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Research of the Effect of China Agricultural Insurance on Agricultural Production

Peiru Zhao & Peiru Zhao
Agricultural insurance has been implemented for more than ten years in China. It is of great significance to analyse the impact of agricultural insurance on agricultural production in order to further design and promote innovative agricultural insurance. From a national perspective, 31 provinces in China are divided into four agricultural insurance development regions according to the level of economic development and agricultural development by cluster analysis. Then panel data model is used to analyse the...

Selected paper presented at the 63rd AARES Annual Conference at Melbourne, Vic from 12-15 February 2019 This paper has been independently reviewed and is published by The Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Ltd on the AgEcon Search website at http://ageconsearch.umn.edu/ University of Minnesota, 1994 Buford Ave St. Paul MN 55108-6040, USA Published 2018 Global Value Chains in Agriculture and Structural Transformation

Sunghun Lim & Sunghun Lim
Does the extent of participation in global agriculture value chains accelerate structural transformation in countries? The rise of global value chains (GVCs) in agriculture has been a salient feature of the world economy over recent years. Despite their importance for the world economy, it is, however, unclear whether participation in GVCs leads the structural transformation--that is, the move from an economy primarily based on agriculture to an economy primarily based on manufacture, and then on...

ACIAR’s Contribution to Lowland Rice Technologies in Laos

John Mullen, Malcolm , Bob Farquharson, John Mullen, Malcolm & Bob Farquharson
The lowland rice industry in Laos experiences dry conditions regularly. Rice producers also face rising labour costs as the Lao economy grows. Much of the crop is consumed by the farm households who grew it. Between 1997 and 2012 ACIAR co-funded a set of three projects with the main outcomes being the development of rice varieties more tolerant of dry conditions and direct seeding technologies to replace traditional hand transplanting. Human capacity and scientific knowledge...

The Intergenerational Transmission of Food Security: A Nonparametric Bounds Analysis

Craig Gundersen, Brent Kreider, John V. Pepper, Craig Gundersen, Brent Kreider & John V. Pepper
Using partial identification methods and data from the PSID, we analyze the causal transmission of food security across generations. Food security rates are positively correlated across generations; food security rates in 2015 are 20 points higher for respondents who grew up in households that were secure in 1999 than those growing up in food insecure households. Despite these strong associations, the intergenerational effect of growing up in a food secure household remains uncertain. . Assessing...

Model invariance when estimating random parameters with categorical variables

Michael Burton & Michael Burton
This paper shows that econometric models that include categorical variables are not invariant to choice of ‘base’ category when random parameters are estimated, unless they are allowed to be correlated. We show that the lack of invariance can lead to significant increases in Type I errors, and a misrepresentation of the preferences of respondents. We hypothesis that these biases may influence the economic policy implications of published models that contain this error, which we show...

Selected paper presented at the 63rd AARES Annual Conference at Melbourne, Vic from 12-15 February 2019 This paper has been independently reviewed and is published by The Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Ltd on the AgEcon Search website at http://ageconsearch.umn.edu/ University of Minnesota, 1994 Buford Ave St. Paul MN 55108-6040, USA Published 2018 The impact of smallholder vegetable production on child nutrition in rural Vietnam

Christian Genova, Wendy Umberger, Suzie Newman, Alexandra Peralta, Di Zeng, Christian Genova, Wendy Umberger, Suzie Newman, Alexandra Peralta & Di Zeng
Child undernutrition, particularly stunting, wasting and micronutrient deficiencies, remains a major health concern in rural communities in Vietnam. While literature suggests leveraging agriculture to improve child nutrition via agricultural diversification, market engagement, and women empowerment, very few studies have explored how smallholder vegetable production can influence child nutrition outcomes. The present paper tries to fill this gap using a nutrition-centred approach that examines the impacts of vegetable production diversity, market access, and market participation at...

Price Linkage and Volatility Spillover of Beer Inputs

Xi Gu, Thomas L. Marsh, Randy Fortenbery, Xi Gu, Thomas L. Marsh & Randy Fortenbery
Driven in part by increasing demand of beer, the rising price of critical inputs, such as hops and barley, reduce the profit margin of the craft breweries in United States. However, brewers are left with limited tools to manage risk. Considering cross-hedging in futures market, we investigate price linkages and volatility spillover among hops, barley, and other selected agricultural products. Based on previous studies, hard red wheat, soft red wheat and corn are selected as...

