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Thinking with Groundwater from Chennai: Materials, Processes, Experimental Knowledge

Anthony Powis
The (under)ground or (sub)terranean environment is a thick, complex, three-dimensional space of ‘nothing but change’ whose utility is essential to sustaining urban life above it. Living with these grounds is living in conditions of unstable hydrogeological emergence. This thesis looks at the multiple, specific, and contradictory ways in which the materiality of groundwater is understood and intervened in: different knowledges and knowledge practices as ways of knowing groundwater in Chennai, South India. First, I ask...

Queering Public Spaces

Pippa Catterall

Media Consumption and the Construction of Diasporic Identities of Youth of Pakistani Origin in Britain

Syeda Rizvi
The topic of this thesis is ‘Media Consumption and the Construction of Diasporic Iden-tities of Youth of Pakistani Origin in Britain’. This research aims to investigate interplay between consumption of media and the construction of identity of young people of Pakistani heritage born and brought up in Britain, known as British-Pakistanis. Role of media has been recognized as a part of social institutions that contribute to formation of identity. The overpowering presence of media in...

Agency is molecular: moved by being moved to moving or co-constitution in intra-active knowledge production

Monika Jaeckel
This practice-based PhD aims to intertwine theoretical research and artistic practice on the basis of knowledge production by conceptually thinking through motion, with movement informing the methodological counterpart in performative research settings. I argue that movement and the concept of motion, in their immanent potential for in/determinancy, transport possibilities of transversality that have been neglected in western Modernity. Both offer the means of moving beyond the bifurcated exceptionalism of Modernity's epistemology. The project interrogates its...

Analysis and Design of Low-Cost Waveguide Filters for Wireless Communications

Uros Jankovic
The area of research of this thesis is built around advanced waveguide filter structures. Waveguide filters and the waveguide technology in general are renowned for high power capacity, low losses and excellent electromagnetic shielding. Waveguide filters are important components in fixed wireless communications as well as in satellite and radar systems. Furthermore, their advantages and utilization become even greater with increase in frequency, which is a trend in modern communication systems because upper frequency bands...

IPSO: Regulator or Complaints Handler? How UK News Publishers Set Up Their Own Regulator to Avoid Scrutiny

Gordon Ramsay & Steven Barnett

Design Studio 18 Broadsheet 2017

Lindsay Bremner
A broadsheet of M.Arch student work from the Monsoon Assemblages Studio in Chennai, 2016-2017.

Life Between Construction Sites and Reconfiguring Public Space: The Current Case of Istanbul

Elvan Can
The recent urban transformation and redevelopment of Istanbul has been associated with gentrification resulting from the neoliberal policies of the current government. This inevitably has changed and shaped daily life, streets, neighbourhoods and created a city that seems to be constantly under reconstruction. With almost half of the building stock in Istanbul listed to be demolished, life is experienced in and around construction sites. Public spaces, streets and neighbourhoods are being reconfigured, transformed, emptied, and...

Transforming the University of Westminster Repository

Jenny Evans, Nina Watts, T. Renner, P. Tribble, A. Gray, J. Kaye & N. Siminson
This portfolio brings together relevant work relating to the development of the University's new repository, the result of close collaboration between Westminster and Haplo. Key features of the repository include a single solution for text-based and non-text based outputs, dynamic portfolios and managed levels of access to files.

The Archigram Archive

Kester Rattenbury
The Archigram archival project made the works of seminal experimental architectural group Archigram available free online for an academic and general audience. It was a major archival work, and a new kind of digital academic archive, displaying material held in different places around the world and variously owned. It was aimed at a wide online design community, discovering it through Google or social media, as well as a traditional academic audience. It has been widely...

Evading Representation: The Literature of Contemporary U.S. Anarchism

Francis Hines
Anarchist movements have been a prominent feature of the twenty-first-century political landscape, providing the basis for modes of political engagement that foreground the necessity of unmediated direct action and horizontal organisation, in pursuit of the eradication of all forms of domination. This thesis frames contemporary anarchist movements and subcultures in the United States as sites of literary production, and examines the texts produced in these spaces in terms of their literary functions, resonances and inheritances....

Cinema and the Urdu Public Sphere: Literary imaginaries in the making of film cultures in north India (1930-50)

Sarah Niazi
Urdu language and its literary culture had a considerable influence in shaping the narrative and aesthetic vocabularies of cinematic practice in India. While film scholars have recognized the role of Urdu in film dialogues and lyrics, few have attempted to understand the crucial processes by which film culture was fashioned within the Urdu public sphere. This dissertation aims to map the entangled networks of the literary with the cinematic and brings to light the vibrant...

