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PSR J1141-6545 data from the UTMOST telescope from 2015-2018

Vivek Venkatraman Krishnan
This repository contains data recorded on PSR J1141-6545 with the UTMOST telescope between May 2015 and January 2018. This data release is to accompany the publication of the latest results on the long term timing of this pulsar, in the journal "Science". UTMOST telescope captures right circularly polarised data at 843 MHz with a bandwidth of 31.25 MHz. The data are "PSRCHIVE" format archives that contain 8-bit total intensity data, coherently dedispersed at the dispersion...

CURVEPOPS1: type II supernova lightcurves, model outputs and SNEC input files

JJ Eldridge
The Supernova lightCURVE POPulation Synthesis project combines the BPASSv2 stellar models and the SuperNova Explosion Code (SNEC, https://stellarcollapse.org/SNEC) to understand the variety of supernova lightcurves that arise from a stellar population. For each paper in the series we release the input and outputs calculated by SNEC as well as summary details of the models. Thus others are able to use our results and calculate new supernova models if desired. This model set includes a number...

BPASS: Binary Population and Spectral Synthesis, Version 2.1

J.J. Eldridge
The Binary Population and Spectral Synthesis (BPASS) suite of binary stellar evolution models and synthetic stellar populations provides a framework for the physically motivated analysis of both the integrated light from distant stellar populations and the detailed properties of those nearby. We present a new version 2.1 data release of these models, that incorporates binary mass transfer and its effect on stellar evolution pathways, as well as the construction of simple stellar populations. The available...

PanSTARRS data for galaxy spin patterns asymmetry

Lior Shamir
The initial data includes 3,053,831 galaxies from PanSTARRS DR1. That list includes 2,394,452 objects identified as extended sources in all bands. These galaxies were added to 659,379 galaxies with r Petrosian radius greater than 5.5” and their PSF magnitude subtracted by their Kron magnitude was greater than 0.05.

That galaxy images were downloaded and classified by the Ganalyzer algorithm into 29,013
galaxies annotated by their spin pattern. Galaxies that did not have an identifiable...

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