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Activity and Mobility Using Technology (AMOUNT) deidentified dataset

Cathie Sherrington, Leanne Hassett & Maayken van den Berg
This dataset includes an excel spreadsheet containing the de-identified data collected as part of the AMOUNT randomised controlled trial. This trial randomised 300 people aged between 18-101 years old undertaking inpatient aged care and neurological rehabilitation to the control group who received usual care alone, or to the intervention group who received usual care + digitally enabled rehabilitation. In addition to usual care, the intervention group used devices to target mobility and physical activity problems,...

Archaeological Assessment. Bishop's Registry Site, 43 Wolfe Street, Newcastle.

W. Thorp

Adverse Events Following Q Fever Immunisation in Young Adults

Emily Sellens, Nicholas Wood & Jeannette Comeau
The dataset is part of Frequency of Adverse Events Following Q Fever Immunisation in Young Adults project data collection which collected Q fever vaccine (Q-VAX®) adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) data in veterinary and animal science students at Australian universities. Students were enrolled at the time of vaccination and were emailed a link to an online AEFI survey one week later. Of the 60% (499/827) that responded, 85% were female and the median age was...

Mudgee Shire. Industrial Archaeology Survey.

A. Cremin

Ladybird Cobbitty 2017 Brassica Dataset

Asher Bender
This data set contains weekly scans of cauliflower and broccoli covering a ten week growth cycle from transplant to harvest. The data set includes ground-truth, physical characteristics of the crop; environmental data collected by a weather station and a soil-senor network; and scans of the crop performed by an autonomous agricultural robot, which include stereo colour, thermal and hyperspectral imagery. The crop were planted at Lansdowne Farm, a University of Sydney agricultural research and teaching...

Commissariat Store (All Saints). KAVHA Archaeology Report 10, Part 1. [Norfolk Island]

Varman R.V.J.

New Beginnings: Tackling the Problem of Lookism and the Role of Dress for Success

Prudence Black & Diane van den Broek
This report provides a brief commentary on the issue of lookism and the problems this may present for many women seeking employment both in Australia and overseas. It then presents research on the organisation Dress for Success undertaken during 2012 and 2013. For some time we have become aware that employee’s looks are important aspects of recruitment and selection for firms, especially in the service industries, where presentation is quite literally part of the service....

Archaeological Assessment 69 Allen Street Leichhardt.

W. Thorp

CO2 Data Sydney Harbour Estuary 2013

Edwina Tunner
The dataset includes CO2 and ancillary data collected during 2013 in the Sydney Harbour Estuary. A total of 7 monthly field excursions were completed along the waterways of the Sydney Harbour Estuary and its tributaries during 2013. Sampling was conducted underway with instrumentation deployed from a 5.7 metre, centre console research vessel that was driven at a steady 4-6 km/h along the longitudinal axis of the estuary and up each of the main tributaries to...

Report on Coins Found First Government House Site, Sydney.

P. Boland

Claims Submitted to the Multilateral Development Bank Accountability Mechanisms 1994-2016

Susan Park

Persians in Attic Ceramic Catalogue

Margaret Miller
The Catalogue, of 128 items, was prepared as part of my book project entitle Representing Persians in Attic Arts. Many of the items have been known and studied for their historical interest since the early 19th century. This Catalogue includes an accurate full bibliography including a number of obscure publications; the catalogue for my monograph lists the bare minimum of publications. I propose to make my Catalogue with full bibliography available on line in the...

First Government House Site Development Considerations. Preliminary.

D. Conybeare

Heritage Assessment and Impact Statement. Otford to Stanwell Park Rail Tunnel.

W. Thorp

University Hall, Sydney Archaeological Excavation Final Report.

G. Wilson, D. Steele, M. Carney, K. Holmes & S. Dillane

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