Rivalry in International Relations: A Mimetic Approach to the Case of the Rivalry in Northern Ireland (1963-2020)

Claudio Lanza
This PhD dissertation explores how rivalry, understood as a protracted intractable conflict, emerges, and develops. It takes issue with current approaches to rivalry in International Relations (IR) and Peace and Conflict Studies (P&CS) to advance an alternative, innovative, and interdisciplinary Mimetic Rivalry Framework (MRF) that draws on René Girard’s Mimetic Theory. In contrast to existing research on rivalry in IR and P&CS, the MRF argues for the distinctive nature of rivalry vis-àvis other forms of...

Dataremix: Aesthetic Experiences of Big Data and Data Abstraction

Ruth West
This PhD by published work expands on the contribution to knowledge in two recent large-scale transdisciplinary artistic research projects: ATLAS in silico and INSTRUMENT | One Antarctic Night and their exhibited and published outputs. The thesis reflects upon this practice-based artistic research that interrogates data abstraction: the digitization, datafication and abstraction of culture and nature, as vast and abstract digital data. The research is situated in digital arts practices that engage a combination of big...

Women and the Practice of Studio Portraiture in Britain 1888 – 1914: Politics, Commerce and Constructions of Femininity

Georgina Mind
This thesis recuperates women’s photographic production in late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century Britain, specifically the commercial practice of studio portraiture. It addresses a gap in scholarship, namely the absence of women photographers in social histories of photography, and the lack of attention paid to commercial photography within feminist accounts of the medium’s history. I draw out the social, political and cultural significance of women’s portraits of women during this period and theorise the various ways that photographs...

Test Report on Repository

Nina Watts

Home away from Home: Research Report

Terry Lamb, A. Roksandić, D. Mayer, H. Meissner, Julio Gimenez, L. Lang & R. Bastiaan
The Home away from Home ERASMUS+ project has been developed within a context of increasing levels of migration in Europe. Some of this migration is occurring into areas with a long experience of migration, whereas in other areas it is a new phenomenon. Though this tends to mean that there are different perspectives on the issue in different contexts, generally speaking migration is the subject of debate and political and social concern across the European...

An exploration into the impacts of music learning experiences on the musical proficiencies of popular musicians

Hueyuen Choong
Musicians practising in the popular style in the 21st century differ from their predecessors in the 20th century, as the learning culture has evolved from an aural tradition to one that embraced the use of notation (and new technologies). Therefore, the music-making experiences of today’s popular musicians are not just different from the past, but also less homogenous as well. However, not much is known about the disparities of musical skills, attitudes and values caused...

Natural Scene Derived Camera Edge Spatial Frequency Response for Autonomous Vision Systems

Oliver Van Zwanenberg, Sophie Triantaphillidou, Robin Jenkin & Alexandra Psarrou
The edge Spatial Frequency Response (eSFR) is an established measure for camera system quality performance, traditionally measured under laboratory conditions. With the increasing use of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) in autonomous vision systems, the input signal quality becomes crucial for optimal operation. This paper proposes a method to estimate the system eSFR (sys-SFR) from pictorial natural scene derived SFRs (NS-SFRs) as previously presented, laying the foundation for adapting the traditional method to a real-time measure....

Design Studio 18 Bangladesh Broadsheet, 2018

Lindsay Bremner
A broadsheet of M.Arch student work from the Monsoon Assemblages Studio in Bangladesh, 2017-2018.

Ways of Monsoon Air: Entanglements and Stories of Matter, Space, and Time

Harshavardhan Seetharama Bhat
The air of the monsoon is a powerful force of matter that makes, co-constitutes and is made by its many worlds. Having emerged from the context of the Monsoon Assemblages project, this doctoral thesis asks how the air of the monsoon re-orients, informs, animates and confronts the way we view Delhi and how the city animates, opens up and assists in the distribution of its matter and politics through the monsoon. Through the process of...


Kester Rattenbury
Website introducing the Supercrit series of public research, professional and student retrospective 'crit' debates of leading international architectural projects by their original designers. Website includes extensively annotated and illustarted video-record of these major international events and includes new critical essays on Supercrits #5,(Rem Koolhaas, Delirious New York) #6(Leon Krier: Poundbury) and #7 James Stirling Michael Wilford, the Staatesgalerie Stuttgart in collaboration with the Architecture Foundation and Tate Britain.

Design Studio 18 Myanmar Broadsheet, 2019

Lindsay Bremner
A broadsheet of M.Arch student work from the Monsoon Assemblages Studio in Myanmar, 2018-2019.

Finding the Material of Memory: Sketch for a Palimpsest

Steven Smith
This written component of the research complements a film project developed as art-based research, the aim being to investigate the primary research question: How can the Barbican be revealed as a place of memory through a visual portrait? Using walking as a means of researching the Barbican in the City of London, the research tests the efficacy of the method of deep topography, a term originally coined by writer Nick Papadimitriou, and applies this to...

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