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Bush Medicine Project Database Export S2 2018

Benjamin Long, Nicholas Schultz, Simone Louwhoff, Jennifer Mosse, David Bean, Andrew Greenhill, Mark Myers, Lara Wakeling & Scott Nankervis
Plant Sample, Plant Extract and Antimicrobial Activity Database for 2018 from the Bush Medicine Project.
If you want to use this data it is licenced using a CC BY-NC-SA licence. We would love to know what you use it for so please get in contact (bm.long@federation.edu.au) and share your creations.

Bush Medicine Project Database Export S2 2019

Benjamin Long
Raw Data: Plant Sample, Plant Extract and Antimicrobial Activity Database for 2019 from the Bush Medicine Project
If you want to use this data it is licenced using a CC BY-NC-SA licence. We would love to know what you use it for so please get in contact (bm.long@federation.edu.au) and share your creations.

NAB Correspondance to Dec 2007

Paul Buckman
This document details all correspondence between Buckman the NAB, ASIC, APRA and all other parties up to December 2007

Ballarat and district waterbird survey

Birgita Hansen, Joshua Howard & Jennifer Urias
The dataset represents the combined outputs of two student research projects, which are thematically linked. Both projects aimed to collect waterbird census data from waterbodies in the Ballarat region. Overall survey design was chosen to obtain data on population sizes at surveyed lakes / wetlands, in order to make comparisons about relative importance (in terms of species richness and total abundance). The Urias project focused on conducting simultaneous waterbird surveys at three large lakes, Lake...

Online Farm Trials

Centre For EResearch And Digital Innovation
Online Farm Trials is an interoperable web spatial information service maintained by Federation University Australia. The Online Farm Trials (OFT) project is funded and supported by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), and was initiated in 2013 with the aim of using the latest technology to improve access to, and adoption of, grains industry research data and information. Federation University Australia's Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation is leading the project to develop and...

Surf bather drowning risk analysis

Damian Morgan
Eighteen lifeguards or surfers judged surf bather drowning putative risk factors based on their experience in surf activities. Each judge rated the likelihood of a person requiring rescue in 27 scenarios in a Latin square arrangement for unique combinations of three levels for swimming ability, surf bathing experience and wave height, with replication.
All factors provided unique contributions to drowning risk (pEthical approval was granted by the Monash University Standing Committee on Ethics in Research Involving...

Maps of clay minerals: kaolinite, illite and smectite in western Victoria

Robinson Nathan
Clay mineralogy is recognised for its role in carbon turnover and storage, buffering of soil pH and ultimately the chemical behaviour of soils. Although clay mineralogy is important to understand the services delivered by soil, it is rarely measured or observed. General reasons given for not observing these properties include their expense, they are often time consuming and difficult to obtain. This set of clay mineral maps (according to GlobalSoilMap.net specifications) was derived using legacy...

Southern Farming Systems Moisture Probe Network Data

Lisa Miller & Jon Midwood
A network of ~75 telemetered soil moisture probes across Victoria and Tasmania. Data typically includes soil moisture and soil temperature readings at depths 300-1000mm (at 100mm intervals, and a summed 300-1000mm). Soil moisture and soil temperature (100mm, 200mm), precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, relative humidity and air temperature are also available at select locations. Dataset ranges from 2011 to current date, however no timeline is guaranteed for any one site.

Correspondance from Jan 2008

Paul Buckman
Correspondance from Jan 2008 continues from the correspondence up to December 2007.

Published Evidence - Full Cheque Report 152 Forged Cheques - Colour

Paul Buckman
This document is an extract of the evidence of Paul Alan Buckman in the fraud trial heard in the County Court Melbourne on the 9/10/2001 P00980076.
This seb-set of cheques from that evidence showing the direct involvement of the National Australia Bank in that fraud. All cheques bear forged signatures which means that they are legally designated as False Documents. Charges of making and using false documents were heard in the County Court.

Fraud By the National Australia Bank and The Theft of customer funds

Paul Buckman
The matters discussed here had their genesis during 1998 and 1999 and relate to instances of theft and fraud engaged in by the National Australia Bank against their customer (Basstech Pty Ltd, acn 006035301 (deregistered 2004)). A long consistent history of matters such as this example saw the establishment of The Royal Commission into the Banking and Financial Services sector (2018). These, the Basstech matters, remain unresolved to this day.
Any resolution of crimes such as...

Corangamite soil health monitoring program data

Lisa Miller
A set of 100 soil health monitoring sites from across the Corangamite CMA region of Victoria. Two rounds of soil test analysis have been performed at each of the sites (in 2014 and 2018). Analysis of samples from 3 depths (0-10cm, 10-20cm and 20-30cm) taken in a paddock transect and bulked. One core sample also taken for each site. Generally, observations were made according to the conventions of Northcote (1979), Turvey (1987) and McDonald et...

Leadbeater’s Possum Gymnobelideus leadbeateri population genetic data

Birgita Hansen & David Lindenmayer
The genetic data in this collection were derived from two sources (1) genotypes for a panel of 15-20 highly resolving microsatellite markers, and (2) 30 unique mitochondrial D-loop sequences (haplotypes). Microsatellites were cloned and optimised during this study (Hansen et al. 2003; Hansen et al. 2005, Hansen et al. 2009). Mitochondrial DNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification and sequencing was undertaken using the universal marsupial control region (D-Loop) primers L16517M and H605M. The extracts from...

Business advisor knowledge and knowledge transference: a conceptual framework

Alan Labas, Jerry Courvisanos & Sam Henson
From Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand, 28th Annual SEAANZ Conference Proceedings, 1-3 July Melbourne 2015. Prior studies raise the question of how business advisors’ knowledge affects the provision of advice to small business. This paper recognises there is limited understanding of ‘how knowledge is connected to action’ and asks the question of how to research such an issue. A conceptual framework is derived from the literature to guide future empirical analysis exploring...

Maps of soil pH for south-western Victoria

Nathan Robinson
Soil acidity is a natural process that can be exacerbated in farming systems. Current knowledge and data on the extent and severity of acidic soils in south-western Victoria is limited. This makes inferences on the impacts to production across the region difficult. Furthermore, improved mapping is required in order to define the opportunities to address soil acidity in southern Victoria and increase production potential. The availability of soil site data managed in the Victorian Soil...

Rick's Song, Flash Jack

Michelle Duffy, Angela Campbell & Rick Chew
This is a video of a performance of the song 'Flash Jack From Gundagai', performed by Richard Chew in the Shearing Shed at Narmbool, Elaine, Victoria.

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