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Does exposure to wind turbines affect cancer incidence? A quasi-experimental analysis linking SEER and Geological Survey data in a hierarchical framework.

Jason Semprini
Objective: To conduct a series of multi-level regression models to identify any association between wind turbines and cancer incidence between counties, within counties over time, and between cancer types. Background: In a recent campaign speech, President Trump declared that the noise from wind turbines may cause cancer. This statement resulted in tremendous outcry from political opponents and wind energy advocates. But this question does not lack merit from a scientific perspective. In fact, public health...

Commensal Bacteria and Their Metabolites Prevent Sensitization to Food Antigens

Taylor Feehley

Anticipated Affective Reactions in Gift-giving Decisions


First-Principles Simulations of Quantum Electron Transport in Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Nanodevices

Wushi Dong
In this thesis, a simulation pipeline for efficient and accurate atomistic calculations of electron transport in nanoscale devices is developed. This method is based on the non-equilibrium Green's function (NEGF) formalism with tight-binding parameters of the considered materials determined from electronic structures by density-functional theory (DFT) calculations. DFT simulation is a robust technique to model nanostructures, but cannot be scaled to a realistic device sizes due to heavy computational cost. This limitation is circumvented by...

War, Cities, Trash: Some Midcentury Pastorals

Hannah Brooks-Motl
This dissertation tells a relatively recent story about an ancient literary idea: the pastoral. I focus on pastoral less as a settled genre or set of conventions than a dynamic mode of inquiry in order to reorganize and reinvigorate our sense of its work in mid-twentieth century Anglo-American and global culture. Pastoral as I pursue it here funds styles of imagining, thinking, and writing about social, spatial, and environmental change in decades of disturbance and...

Latent Variables in 'omic' Data

Christopher Gordon McKennan
Nearly all high-throughput 'omic' data are influenced by technical and biological factors unknown to the researcher, which, if unaccounted for, can severely obfuscate estimation of and inference on the effects of interest. While the importance of this problem has precipitated the development of many methods that attempt to correct for these latent factors, most are designed for gene expression data and are not amenable for modern, complex experimental designs. In this thesis, we develop novel...

The Musical Labors of Memory: Jewish Musical Performance in Buenos Aires

Lillian Marie Wohl

The Movement is Everything: Radical Kantianism and the Ideal of Emancipation in Modern Germany

William Spencer Levine
This dissertation turns to the reception of Kant’s ideas among a legacy of thinkers in the tradition of radical social thought in modern Germany to ask how we should understand the role of substantive, philosophical accounts of emancipation in a modern, democratic politics. It turns to this legacy to provide a fuller picture of their conceptions of social transformation and Kant’s unique place within them. Kant and his followers were distinct in advocating that we...

Empirical Essays on the Institutional Design of Investor-State Dispute Settlement

Weijia Rao
This J.S.D. dissertation provides empirical insights into existing concerns with the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system. ISDS allows foreign investors to bring claims against sovereign states for alleged violations of international investment agreements before ad hoc arbitral tribunals. In recent years, ISDS has been criticized for, among other things, bias against developing countries, bias arising from ad hoc appointments, and lengthy and costly proceedings. This J.S.D. dissertation empirically examines each of these three critiques against...

Representing the Destruction of Jerusalem: Literary Artistry and the Shaping of Memory in 2 Kings 25, Lamentations, and Ezekiel

Cathleen Kavita Chopra-McGowan
My dissertation, Representing the Destruction of Jerusalem: Literary Artistry and the Shaping of Memory in 2 Kings 25, Lamentations, and Ezekiel, analyzes three biblical works concerning the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E. at the hands of the Babylonians: the prose narrative of 2 Kings 25, the poetic elegy of Lamentations, and the prophetic commentary of Ezekiel. My project challenges and significantly diverts from the long-held scholarly argument that there is a single, stable event...

Elite Politics, Jurisdictional Conflicts and the Legacy of Colonial State Building in Malaysia

Hanisah Binte Abdullah Sani
Despite a highly centralized government, why do conflicts between the state religious and federal civil courts become politicized and even turn violent in some states more than in others? Further, why do these conflicts mobilize for radically different outcomes i.e. federal constitutional reform on the one hand, and strengthening the autonomy of state law on the other? Through a comparative analysis of jurisdictional conflicts on the state syariah and federal civil courts across four states...

The Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits

Keston Aquino-Michaels

Leveraging Free Energy in Molecular Dynamics: Applications and New Approaches

Selami Emre Sevgen
Free energy is the driving force behind countless processes ranging from the biological to the industrial. Large differences in free energy drive processes forward, while large barriers impede transitions. Accurate determination of these differences and barriers allow researchers to calculate key properties. We begin with such an application. Using free energy methods in molecular dynamics, we characterize a block copolymer that forms micelles via crystallization-driven self-assembly. Through a range of free energy calculations where we...

