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Parkes observations for project P892 semester 2017APRS_BPSR_08

Evan Keane, Andrea Possenti, James Green, Simon Johnston, Michael Kramer, Marta Burgay, Matthew Bailes, Ramesh Bhat, Sarah Burke-Spolaor, Ralph Eatough, Willem van Straten, Benjamin Stappers, Lina Levin, Andrew Jameson, Cherry Ng, Caterina Tiburzi, Emily Petroff, Ewan Barr, Chris Flynn, Fabian Jankowski, Manisha Caleb, Vincent Morello, Shivani Bhandari & Vivek Venkatraman Krishnan
SUPERBx is an extension to the SUPERB survey which looks at the highest Galactic latitudes in a search for fast radio bursts (FRBs). We will focus our efforts at high Galactic latitudes where our previous work has shown FRB detectability to be as much as 4 times higher than in the plane. SUPERBx uses optimised GPU codes to search for pulsars and fast radio bursts (FRBs), making discoveries in real time. Handling our data as...

Soil and Landscape Grid Australia-Wide 3D Soil Property Maps (3" resolution) - Release 1

Raphael Viscarra Rossel, Charlie Chen, Mike Grundy, Ross Searle & David Clifford
The Soil Facility produced a range of digital soil attribute products. Each product contains six digital soil attribute maps, and their upper and lower confidence limits, representing the soil attribute at six depths: 0-5cm, 5-15cm, 15-30cm, 30-60cm, 60-100cm and 100-200cm. These depths are consistent with the specifications of the GlobalSoilMap.net project (http://www.globalsoilmap.net/). The digital soil attribute maps are in raster format at a resolution of 3 arc sec (~90 x 90 m pixels). Attributes included:...

Soil and Landscape Grid National Soil Attribute Maps - Depth of Regolith (3" resolution) - Release 1

John Wilford, Ross Searle, Mark Thomas & Mike Grundy
This is Version 1 of the Australian Soil Depth of Regolith product of the Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia. The Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia has produced a range of digital soil attribute products. The digital soil attribute maps are in raster format at a resolution of 3 arc sec (~90 x 90 m pixels). Attribute Definition: The regolith is the in situ and transported material overlying unweathered bedrock; Units: metres; Spatial prediction...

Australian nonwovens manufacturing technology roadmap

Kerryn Caulfield, Rajiv Padhye, Keith Cowlishaw, Brendan Swifte, Jim Liaskos, Robert Karkeek, Ian Addison, Greg Selwood, Michael Coates, Andrew Butler, Phillip Butler, Niall Finn, Tim Head & Bill Humphries

0.01 degree stack of climate layers for continental analysis of biodiversity pattern, version 1.0

Kristen Williams, Janet Stein, Randal Storey, Simon Ferrier, Mike Austin, Anita Smyth & Tom Harwood
These data provide rasterised layers of climatic variables hypothesised to explain spatial patterns in biological diversity at continental scales for use with statistical modelling tools. Specifically, these data were derived for modelling the compositional pattern of multiple species with environmental factors such as climate, soil and topography using the statistical technique Generalised Dissimilarity Modelling applied to continental Australia. Climate variables are monthly mean values for minimum temperature, maximum temperature, relative humidity, vapour pressure, precipitation, aridity,...

Soil temperatures induced by an experimental log pile fire: preliminary data analysis

B.R. Tunstall, T..J Martin, J. Walker, A.M. Gill & A.R. Aston

CCS - MV Seca 2018 V01 General Underwater Video

John Keesing
Project Overview: A range of solutions will be required to reach globally agreed emissions reductions targets for carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is part of the suite of technologies that will contribute to lowering atmospheric emissions of CO2 from Australia's energy system. There are a wide variety of technologies at various stages of technical and commercial readiness, with more development underway for cost effective CO2 capture and storage. Our research will provide...

The Soils and Horticultural Potential of Portion of the Coomealla Irrigation Area, New South Wales

K.H. Northcote & E.W. Boehm

Soils and Land Use in the Kurrawa Area, Darling Downs, Queensland

G.G. Beckmann & C.H. Thompson

Soils of the Woorinen Settlement, Victoria

H.M. Churchward

The Soil Associations of the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia

E. Bettenay., W.M. McArthur & F.J. Hingston

A Reconnaissance of the Soils and Land Use of Part of the South Coast of New South Wales

P.H Walker

The Soils of the Lower Murrakool District, New South Wales

H.M. Churchward

Automated Monitoring of Tweets for Early Detection of the 2014 Ebola Epidemic

Aditya Joshi, Sarvnaz Karimi, Ross Sparks, Cecile Paris & C Raina MacIntyre
The dataset consists of tweet IDs.

Measuring and managing soil water. A training manual.

Tim McClelland, Brett Cocks, Kirsten Verburg & Christian Roth

Regional land suitability guidelines for SBC “Serial Biological Concentration” application

Z//Khan Paydar

Soils and Vegetation of the Brigalow Lands, Eastern Australia

R.F. Isbell

The Soils of Portion of the Fitzroy River Valley at Liveringa Station, Western Australia

H.M. Churchward & E. Bettenay

Soils and Land Use in the Dorrigo-Ebor-Tyringham Area, New South Wales

W.M. McArthur

A Composite Map of the Soils of Metropolitan Adelaide

C.B. Wells

Soils and Land Use in the Beenleigh Brisbane Area, South-eastern Queensland

G.G. Beckmann

Soils Adjoining the Gascoyne River near Carnarvon, Western Australia

E. Bettenay, J. Keay & H.M. Churchward

A Reconnaissance Survey of Soils in the Boonah-Beaudesert District, Queensland

T.R. Paton

Soil survey of the Loxton Irrigation Area, South Australia

G. Blackburn & D.A. Wright

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