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The international working travel experiences of Australian DIY musicians

John Alexander McKeering
This research explores the travel experiences of Australian DIY (Do-It-Yourself) working musicians. It was undertaken because there was a lack of existing academic literature on this topic. The research question is: For the benefit of Australian DIY musicians who aspire to travel and work internationally, what can be learned from interviewing those who have gone before? Fifteen working musicians who have travelled internationally were interviewed to find out what kind of obstacles and advantages they...

Transcultural entrepreneurship: Embracing the “Social” in social innovation & social entrepreneurship

Thomas Bastian Thomsen
This dissertation is novel in methodology, theory, and application of anthropology, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship, to engage higher education in relation to addressing socio-economic development problems. The dissertation chapters present a series of case studies that investigate and apply models of service learning and action research. The findings of this work have been peer-reviewed and are reflected in three peer-reviewed journal articles, and an academic peer-reviewed book chapter. Qualitative methods, reflective of ethnography and...

The role and work practices of the Educational Leader in long day care centres

Trudiann Marshall
There is evidence in the research literature that outlines the role of the Educational Leader (EL) is an important but developing role in the delivery of high-quality early childhood education and care. The National Quality Standard (NQS) stipulates a national criterion against which the quality of early childhood education and care services in Australia is benchmarked. This research used a two-phased mixed method approach to explore the role and work practices of the EL in...

Woorabinda Youth Yarning Up

Bronwyn Fredericks, Carolyn Daniels & Susan Kinnear

The country-of-origin effects in the Chinese dairy market

Rongbin Yang
Dairy is one of the most produced and valuable agricultural products in the world. China is a key importer of dairy products. This thesis aims to explore the country-of-origin effects in the Chinese dairy market after the food safety scandal in 2008. Despite the fact that previous marketing studies have discussed the different driving factors for country-of-origin effects and their impact on brand equity of various products in various markets, the research on country-of-origin effects...

Secondary school teacher perceptions and experiences of planning time use

Stephen J. Gellion
Teachers undertake planning activities at an individual, collegial and whole school level. Existing research into teacher planning has mainly focused on collegial and whole school planning. However, there is limited research into the use of teacher planning time provided to teachers in the Australian secondary school context. This research explored teacher perceptions and experiences of planning time using a sequential mixed method methodology.

Analysis and Optimisation of Network Parameters in Deep Learning Based Neural Networks

Toshi Sinha
Deep learning neural networks, or, more precisely, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), have demonstrated great potential in terms of their treatment of complex image classification problems over the past few years. CNNs have a large number of parameters and the system accuracy depends directly on the selection of these parameters. Despite CNNs’ recent successes, the diverse numbers of parameters and the impact and values of those parameters in deep learning are still unknown. Due to the...

Creating a bullying measure for Vietnamese high school students

Cao Minh Nguyen
Internationally, bullying is defined as a particular type of aggression which involves power imbalance and repetition (Olweus & Limber, 2018) and in the experience of school aged children and adolescents. The existing data suggests that bullying is common among Vietnamese students, making it appears to be one of the most pressing issues in the Vietnamese education system. Despite the acknowledged importance of this problem for Vietnamese school children and an awareness of its growing prevalence,...

Mango fruit on tree image collection

Kerry B. Walsh, Alison B. Payne, Phul Subedi & Nicholas Anderson
This collection of images of mango trees with fruit at stone hardening stage under artificial illumination have been used in a series of machine vision exercises, working towards an automated estimated of crop load. The images have been collected from different areas on one farm, from different seasons and from different farms/growing areas. Thus a set of images can be used in calibration of a machine vision approach, leaving independent sets for validation. The image...

Epistêmê, technê and poïesis visualisations of evolution and extinction in Queensland flora

Anita Milroy

Constructing a grounded theory of young adult health literacy

Julie Shaw

Role of personality characteristics and dining-out atmospherics in the development of taste complexity attitude

Vipada Charoensuk
Restaurateurs need to understand of how an individual’s personality characteristics impact on their attitude to taste complexity in dining-out atmospherics. Agreeableness and Conscientiousness personality characteristics are most likely to have a strongly developed Taste Complexity Attitude. The meal appearance and textural variety of the food are important for customers.

Social networking sites (SNS): Exploring the value to adolescent mothers using narrative

Samantha Jane Nolan
Aim: To explore adolescent mothers’ use of social networking sites (SNS) as mechanisms of support, and to consider these platforms as a tool for midwives to extend multifaceted, versatile and ongoing support and education to this often-vulnerable group. Background: Motherhood during adolescence may have detrimental effects on the lives and functionality of mothers, their infants and society. While there are government and non-government organisations that provide tailored support and health care services for adolescent mothers,...

