194 Works

Newcastle Lumber Yard 1989 Excavation Report: Appendices

D. Bairstow

Report on Coins Found First Government House Site, Sydney.

P. Boland

First Government House Site Development Considerations. Preliminary.

D. Conybeare

Concord Heritage Study, Thematic History.

G. Karskens

Grace Bros. Broadway Historical Archaeological Report Artefact Inventory. Volume 5.

D. Bairstow

Historical Archaeological Survey: St Marys Munitions Factory.

M. Casey & A. Lowe

Circular Quay Railway Station Drain Trench Watching Brief.

R. Stocks

Australian Arms Inn and Old Post Office Emu Plains Report.

Gyford G.F.B.

Lithgow Power Station Site, History and Archaeological Assessment.

A. Bickford

Conservation of Artefacts First Government House, Sydney.

K. Head

Archaeological Report Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta NSW. Part 2, Excavation Programme.

J. Birmingham

Final Report Observer Hotel Excavation. The Artefact Analysis. Volume 2.

A. Lowe

First Government House Site. The House That Phillip Built.


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