Effects of air quality on housing prices: evidence from China’s Huai River policy

Xinghua Liu, Qiang Li, Satish Chand, Xinghua Liu, Qiang Li & Satish Chand
Estimating the economic value of clean air is of significance to both policymakers and private individuals but its quantification has proved difficult. Of the different valuation approaches used, the classic hedonic theory predicts a negative relationship between air quality and housing prices. Existing attempts to quantify this nexus is plagued by problems of endogeneity, mainly arising from omitted variables that confound air pollution with other determinants of housing prices. We employ a regression discontinuity (RD)...

Conceptualising Sustainable Development of Agribusiness in Australia

Tim Clune & Tim Clune
Developing a sustainable and resilient agribusiness sector is fundamental if Australia is to capture the value of the opportunity presented the by the growing food and fibre needs of a global population expected to reach 9.8bn by 2050 and 11bn by 2100. Key threats in the Australian context are an increasingly dynamic climate, changing demographics of regional Australia, economic factors related to currency fluctuations and the reality of being a price taker in a global...

A Structural Equation Modelling Approach to Understand Farmers Perspective and Adaptive Intention towards Land Fragmentation in Central Highlands of Ethiopia

Abrham Gessesse, Abiro Tigabie Mersha, Yared Tezera Gessesse, He Ge, Solomon Mesgina, Abrham Gessesse, Abiro Tigabie Mersha, Yared Tezera Gessesse, He Ge & Solomon Mesgina


Ratchanee Trilertlunjakorn, Decharut Sukkumnoed, Ratchanee Trilertlunjakorn & Decharut Sukkumnoed
This study aims at investigating factors affecting the decision making on purchasing herbal inhaler from the Saima Farm Women Group Small and Micro Community Enterprise. It also examines the attributes of Saima herbal inhaler that influence the purchasers’ decision for buying any herbal inhaler in recent 2 years (2016 – 2017). The target group is those who have bought herbal inhaler in recent 2 years (2016 – 2017), such target could bring us to obtain...

Early Life Exposure to Pollution: Eect of Seasonal Open Biomass Burning on Child Health in India

Prachi Singh, Sagnik Dey, Sourangsu Chowdhury, Prachi Singh, Sagnik Dey & Sourangsu Chowdhury
This paper examines effect of outdoor air pollution on child health in India by combining satellite PM2.5 data with geo-coded Demographic and Health Survey of India(2016). Pollution levels vary due to seasonal open biomass burning events (like crop-burning and forest res) which are a common occurrence. Our identification strategy relies on spatial and temporal differences in these biomass burning events to identify the effect air pollution on child health. Our results indicate that children ex-...

Determinants for consumer food choice with the New Retail e-commerce mode

Ou Wang, Simon Somogyi, Ou Wang & Simon Somogyi
Due to the quick development of e-commerce, more and more consumers have accepted food consumption with different e-commerce modes as a part of their daily lives. In recent years, a new e-commerce mode- New Retail is starting to appear across the world. This study examined the impacts of food choice motives and socio-demographic characteristics on consumer food choice with the New Retail e-commerce mode. It also explored consumer preferences of specific food categories for the...

Food security and the functioning of wheat markets in Eurasia: A comparative price transmission analysis for the countries of Central Asia and the South Caucasus

Miranda Svanidze, Linde Götz, Ivan Duric, Thomas Glauben, Miranda Svanidze, Linde Götz, Ivan Duric & Thomas Glauben
We investigate wheat price relationships between the import-dependent countries in Central Asia and the South Caucasus and the Black Sea wheat exporters to assess wheat market efficiency which is crucial for ensuring availability and access to wheat and for reducing food insecurity. Results of linear and threshold error correction models suggest strong influence of trade costs on market integration in Central Asia, while those costs are of minor importance in the South Caucasus. In particular,...

Trade and dietary diversity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Ekaterina Krivonos, Lena Kuhn, Ekaterina Krivonos & Lena Kuhn
In public and academic debates, the linkages between agricultural markets and nutrition across the world are vividly discussed. This paper contributes to the ongoing debate by analyzing the relationship between greater openness to trade and dietary diversity. It focuses on the post-communist countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia where trade reforms as part of the economic and political transition provide a natural experiment for studying the effects of trade openness on agricultural markets and...

