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The Determinants of Rural Poverty and Characteristics of Poverty Class

Eunwoo Lee & Eunwoo Lee
This paper analyzes the determinants of rural poverty and the characteristics of poverty class by using the raw data of 'Farm Household Economy Survey Report.' The poverty line was specified at 14.23 million won, which is 50% level of annual mean income. There is a significant difference of living standards between poverty and non-poverty classes. The poverty determinant function, estimated by using probit model, shows that sex and education levels are not significant determinants of...

Analysis of Bipolarization of Rural Society : Social Exclusion Perspective

Daeshik Park & Daeshik Park
The purpose of this study was to analyze the bipolarization of the Korean rural society from the perspective of social exclusion. For this purpose, the study carried out a statistical data reanalysis, a field survey, in-depth interviews, and expert reviews. The statistical data included the National Social Statistics Survey and the Farm Household Economy Survey. The field survey was conducted among 500 rural residents, asking them about their awareness of the bipolarization of the rural...

The Indexation of Urban and Rural Residents' Quality of Life

Daeshik Park & Daeshik Park
The purpose of this study was to develop an index of quality of life, which could be used to review the changes in an index of rural residents compared to that of urban residents. For this purpose, the study carried out related literature reviews on the quality of life and indexation methods, and surveyed 40 experts for the selection and validation of specific items and for the decision of the weighting values. In addition, the...

A Comparative Study of Co-residence for the Elderly and their Adult Children between Urban and Rural Area: Empirical Evidences from Korea and the US

Seungju Yu & Seungju Yu
Population aging is expected to have a major impact on many aspects of social and economic life in the twenty-first century. The present study intends to investigate whether there are differences to take co-residence for the elderly with their children between Korea and the US. According to a theoretical argument from the mainstream about the living arrangements for the elderly, the theory argues that the living arrangements of the aged have resulted primarily from an...

Test of Asymmetric Price Transmission for Garlic and Onion

Byungil Ahn & Byungil Ahn
This paper investigates asymmetric price transmissions between the producer and consumer prices for fresh vegetables. In this paper, the existing asymmetric price transmission model is extended by incorporating the impacts of rise and fall in the producer price at past periods. Tests for the asymmetric price transmissions for garlic and onion indicate that when the producer prices rise, the increases in the consumer prices are larger than the decreases in the consumer prices that are...

Dynamic Causal Relationship between Local and Terminal Wholesale

Byungok Choi & Byungok Choi
Seongju is the largest oriental melon producing district in Korea. This study aims to analyze price causality and short- and long-term equilibrium between the Seongju farmgate market and the Garakdong wholesale market in Seoul using Johansen cointegration test and variance decomposition based on VECM (vector error correlation model) for oriental melon. The two market prices have each unit root and a strong cointegration relationship. The prices confirmed that the farmgate price might quickly recover from...

Price Information Flows between CBOT and DCE Corn Futures Markets

Eunyoung Kim & Eunyoung Kim
China has faced a skyrocketing rise in the corn demand derived from the feed and ethanol production industries. This has caused China to import a tremendous amount of corn from the U.S. recently. So, the information flows between the corn future markets in the U.S. and China are expected to be brisk. A bivariate AR-ARCH model was used to analyze the information flows between the corn futures markets of the Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) and...

Adopting Management Concept and Tool for Productivity Enhancement in Community Development Work

Asnarulkhadi Abu Samah & Asnarulkhadi Abu Samah
Community development emphasises the significance of both the product and process goal. The product goal is more related to the tangible goal, whereas the process goal is the intangible goal. In community development enterprise, both are equally important to sustain community participation and the community development project itself. This is to ensure the continuous improvement in the community development work or activity. Community development process is quite different compared to the production line in a...

Typology of Urban People by Rurality Perception and Its Socio-demographic Characteristics

Minsoo Lee & Minsoo Lee
The perception of rurality has been important because the perceptions that urban people have of rurality were likely to influence both public and private policies directed to rural areas. The primary purpose of this study was to segment and profile the urban residents' perceptions of rurality so as to provide a better understanding of urban residents' rurality in Korea. The data were collected through nationwide telephone survey with 1,000 urban residents in seven large cities....

