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Social Work Interventions in Cancer Care: Final Report

Rosalie Pockett, Kim Hobbs, Raymond Araullo & Kashmira Dave
This report presents the findings of an intervention study investigating the reasons for referral to oncology social workers and the types of interventions undertaken by them. The study was an academic and practitioner collaboration between the University of Sydney and practitioners from six cancer care settings in metropolitan, regional and rural centres in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Clinical data mining methodology was used, with a cross analysis of key variables mapped to existing...

New Beginnings: Tackling the Problem of Lookism and the Role of Dress for Success

Prudence Black & Diane van den Broek
This report provides a brief commentary on the issue of lookism and the problems this may present for many women seeking employment both in Australia and overseas. It then presents research on the organisation Dress for Success undertaken during 2012 and 2013. For some time we have become aware that employee’s looks are important aspects of recruitment and selection for firms, especially in the service industries, where presentation is quite literally part of the service....

Persians in Attic Ceramic Catalogue

Margaret Miller
The Catalogue, of 128 items, was prepared as part of my book project entitle Representing Persians in Attic Arts. Many of the items have been known and studied for their historical interest since the early 19th century. This Catalogue includes an accurate full bibliography including a number of obscure publications; the catalogue for my monograph lists the bare minimum of publications. I propose to make my Catalogue with full bibliography available on line in the...

‘Non-traditional investors’? The work and career experiences of Australian women working in investment management

Sarah Oxenbridge, Rae Cooper & Marian Baird

JusticeINjustice - Exhibition Catalogue

Carolyn McKay, Jessi England, Karen Wells, Ray Waterson & Robert Kavanagh

Nowhere to Stand: A critical discourse analysis of nurses’ responses to child neglect and abuse

Rochelle Einboden

Beyond the Pale: Cultural Diversity on ASX100 Boards

Dimitria Groutsis, Rae Cooper & Gregory Whitwell

Skipping a beat: Assessing the state of gender equality in the Australian music industry

Cooper Rae, Amanda Coles & Sally Hanna-Osborne

‘One of the boys?’: The work and career experiences of Australian women working in automotive trades occupations

Sarah Oxenbridge, Rae Cooper & Marian Baird
This report forms part of a larger study of women working in three highly male-dominated sectors and occupations: investment management, automotive trades, and pilots. In Australia, women comprise 10-14 per cent of employees in investment management occupations, 2.5 per cent of automotive tradespeople, and 6 per cent of commercial pilots. In this report we profile the work and career experiences of women in automotive trades occupations and automotive industry occupations, using data collected between July...

Women At Work: Australia and the United States

Rae Cooper, Marian Baird & Meraiah Foley

Women and the Future of Work: Report 1 of The Australian Women’s Working Futures Project

Marian Baird, Rae Cooper, Elizabeth Hill, Elspeth Probyn & Ariadne Vromen

Preserving our Maritime Pasts

Natali Pearson

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