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The enhanced use of digital technologies in school guidance counsellor and student activity

Gary Hohn
Digital technologies are constantly changing and school guidance counsellors (SGC) are challenged to keep up with the adolescents use and acquisition of new technologies. There is limited research investigating the impact of providing practicing SGCs with professional development and support in implementing digital technologies. In a rural district in Queensland, Australia, nine secondary SGCs in public schools experienced a customised professional development program in the use of digital technologies. The aim of this face-to-face professional...

Implementation of IT service management in Australia: case studies focusing on organisational change strategies

Malcom Blumberg
In order to provide better Information Technology (IT) services to their customers, organisations are increasingly implementing the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). ITIL describes processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists that can be applied by an organisation for establishing integration with its own strategies, delivering value, and maintaining a minimum level of competency. It allows the organisation to establish a baseline from which it can plan, implement, and measure improvements as well as compliance. Whilst the promise...

Transition experiences of young adults on the autism spectrum in Australia: a mixed-methods analysis

Yosheen Pillay

Behaviour of multi-celled GFRP beam assembly with concrete infill: experimental and theoretical evaluations

Majid Dhahir Muttashar
Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer composites (GFRP) have become an attractive construction material for civil engineering applications due to their excellent corrosion resistance, design flexibility, and high stiffness and strength-to-weight ratios. However, research related to the flexural behaviour of concrete filled GFRP tubes is very limited, especially with regards to developing high strength and lightweight composite beams. Therefore, this research project has developed and investigated the behaviour of a new composite beam, termed 'multi-celled GFRP beam',...

Human cognitive performance: a neurophysiological assessment of the impact that reverse assessment priming has on mental workload, performance and cognitive efficiency during transient information processing

Kylie Hutchings Mangion
This study assessed cognitive efficiency (CE) during transient information processing by capturing the neural activity experienced during the completion of varying levels of cognitive processing. The study researched the impact of low versus high cognitive demand on transient information and the effect that reverse assessment priming has on overall neural activity, and the correlations of mental workload (MWL) with performance and with CE. In total, 13 university students and staff members from the University of...

An evaluation of the broadband ecosystem in Western Downs region (WDR)

Sanjib Tiwari
There is a large body of research on broadband adoption and use at the macro and national level, however, there is limited research on rural and remote areas. This research provides an in-depth understanding of the broadband ecosystem in terms of supply (broadband infrastructure), and household demand (adoption and use) of broadband Internet and its impact (building and maintaining social capital) in the Western Downs Region (WDR) of Queensland, Australia. Using the broadband ecosystem as...

Building capacity for year 9 reform: learning from the teachers’ perspectives

Rebecca Seward-Linger
In Australia, Year 9 is generally the third year of secondary school catering for students aged 14-15 years. Year 9 has been identified in the literature as a problematic period with high levels of student is engagement, absenteeism and teacher stress. In order to improve Year 9 education, some Australian schools have instigated separate campus programmes dedicated solely to Year 9. This instrumental case study centred on a Tasmanian independent school that engaged in such...

Improving the performance of natural rubber using graphene and its derivatives

Dongning He

Behaviour of composite sandwich panels bonded with epoxy polymer matrix for railway sleepers

Wahid Ferdous
The Australian railway industry spends millions of dollars every year in replacing poor condition railway sleepers in order to maintain the track quality and ensure a safe track operation. It is estimated that more than 2.5 million timber sleepers per year are required for railway track maintenance. Over the last decade, it has been increasingly difficult to get suitable quality hardwood to keep up with the demand for railway maintenance. Moreover, the global environmental impact...

Grand Ayatollah Al Sistani’s role in Iraq after 2003: a critical analysis of historical texts and the perceptions of Iraqi diaspora

Atef Jabar Kadom

Climate change impacts on water availability in the Murrumbidgee River catchment

Newton Muhury

Building preservice teacher capacity and professional identity using metaphor and critical reflection as tools to illuminate beliefs, identity and practice

Deborah North
Recent national and international reports have expressed concern about the quality of initial teacher education programs. A key concern is the disconnect between theory and practice highlighting the need for authentic tertiary assessment to deepen preservice learning. This doctoral research is focused on the development of an effective teacher professional identity and how this impacts on practice. Metaphor and critical reflection were used as tools to illuminate connections between preservice teacher beliefs, their professional identity...