Antigen-Presenting Cells in Type 2 Lung Inflammatory Responses

Daniel Fernando Camacho
Antigen presenting cells (APCs) are crucial mediators between innate and adaptive immunity, translating information regarding bodily insults into durable and appropriate immune responses with the goal of restoring tissue homeostasis. The ability to mount numerous types of responses tailored to address a variety of diverse insults reveals heterogeneity among tissue APCs. The studies in this thesis address the signals that tissue APCs receive, how they integrate those signals, and how they propagate type 2 allergic...

Parametric control of flux-tunable superconducting circuits

Yao Lu
Quantum computing is at an exciting time, with practical quantum processors coming closer to experimental realization. Yet a major challenge in building a practical quantum computer is to generate and manipulate interactions between its many components. Superconducting (SC) qubits are promising candidates not only because they have strong coupling and high-fidelity readout, but also for allowing versatile parametric control that can realize different effective interactions at will, which might be difficult to achieve through other...

On Blackness in Arabic Popular Literature: The Black Heroes of the Siyar Sha'biyya, Their Conceptions, Contests, and Contexts

Rachel Nicole Schine
This dissertation offers the first in-depth study of racial difference, and specifically blackness, in premodern Arabic popular literature. I base my study primarily on the historically orally performed chivalric legend (sīra) about the Arabo-Byzantine wars of the 7th-9th centuries, Sīrat Dhāt al-Himma, and make frequent comparative reference to Sīrat Banī Hilāl, which concerns the Hilāl tribe’s conquest of North Africa, Sīrat ‘Antar, about the adventures of the half-Ethiopian pre-Islamic warrior poet, ‘Antara ibn Shaddād, and...

Impossible Homecoming: Cinematic Returns of Korean Diaspora in Post–Cold War East Asia

So Hye Kim
This dissertation examines the ways in which contemporary Korean diaspora films are introduced and integrated into South Korean cinema, how they negotiate with the formation of national culture in the homeland and in turn, how they uncover new forms of transnational practices through cinematic imagination and spectatorial experience. By locating Korean diaspora films within the history of East Asian cultural production during the long twentieth century, my thesis contextualizes the cinematic mobility of Korean diaspora...

How First-Generation College Students Navigate Social Mobility

Melissa Osborne
First-generation and low-income students in the U.S. are attending four-year colleges and universities at unprecedented rates. This demographic shift comes, in some part, from initiatives adopted by many universities aimed at reducing structural barriers to college access, such as eliminating student loans in favor of grant-based scholarships. These improved educational opportunities for low-income students are considered by social scientists to be among the most powerful methods for stimulating upward mobility and decreasing the negative impacts...

Structure and Function of Astroglia in Larval Zebrafish

Davis Vann Bennett
In this thesis, I present a set of interlocking biological and technological developments: in Chapter 2, I will argue that a class of glial cells in the larval zebrafish is structurally and functionally homologous to astrocytes, which have been intensely-studied in mammals. This finding is of interest because the larval zebrafish is a model organism that enables a uniquely expansive set of high-throughput, high-resolution experiments for probing the vertebrate nervous system, but these advantages have...

A Critical Examination of the Impact of Social Stratification and the Environment on Brain Development and Mental Health

Carlos Cardenas-Iniguez
Unprecedented economic inequality has motivated scholarly work in disciplines as diverse as sociology, public health, psychology, and economics. In doing so, much of this research has converged on what may be considered “optimal” indicators of socioeconomic status (SES), such as educational attainment, income, and occupation. However, a much less considered aspect of this research and the use of these indicators has been the notion that although this research has the opportunity for widespread impact, without...

Quantum Optimal Control Using Automatic Differentiation

Mohamed Ragab Abdelhafez
We implement quantum optimal control algorithms for closed and open quantum systems based on automatic differentiation. Automatic differentiation allows us to specify advanced optimization criteria and incorporate them in the optimization process with ease. We shown that the use of GPUs can speed up calculations by more than an order of magnitude. Our strategy facilitates efficient numerical simulations on affordable desktop computers, and exploration of a host of optimization constraints and system parameters relevant to...

Hearing and Seeing the Universe: Results from Gravitational-Wave and Optical Studies of Merging Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Zoheyr Doctor
Since the first direct detection of a gravitational wave by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory in 2015, gravitational waves have become an indispensable tool for studying extreme astrophysical phenomena. To date, eleven of these "ripples in spacetime" have been detected -- ten from merging pairs of black holes and one from two colliding neutron stars. In principle, electromagnetic and neutrino signals can be combined with gravitational-wave data to form a more complete picture of these...


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