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Channel Sounding Techniques for Applications in THz Communications: A first correlation based channel sounder for ultra-wideband dynamic channel measurements at 300 GHz

Sebastian Rey, Johannes M. Eckhardt, Bile Peng, Ke Guan & Thomas Kürner
THz communications are a promising possibility to achieve data rates around and above 100 Gbit/s in the near future. Nevertheless, for every communication system the knowledge of the typical propagation characteristics is essential for each application scenario. In this paper, currently available channel sounding techniques are briefly reviewed in regard to the proposed applications for THz communications. Finally, a novel correlation-based channel sounder for 300 GHz is presented and evaluated according to the applications scenarios.

Building an end user focused THz based ultra high bandwidth wireless access network: The TERAPOD approach

Alan Davy, Luis Pessoa, Cyril Renaud, Edward Wasige, Mira Naftaly, Thomas Kürner, Glenn George, Oleg Cojocari, Niamh O'Mahony & Marco A.G. Porcel
The TERAPOD project aims to investigate and demonstrate the feasibility of ultra high bandwidth wireless access networks operating in the Terahertz (THz) band. The proposed TERAPOD THz communication system will be developed, driven by end user usage scenario requirements and will be demonstrated within a first adopter operational setting of a Data Centre. In this article, we define the full communications stack approach that will be taken in TERAPOD, highlighting the specific challenges and aimed...

Simulation and Automatic Planning of 300 GHz Backhaul Links

Bo Kum Jung, Nils Dreyer, Johannes M. Eckhardt & Thomas Kürner
The IEEE Standard 802.15.3d defines a communication systems allowing wireless solutions for backhaul links operating at 300 GHz with data rates of 100 Gbit/s and beyond. The European Horizon 2020 ThoR project works towards the demonstration of such a solution. One of the goals of ThoR is to develop algorithms for automatic planning of 300 GHz backhaul links and the derivation of planning guidelines. In this paper, an automatic algorithm for the planning of 300...

Newspaper article about the death of Skipper James Cullen

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Cutting from a newspaper reporting the death of Skipper James Cullen at the age of 77. The article details some of his exploits in command of a trawler during the First World War, plus some of the decorations he received for his service, and also says that he lost several sons and a son-in-law during the war. Part of a collection relating to James Cullen.

Aspect-Oriented User Requirements Notation

Gunter Mussbacher
Technologies based on aspects and applied at the early stages of software development allow requirements engineers to better encapsulate crosscutting concerns in requirements models. The Aspect-oriented User Requirements Notation (AoURN) extends the User Requirements Notation (URN) with aspects and thus unifies goal-oriented, scenario-based, and aspect-oriented concepts in one graphical framework. As URN is a standard of the International Telecommunication Union, AoURN is the first standards-based and graphical approach that integrates the three aforementioned techniques. Minimal...

The Utilisation and Waste of Wood iin the Preparation and Packing of Raw Rubber

B. J. Eaton & J. H. Dennett
Malayan Agricultural Journal, Volume 12, Issue 6-7, pp. 165-184

Water consumption and time to collect water

Glenda McMahon & Ken Chatterton
Water consumption and time to collect water

Microtubule Associated Protein 1 b (Map1b) is required for neurulation in zebrafish

Neeharika Nemani
The neural tube (the precursor of the brain and spinal cord) is shaped during neurulation from a flat sheet of cells on the dorsal surface of the embryo known as the neural plate. Neural convergence, an early stage of neurulation that is conserved across vertebrates, results in the narrowing and elongation of the neural plate. In zebrafish, this morphogenetic process is brought about by polarized cell movements within the neural plate directed towards the dorsal...

The Minnesota Poll # 344

Minneapolis Tribune
Most important problems (3); financial conditions (2); personal financial situation (2); president affecting national policies (1); Gerald Ford job performance (1); US-Soviet Union diplomatic relations (1); US military strength (2); Richard Nixon China trip (1); agreement with foreign policy statements (2); espionage activities (1); secretly influencing foreign countries (1); policemen using guns properly (1); abortion (1); importance of Minnesota sports teams (2); new stadium (3); Miles Lord favorability (2); labeling liquor products as hazardous (1);...

Fluid and glassy phases of vibrated granular matter studied with a torsion oscillator

Patrick Mayor
Granular matter submitted to external perturbations exhibits various behaviors depending on the vibration intensity: when strongly vibrated, the granular system has a fluid aspect, whereas under low intensity perturbations, it is in a quasi-solid phase. In this work, we clarify these analogies: we discuss to what extent a "granular fluid" is close to a standard liquid and, on the other hand, investigate the similarities between weakly perturbed granular materials and supercooled liquids undergoing a glass...

Introduction To The Integrated Guidance Concept

Virginia Institute Of Marine Science Center For Coastal Resources Management


J. Goldschmid
Ansicht 360°

Vue de la Galerie des Glaciers

Lory, Gabriel Ludwig; Lory, Mathias Gabriel
Frei zum Herunterladen

Pufferungsschwache Räume in der Bundesrepublik DeutschlandDarstellung

Reinhold Lehmann & Alfred Hamm
Die Geowissenschaften; 6; 242-245; ISSN 0933-0704

Seismic Navigation Data (P2 format) from the Shatsky Rise, North Pacific Ocean, acquired during R/V Marcus G. Langseth expedition MGL1206 (2012)

Jun Korenaga
This data set was acquired with the LDEO Multi-Channel Seismic system during R/V Marcus G. Langseth expedition MGL1206 conducted in 2012 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Jun Korenaga). These Seismic Navigation data files are of UKOOA P2/94 format. Data were acquired as part of the project: Collaborative Research: Geophysical Constraints on Mechanisms of Ocean Plateau Formation from Shatsky Rise, Northwest Pacific, and funding was provided by NSF grants: OCE09-26611 and OCE09-27001.

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