Words of wisdom from those who lived to tell the tale

Kerri Jackson, Anthony Welch & Shane Hopkinson
This dataset was compiled for the Masters Research Project: Words of wisdom from those who lived to tell the tale. The research question asked people with the experience of attempting suicide how they re-engaged with life after the event. It has been used to derive the publication Back from the Brink: the experience of hospital after a suicide attempt and what happens when you go home.

Grain quality of rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes grown under aerobic and rainfed production environments in Queensland, Australia

Deepak Sharma Paudel
The Australian rice industry faces tremendous pressure for incremental increase in water use efficiency. Rainfed (RF) rice production could provide opportunities for diversifying the options for the rice industry to address the issue of water shortage. Rice varieties for RF production need to be developed to extend the rice industry to Australian wet-tropical regions. Achieving economic yields and matching grain quality to market standards are some of the challenges for RF rice production. Thirteen RF...

Activity pacing for deconditioned older adults in sub-acute care

Amanda Jane Timmer
Older adults who are admitted to an acute hospital with a medical condition often recover, but during hospitalisation can develop functional decline termed deconditioning. This deconditioning not only effects physical fitness but can also reduce levels of confidence and the capacity of an older adult to complete everyday tasks. When this level of hospital associated deconditioning impacts significantly on the older adult’s ability to return home, a period of rehabilitation is often recommended. Multidisciplinary health...

Being a radiographer: A socio-cultural comparative ethnographic study

Cynthia Cowling
This study investigates being a radiographer in diverse environments, through the non-technological, lived experiences of radiography work. It examined the socio-cultural factors impacting that practice, so as to determine the recognition of radiography as a profession with potentially global standards of practice. Previous studies had investigated medico-social and technical factors of but none had taken a global, socio-cultural perspective to researching the work of radiographers. The study was undertaken in seven countries, each with varied...

The nature of caring by nurses in an intensive care unit (ICU): A focused ethnography

Hanan Subhi Khader Al-Shamaly
As a concept, caring is inextricably intertwined with nursing. There is a plethora of literature devoted to the concept of caring, but it is nebulous and complex. Numerous theoretical and operational perspectives of caring within the context of nursing have emerged over time. The ongoing dialogue and debate about what constitutes caring within the ever-expanding domains of nursing practice are nowhere more evident than in the specialisation of the adult intensive care unit (ICU), where...

"Men are from Mars": The lived experience of male nursing students at a regional university

Martin Christensen
The history of the male nurse is a long and varied one. From its early origins in the ancient world, through the Christian era and its formation within the religious faiths of the medieval period to it’s almost demise as a result of the reformation until the birth of formalised nursing practice in the 1850’s put paid to the image of the male nurse. More recent work has identified the barriers and pitfalls of the...

Inside and outside: An investigation of social media use by Australian Defence Force partners

Amy Johnson
Those who love and marry serving members are impacted by their military service. Partners experience the effects of deployment and relocation differently to serving members, but still profoundly, with impacts on their emotional, physical and mental well-being. Partners, in their support of the member, play a critical role in military capability. Partners directly impact the availability of the member for deployment and partners who are resilient and cope well with the significant demands of military...

Project ISP005-2017: Social, cultural (Sense of Place) and economic indicator scores and grades for the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership 2017 Report Card

Jeremy De Valack
The Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP) was established to provide support for improved decision making in the environmental management of Gladstone Harbour. The GHHP vision is that ‘Gladstone has a healthy, accessible, working harbour’. To assist in this decision making, the GHHP has developed an annual report card on the health of the harbour. In 2014, the GHHP decided upon a framework for the Gladstone Harbour Report Card. This framework outlined the four components of...

Acoustic detection of flying vertebrate pest in fruit orchard: Case study of lorikeets

Suryamani Sharma
Australian fruit growers face huge losses due to the damage sustained from flying vertebrate pests such as birds and flying foxes. Growers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in combating these pests due to the strict stipulations by the Department of Environment and Resource Management requiring all deterrent measures to be non-lethal. Some of the counter measures include canopy netting, tunnel netting, odour repellents, sounds, lights, scare guns, fruit bags and chemicals. These methods involve...

Food preferences of captive southern hairy-nosed wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons)

Yvette Joanne Fenning
This program of research investigates food preferences of captive wombats when offered a selection of familiar, unfamiliar, natural and unnatural captive wombat diets. These diets reflect both current and future diet options for zoos and wildlife carers Australia wide. A review of the research highlights a lack of knowledge of wombat food preferences and that feeding regimens for captive wombats may be inadequate. This was the first study of food preferences in captive southern hairy-nosed...

Parents’ experiences during a child’s transition to school

Grant Andrew Webb
While existing literature places a strong focus on understanding and supporting children as they make the transition to formal schooling, little focus has been placed on the experiences of parents as they transition to being the parent of a school child. Childhood transitions and the subsequent transitions for parents and families are framed as highly social, contextualised and political and can have a lasting impact on the child and her/his family. This research aimed to...

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