Spatial modelling, analysis and prediction of Hendra disease outbreaks in South East Queensland, Australia

Jahnavi Burnham
Hendra Virus (HeV) is an emerging zoonotic disease that was first identified in 1994 and has only been found in Australia. It can be transmitted to other horses, humans and dogs with a high fatality rate of >79 per cent in horses and 57 per cent in humans giving it both veterinary and public health significance. Fruit bats (Pteropus spp.) commonly known as flying-foxes have been identified as the natural host of the virus. From...

The emergence of intercultural sensitivity through experiential learning in the attitudes of Emirati women

Nicole Shammas
The expatriate population of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates stands at close to 90% of the population. The challenges this presents the leaders of the UAE are complex and reflect the social and cultural fabric of the region. Ensuring Emiratis remain the stake-holders in their country is key and only achievable through an Emiratization policy and buy-in from the tertiary sector. This study looks at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) which has responded...

An advanced systemic lesson learned knowledge model for project organisations

Stephen Duffield
The research study described in this thesis was inspired by many years as a project manager, watching the failure of organisation projects, and the lessons learned. This led to the research idea of how can the lessons learned enable organisations to learn from past project experiences to drive continuous improvement. The thesis is based on five published publications that collectively make a significant contribution to knowledge of the development of the Systemic Lessons Learned Knowledge...

Modelling the compressive strength and thermal properties of foam concrete

Qiang Li
Foam concrete has attracted attention worldwide because of its light weight and enhanced insulating properties as a building material. Pore features in foam concrete play an important role in affecting its compressive strength and insulation properties. Therefore, quantitative description of relationships between pore features heat conductivity and compressive strength is the main aims of this thesis. To accomplish the aims, theoretical method is employed to deduce the heat conductivity, and experimental method is used to...

Genetic analysis of crosses between hexaploid bread (Triticum aestivum L.) and tetraploid durum wheat (T. turgidum spp durum)

Sriram Padmanaban

An investigation of decision support knowledge production, transfer and adoption for it outsourcing

Mohammad Rajaeian
Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) is a widely-adopted strategy for IT governance. ITO decisions are very complicated and challenging for many organisations. During the past three decades of ITO research, numerous decision support artefacts (e.g. frameworks, models, tools) to support organisational ITO decisions have been described in academic publications. However, the scope, rigour, relevance and adoption of this research by industry practitioners had not been assessed. This study investigates the production, transfer and adoption of academic...

Statistical methodology for analyzing ordinal outcomes of traumatic brain injury

Raaj Biswas

Terrorist choice and the media

Gabriela Pohl
Studies in ‘terrorism and the media’ begin with the proposition that terrorists view media attention as important and desirable. These studies usually proceed by examining the characteristics of this media attention, especially volume. To the extent that they touch on terrorist behaviour at all, these studies tend to deal with terrorists’ media strategies which are strongly tied to the terrorists’ desire for media attention and predominantly assume that terrorists simple choose the action that has...

Adjustable dynamic range for paper reduction schemes in large-scale MIMO-OFDM systems

Thana Udomsripaiboon
In a multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) communication system there is a necessity to limit the power that the output antenna amplifiers can deliver. Their signal is a combination of many independent channels, so the demanded amplitude can peak to many times the average value. The orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system causes high peak signals to occur because many subcarrier components are added by an inverse discrete Fourier transformation process at the base station. This causes out-of-band...

Dual-camera infrared guidance for computed tomography biopsy procedures

Shar Bruce
A CT-guided biopsy is a specialised surgical procedure whereby a needle is used to withdraw tissue or fluid specimen from a lesion of interest. The needle is guided while being viewed by a clinician on a computed tomography (CT) scan. CT guided biopsies invariably expose patients and operators to high dosage of radiation and are lengthy procedures where the lack of spatial referencing while guiding the needle along the required entry path are some of...

Teacher experiences of critical thinking using supernaturally themed novels: implications for contemporary middle school classrooms

Donna-Marie Wardle

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