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Victorian marine habitat collection

Daniel Adam Ierodiaconou, Steffan Howe & Lawrance Ferns

Data for Twitter use by Australian universities

Stuart Palmer

List of colonial era Papua New Guinea legislation

Jonathan Ritchie & Andrew Barnao

Scholarships and Connections: Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, 1960-2010

David Lowe & Jonathan Ritchie

Silkworm silk cocoon structure-property relationship

Jasjeet Kaur

Characterisation of nanoscale precipitates in NiTi shaped memory wires

Daoyong Cong

Boron nitride nanomaterials (nanotubes, nanowires and nanosheets)

Chen, Ying (Ian) , Alexey Glushenkov & Lu Hua Li

Texture selection mechanisms in uniaxially extruded magnesium alloys

Matthew Barnett, Andrew Sullivan, Nicole Stanford, Nigel Ross & Aiden Beer

Focused ion-beam (FIB) fabrication of micro-sized pillars for microcompression test

Jiangting Wang

Questionnaire data for 'Scholarships and Connections: Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, 1960-2010'

David Lowe, Jonathan Ritchie & Purdey Jemma

Acceptance and use of MOODLE

Andrea North-Samardzic

The influence of ethnicity on neuroimaging and clinical outcome post stroke

Paul Yielder & Paul Talman

Deakin Studies Online student survey 2004/2005

Stuart Palmer & Dale Holt

Wootz steel project by electron backscatter diffraction

Andrew Sullivan & Matthew Barnett

Phase and crystal orientation study of a TRansformation Induced Plasticity steel subjected to cyclic load induced fatigue

Timothy Hilditch, Ilana Timokhina, Leigh Robertson, Elena Pereloma & Peter Hodgson

The invasive Northern Pacific seastar, Asterias amurensis, transcriptome

Craig Sherman

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