and faith in the formulation of the self in the life writing of U.S.-American writer and missionary Elisabeth Elliot. Her novel No Graven Image (1966) depicts the experiences of an unmarried female missionary who encounters personal and professional difficulties in Ecuador. Parallels between the novel’s content and Elliot’s past experiences as recorded in her journals and her memoir These Strange Ashes (1975) raise the question whether the...

Black Protest on the Streets: Visual Activism and the Aesthetic Politics of Black Lives Matter

Nicole Anna Schneider
In this article I am reading the visual protest practices of the Black Lives Matter movement as aesthetic and artistic actions which redistribute the sensible, presenting the legacy of slavery and the consciousness of being in the wake. By looking at representations of the movement in press photographs, I am trying to establish the movement’s iconography of protest and the visual strategies employed therein.  

“Perceptions and Their Mutability” in Siri Hustvedt’s Works

Diana Wagner
This essay investigates how literature can provide insights into the ways human beings perceive the world and themselves. I discuss how Siri Hustvedt uses her fiction and nonfiction to explore questions of visual perception, focusing on its connection to perspective, embodied self, and context. I demonstrate that, being an intersubjective concept, perception in Hustvedt’s writings is always in flux and shaped by the “embodied minds.” The tracing of the mechanisms involved in perception provides insights...

Disenfranchised Mothers and Maternity Insurance – Tracing Progressive Arguments in Ernest Hemingway’s Short Stories

Alina Schumacher
Ernest Hemingway’s corpus has often been analyzed towards its perceived focus on a masculine perspective and experience and has therefore taken its female characters as mere dependents and modifiers of this experience. While a number of critics have, in recent years, turned towards gender as a fruitful approach to Hemingway after all, the mother character especially has received very little scholarly attention still. In this essay I explore parallels between Hemingway’s short stories “A Canary...

Reading Time Travel in Octavia E. Butler’s "Kindred" as Sankofa

Alena Cicholewski
This article shows how the Akan concept of Sankofa as healing through returning to the past is engaged in Octavia E. Butler’s novel Kindred. Based on selected close readings, I will discuss whether the science fiction element of time travel in the novel can be read as a literal representation of Sankofa.

Seeds of a Future World: Science and Technology in the Digital Art of Elizabeth LaPensée

Kristina Baudemann
This article examines how the decolonial practice of digital artist Elizabeth LaPensée deals with colonial representations of science and technology. In colonial images, the ideological prejudice that Indigenous people belong in the past and are incapable of a future of higher sciences manifests itself in a pervasive visual language. The colonial imagery that pitches developed versus primitive technology is frequently reproduced in contemporary representations. Creating art that takes into account her Anishinaabe and Métis worldviews,...

Editorial Introduction: Women and Medicine in American Literature and Culture

Ingrid Gessner
The articles in this special issue of COPAS are the products of an advanced seminar on “Women and Medicine in American Literature and Culture” I taught at the universities of Regensburg and Bamberg during the winter semester 2014-2015. The interdisciplinary nature of the seminar was underscored by the collaboration of students from different disciplinary backgrounds on projects at the interface of medicine, health, and gender in American literature, film, and TV series. Together, students analyzed...

Epilogue: Women in the Medical Profession. No Choice or Choiceosie?

Carmen Birkle
Epilogue: Women in the Medical Profession. No Choice or Choiceosie?

“Do You Know” of the Conflict of Having a Family and Career as a Female Surgeon? The Representation of Cristina Yang in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

Barbara Biederer
According to a 2009 poll, only 27% of all surgeons in the United States are women, and looking at thoracic cardiac surgeons, this number declines to merely 3%. Seeking to shed light on cultural, political, and social preconditions of this fact, this essay investigates the conflict many female heart surgeons face, namely the decision between job and family, as it is represented and performed by Cristina Yang in the popular ABC drama series Grey’s Anatomy...

From Pearl Harbor (1941) to Pearl Harbor (2001): On the Emancipatory Potential of Nursing During Wartime and its Representation in Hollywood Film

Susanne Bueechl
This essay examines the representation of the nursing profession in the Hollywood movie Pearl Harbor (2001). As cultural products of their time, films tell us about the social and political conditions in which they were created. In the late 1990s and early 2000s a conservative feminist backlash, which Susan Faludi described as early as 1991 was still impacting the emancipation of women. In its often reactionary portrayal of the women nurses of World War II,...

The Medical Gaze in Psychiatric Treatment: Women Doctors and Nurses in Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and Susanna Kaysen’s Girl, Interrupted

Ramona Schmidt
This essay focusses on the forms of psychiatric treatment the protagonists undergo by women doctors and nurses in Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and Susanna Kaysen’s Girl, Interrupted. The theoretical basis for this comparative analysis is provided by Michel Foucault’s concept of the ‘medical gaze.’ The different degrees to which this medical gaze is applied by male and female psychiatric staff ultimately have a strong impact on the female patients’ recovery in both narratives. 

Bearing Independence: The Concept of Social Childbirth in Martha Ballard's Life Writing

Bettina Huber
Martha Ballard worked as an 18th-century midwife in Hallowell, Maine. Her diary, an important historical account of her time, represents the concept of social childbirth. Women formed a female community around the expecting mother shortly before, during, and after giving birth to support her and allow for a period of recuperation. As a midwife, Martha Ballard was the most important woman to attend the expecting mother. This article argues that this significant status, which Ballard...


Mareike Spychala, Laura Oehme, Judith Rauscher & Theresa Roth
Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies, Vol 17, No 1 (2016)

Making the Unspeakable Seen? Trauma and Disability in David Small’s Stitches

Gesine Wegner
Over the last two decades, the ‘graphic novel’ has increasingly become of interest to literary scholars of trauma, who praise the form for its innovative approach to storytelling. This article critically examines Marianne Hirsch and Edward Brunner’s thesis that multimodal trauma narratives succeed in making the unspeakable visible and audible to the reader. By analyzing David Small’s graphic memoir Stitches, I shed light on the potential as well as on the limitations that the comics...

Bargaining for Prestige in the Hide/Seek Exhibition: The Ambiguous Relationship between Economic and Non-Economic Capital and Its Effects

Wiebke Kartheus
In 2010, the National Portrait Gallery removed David Wojnarowicz’s video A Fire in My Belly (1987) from their Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture exhibition. By gauging the reactions to the removal, this article discusses transactions that illustrate the tenuous relationship between economic and non-economic capital within the art world; a field that constantly disavows the existence of capitalist modes of operation. Based on an unwavering belief in the validity and legitimacy of its...

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