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Incorporating in situ habitat patchiness in site selection models reveals that site fidelity is not always a consequence of animal choice

Aline S. Martinez, Eduardo V. Queiroz, Mitch Bryson, Maria Byrne & Ross A. Coleman

Pharmaceutical industry-funded events for Australian health professionals (Oct 2011-Sept 2015)

Alice Fabbri, Quinn Grundy, Barbara Mintzes, Swestika Swandari, Ray Moynihan, Emily Walkom & Lisa Bero
The dataset contains 301 publicly available company transparency reports covering the period from October 2011 to September 2015. The PDF reports were downloaded from the website of Medicines Australia and converted in Excel files. The reports contain information on the location, the type of event and all “transfers of value” to professionals who attended the events, including hospitality and travel for individual attendees, as well as event costs such as room rentals and speaker honoraria.

Using transrectal ultrasound to examine the effect of exogenous progesterone on early embryonic loss in sheep

Jessica Paige Rickard, Gabrielle Ryan, Evelyn Hall, Simon Paul de Graaf & Robert Hermes

Adjudicated dataset for “Spin” in published biomedical literature: A methodological systematic review

Lisa Bero, Quinn Grundy & Kellia Chiu

Adjusting cryodiluent composition for improved post-thaw quality of rabbit spermatozoa

Sally Hall, Cameron Negus, Danielle Johinke & Roslyn Bathgate
Improved fertility following artificial insemination with frozen-thawed spermatozoa would offer rabbit producers faster genetic improvement. Previous work investigating cryoprotectants for rabbit spermatozoa have reported inconsistent results. Semen was collected from three rabbit bucks by artificial vagina and frozen using a standard procedure with varied cryodiluent components. Post-thaw analysis encompassed motility, sperm kinematic parameters and acrosome and membrane integrity. Spermatozoa were evaluated at 0, 2 and 4 h after thawing. Experiment 1 compared diluents with 3.5%...

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  • 2017

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