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Ladybird Cobbitty 2017 Brassica Dataset

Asher Bender
This data set contains weekly scans of cauliflower and broccoli covering a ten week growth cycle from transplant to harvest. The data set includes ground-truth, physical characteristics of the crop; environmental data collected by a weather station and a soil-senor network; and scans of the crop performed by an autonomous agricultural robot, which include stereo colour, thermal and hyperspectral imagery. The crop were planted at Lansdowne Farm, a University of Sydney agricultural research and teaching...

CO2 Data Sydney Harbour Estuary 2013

Edwina Tunner
The dataset includes CO2 and ancillary data collected during 2013 in the Sydney Harbour Estuary. A total of 7 monthly field excursions were completed along the waterways of the Sydney Harbour Estuary and its tributaries during 2013. Sampling was conducted underway with instrumentation deployed from a 5.7 metre, centre console research vessel that was driven at a steady 4-6 km/h along the longitudinal axis of the estuary and up each of the main tributaries to...

Persians in Attic Ceramic Catalogue

Margaret Miller
The Catalogue, of 128 items, was prepared as part of my book project entitle Representing Persians in Attic Arts. Many of the items have been known and studied for their historical interest since the early 19th century. This Catalogue includes an accurate full bibliography including a number of obscure publications; the catalogue for my monograph lists the bare minimum of publications. I propose to make my Catalogue with full bibliography available on line in the...

Self-Esteem and Depression in Adolescents (SEDA) study data

Catherine Gittins & Caroline Hunt
The dataset contains SpSS (.sav) and .csv files of self-report data from all research participants. Descriptions of variables can be found in the file. The aim of this research is to examine the relations between self-cognitions and depression in adolescents, as well as the influence of parenting behaviour on these processes. Two-hundred and forty-three Grade 7 students were followed over a two-year period, with self-report data collected at three time-points. They reported on their self-esteem,...

‘Non-traditional investors’? The work and career experiences of Australian women working in investment management

Sarah Oxenbridge, Rae Cooper & Marian Baird

JusticeINjustice - Exhibition Catalogue

Carolyn McKay, Jessi England, Karen Wells, Ray Waterson & Robert Kavanagh

Nowhere to Stand: A critical discourse analysis of nurses’ responses to child neglect and abuse

Rochelle Einboden

Supplementary information on a novel way of defining longitudinal adolescent trajectories of testosterone and estradiol change in pubertal adolescents

Katharine Steinbeck, Frances , Hoi Lun Cheng, Georgina Luscombe & David Handelsman
This is the supplementary information document corresponding to the manuscript: "Steinbeck KS, Garden FL, Cheng HL, Luscombe GM, Handelsman DJ. Bumpy and smoother pathways of puberty hormone change: A novel way to define gonadal hormone trajectories in adolescents. Journal of the Endocrine Society 2019; DOI: 10.1210/jendso/bvz014" This document contains additional details on the growth-mixture modelling methodology used in the study, additional tables containing model-fit statistics and model-class comparisons, as well as additional figures generated during...

Photographic Autobiography of Leo Radom

Leo Radom

Dataset for Open Source Malaria: Potent Triazolopyrazine-Based Antimalarial Drug Candidates that Probe an Important Mechanism of Action

Edwin Tse
This is a supporting data for Open Source Malaria: Potent Triazolopyrazine-Based Antimalarial Drug Candidates that Probe an Important Mechanism of Action thesis. The study is part of Series 4 of the Open Source Malaria project investigating potent triazolopyrazine-based antimalarial drug candidates, Open Source Malaria project.

Beyond the Pale: Cultural Diversity on ASX100 Boards

Dimitria Groutsis, Rae Cooper & Gregory Whitwell

Skipping a beat: Assessing the state of gender equality in the Australian music industry

Cooper Rae, Amanda Coles & Sally Hanna-Osborne

‘One of the boys?’: The work and career experiences of Australian women working in automotive trades occupations

Sarah Oxenbridge, Rae Cooper & Marian Baird
This report forms part of a larger study of women working in three highly male-dominated sectors and occupations: investment management, automotive trades, and pilots. In Australia, women comprise 10-14 per cent of employees in investment management occupations, 2.5 per cent of automotive tradespeople, and 6 per cent of commercial pilots. In this report we profile the work and career experiences of women in automotive trades occupations and automotive industry occupations, using data collected between July...

Women At Work: Australia and the United States

Rae Cooper, Marian Baird & Meraiah Foley

Women and the Future of Work: Report 1 of The Australian Women’s Working Futures Project

Marian Baird, Rae Cooper, Elizabeth Hill, Elspeth Probyn & Ariadne Vromen

C-BARQ Female dogs desexed non-behaivioural 2018

Melissa Starling, Anne Fawcett, Bethany Wilson, James Serpell & Paul McGreevy
This dataset contains the variables from C-BARQ used to build models to predict the effects of proportion of life exposure to gonadal hormones on reported behaviour in the C-BARQ survey. It includes female dogs that were spayed for reasons other than behavioural reasons. This research is part of Behavioural risks in female dogs exposed to minimal gonadal hormones prokect.

Nature Natus

Madeline Kelly

Pharmaceutical industry funding of events for Australian healthcare professionals (October 2015 to October 2018)

Emily Karanges, Alice Fabbri, Emma Glendinning, Barbara Mintzes & Lisa Bero
The dataset contains reports of pharmaceutical company sponsorship of educational events for healthcare professionals organised by third parties (such as medical colleges and societies, hospitals, universities, and other healthcare professional organisations). It includes 197 publicly available reports covering the period 1 October 2015 to 31 October 2018. The reports were downloaded from the Medicines Australia website in PDF format and converted to Excel files. Reports contain information on the event, attending healthcare professionals and the...

RAAF P-40 Kittyhawk accident data

Peter Hobbins, Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen, Chao Sun & Laura Signorelli
This dataset comprises information based on preliminary reports for 601 accidents involving Royal Australian Air Force Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk fighter aircraft over 1942-1946. Based primarily on World War II documents held in the National Archives of Australia, this Excel spreadsheet includes information about the aircraft, event date, location, pilot, circumstances and causes of each accident.

Five Roundabouts

Alex Zyner & Stewart Worrall

Preserving our Maritime Pasts

Natali Pearson

Pharmaceutical industry payments to Australian healthcare professionals (October 2015 to October 2018)

Bero Lisa, Karangess Emily & Mintzes Barbara
The dataset contains pharmaceutical company reports of payments to Australian healthcare professionals for the provision of services or sponsorship of medical education, including airfares, accommodation and registration fees. It collates 200 publicly available reports submitted to Medicines Australia by 35 companies between 1 October 2015 and 31 October 2018.

Turf Wars: Using Social Media Network Analysis to Examine the Suspected Astroturfing Campaign for the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine on Twitter

Mitchel John Hobbs & Chao Sun

MR Solutions 7T magnetic resonance imaging scanner

Sydney Imaging
The 24cm bore size 7 Tesla MRI facilitates translational research by providing non-invasive high spatial resolution detailed anatomical and morphological data, for soft tissue structures and molecular imaging capability for visualisation and quantification. Various applications include: brain and organ imaging, tumour assessment, disease progression assessment, contrast mechanisms and agents, monitoring gene expression, spectroscopy and functional imaging. The system can image whole body mouse, rat and small rabbit

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  • 2019

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