Economic Effects of Environmental Taxation on Chemical Fertilizers in Korea

Changgil Kim, Arthur Stoecker, Changgil Kim & Arthur Stoecker
Environmental taxes as one of market-based instruments forces producers and consumers to consider the cost of negative externality in their economic decision. This paper analyzes the economic effects of environmental taxation on chemical fertilizers which is focused on effects of fertilizer consumption, rice yield, farmer's income, tax revenue from national economy aspect, enhancement of economic welfare through quality improvement of environment. The analytical results show that in order to achieve effective policy objective of the...

Advancement of Agro-food Safety System in Korea

Jihyeon Choi, Soung-Hun Kim, Jihyeon Choi & Soung-Hun Kim
The dramatic expansion of Korean agro-food industry and the increase of agro-food imports make Korean food consumers concerned with agro-food safety. In addition, the recent outbreaks of food-borne diseases, including mad cow disease (BSE) and the High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), have exacerbated the jitters about agro-food safety control policy. In order to manage agro-food safety, the Korean government has implemented various agro-food safety management systems. However, the Korean agro-food safety system still has many...

Relational Contracts in Moral Hazard with Subjective Performance Measures

Myeongki Lee & Myeongki Lee
This paper analyzes optimal self-enforcing termination contracts under the assumptions that the agent (e.g. grower) must make relationship-specific investments prior to contracting, that the principal (e.g. integrator or processor) has ex post full bargaining power due to monopsony power, and that performance is subjectively measured. In the optimal self-enforcing termination contract, the principal motivates the agent by rewarding the agent through continuation of the relationship for high levels of performance and penalizes the agent through...

Agricultural Bankers’ Expectations of Farmland Price Changes and Asset Price Bubbles

Todd H. Kuethe, David Oppedahl, Todd Hubbs, Todd H. Kuethe, David Oppedahl & Todd Hubbs
When the market price of an asset exceeds its fundamental value, rational expectations suggest that agents should expect market prices to fall. This equilibrating relationship is tested using an unbalanced panel of responses from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's quarterly Land Values and Credit Conditions Survey from 1993Q1 - 2018Q2. Empirical results suggest that agricultural bankers expect farmland prices to increase, even when current market prices cannot be justified by underlying fundamentals. Thus, agricultural...

Industrial clusters of internationally traded fishery products - An analysis of spatial characteristics and temporal changes -

Taro Oishi, Minoru Tada, Taro Oishi & Minoru Tada
In recent years, the manufacturing sites of internationally traded fishery products have shown a strong tendency to cluster in particular regions of the world. The typical example is the canned tuna cluster in Thailand, which is ranked first worldwide in terms of canned tuna production with approximately 25% of the global production share. However, the spatial characteristics and temporal changes of industrial clusters globally remain relatively unknown. In this study, we estimated the indexes of...

Prioritize the use of Kashmar plain agricultural lands by using multi criteria programming (VIKOR)

Somayeh Shirzadi Laskookalayeh, Mahmood Sabouhi Sabuni, Somayeh Shirzadi Laskookalayeh & Mahmood Sabouhi Sabuni
The drought Phenomena and its consequences reduce the level of groundwater, lack proper nutrition, dry surface water resources and more harvest of the groundwater resources substantially the sum of these cases is Cause transfer the salty waters to ground water table and will limit capacity required harvest from aquifer and quality of the water. The VIKOR method was applied to determine the best feasible solution according to the selected criteria including the region rainfall situation...

Pros and Cons of Bio-ethanol Trade under Policy Coordination in East Asia: Application of Inter-regional Input-Output Analysis

Yoji Kunimitsu, Kei Takahashi, Takaaki Furubayashi, Toshihiko Nakata, Yoji Kunimitsu, Kei Takahashi, Takaaki Furubayashi & Toshihiko Nakata
Bio-ethanol (BE) plays an important role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The production area of raw materials and consumption area for BE production are not geographically even, so it is crucial to optimize production and trade in East Asia. This paper aims to show the economic effects and consideration points on BE trade under policy coordination within the region. The East Asian inter-regional I/O table is estimated from the GTAP 7 database and...

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