Farm performance and investment decisions: evidence from the French (Brittany) dairy sector

Loïc Levi, Laure Latruffe, Aude Ridier, Loïc Levi, Laure Latruffe & Aude Ridier
The objective of this paper is to investigate the role of farm performance in farmers’ investment decisions with a theoretical model accounting for adjustment costs and performance. The model is estimated on a balanced sample of specialised dairy farms in Brittany (western France) between 2005 and 2014. Two types of farms are considered: with high and with low capital intensity. The results show that spreading investment over time is, on average, an optimal strategy for...

Sooner or Safer? Bureaucracy in Oil and Gas Production

Eric C. Edwards, Trevor O'Grady, David Jenkins, Eric C. Edwards, Trevor O'Grady & David Jenkins
Bureaucratic rules are implemented in organizations with limited direct financial incentives for agents to pursue the policy desired by the principal. However, these constraints can lead to inflexibility and delay. We examine the effect of bureaucratic rules on oil and gas drilling, production, and pollution in Wyoming using the allocation of alternating square-mile land sections to private owners via the Pacific Railroad Acts as a natural experiment. Subsequent to allocation, extensive natural gas extraction from...

Examining Objectives-Based Learning in ABM 100: Decision Making in the Agri-Food System

Laura Martin Cheney, Megan Hughes, Laura Martin Cheney & Megan Hughes
The method of achieving desired learning outcomes via the use of structured learning objectives is taking a more prevalent role in the United States education system. As this trend approaches post-secondary education, it becomes necessary to develop a method for evaluating whether students obtain base proficiency in the various course learning objectives. In this study, researchers assessed proficiency in the learning objectives set forth in a Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources...

Does China Fall into Poverty-Environment Traps? Evidence from Long-term Income Dynamics and Urban Air Pollution

Jian-Xin Wu, Ling-Yun He, ZhongXiang Zhang, Jian-Xin Wu, Ling-Yun He & ZhongXiang Zhang
This paper examines the long-run relationship between income and urban air pollution using a joint distribution dynamics approach. This approach enables to estimate the transition process and long-run distribution and to examine the mechanisms behind the evolution process. The approach is applied to a unique panel data of CO2, SO2 and PM2.5 (particulate matter smaller than 2.5μm) for 286 Chinese cities over the period 2002-2014. Strong persistence in the transition dynamics suggests that this convergence...


Dr. Seerat Fatima, Dr. Taj Mehmood Joiya, Dr. Momina Shahzadi
Mix treatment with PMX-DHP and rTM gives a viable way to deal with septic stun with DIC. We report effective treatment of septic stun joined by scattered intravascular coagulation (DIC) coming about because of disease of liver sore in a patient utilizing a mix of polymyxin-B direct hemoperfusion (PMX-DHP) and recombinant thrombomodulin (rTM). In the wake of starting PMX-DHP and rTM, blood vessel circulatory strain expanded and stayed high. Control of the focal point of...

Determinants of the Public Debt and the Role of the Natural Resources: a Cross-Country Analysis

Elkhan Richard Sadik-Zada, Andrea Gatto, Elkhan Richard Sadik-Zada & Andrea Gatto
This paper investigates the major drivers of the public debt growth in 184 countries. The underlying cross-country survey is conducted on the basis of the improved compilation of datasets on the central government debt for 2013. The study finds that oil abundance, economic growth rate, the share of mineral rent in the total revenue, interest rate payments for foreign borrowings, and being a developing country have statistically significant impact on the growth of the public...

Effects of the Digital Transition in Passenger Transport - an Analysis of Energy Consumption Scenarios in Europe

Michel Noussan & Michel Noussan
The transport sector has rarely seen disruptive evolutions after the diffusion of the internal combustion engine, and today the European mobility is still heavily relying on oil derivates and on private cars. However, there is a significant push in cities towards more sustainable mobility paradigms, and digital technologies are playing a major role in unleashing possible alternatives to a car- and fossil-based mobility. Three major digital trends can be highlighted, with different levels of maturity...

Digitalization for Energy Access in Sub-Saharan Africa : Challenges, Opportunities and Potential Business Models

Davide Mazzoni & Davide Mazzoni
Innovative business models supported by digital technologies, together with the widening connectivity and data collection, are already giving a big contribution in fostering the access to electricity and clean cooking in Sub-Saharan Africa. This paper gives an overview on the actual state of energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa and the current technologies used to provide it, followed by a description of the key trends and drivers of the ongoing African digital transformation. A deep analysis...

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