540 Works

Parasite attractants: identifying trap baits for parasite management in aquaculture

D. Skilton

Dataset for: Defining the larval habitat: abiotic, biological and chemical parameters associated with Anopheles farauti productivity

Tanya. Russell, Kimberley. McLaughlin & Thomas. Burkot

Fossil charcoal particle training data for neural networks

E. Rehn & A. Rehn

Global warming impairs stock-recruitment dynamics of corals

T. Hughes, A. Baird, A. Hoey, M. Hoogenboom, J. Kerry & M. Pratchett

Aerobic performance of two tropical cephalopod species unaltered by prolonged exposure to projected future carbon dioxide levels

B. Spady, T. Nay, J. Rummer, P. Munday & S.-A. Watson

Can environmental DNA be used to reliably detect parasites in the aquarium fish trade?

A. Trujillo Gonzalez

Parasite detection in the ornamental fish trade using environmental DNA

A. Trujillo Gonzalez

Characterisation of carbonic anhydrase in the symbiotic dinoflagellate Symbiodinium

Teressa Bobeszko

Impact of motorboats on fish embryos depends on engine type

S. Jain-Schlaepfer, M. McCormick & J. Rummer

Studies on the taxonomy of Strongyloides (Nematoda; Strongyloididae)

Richard Speare

Behavioral and physiological measures taken for the manuscript "Top-predators negate the effect of mesopredators on prey physiology"

M. Palacios Otero, S. Killen, L. Nadler, J. White & M. McCormick

The gait features & plantar pressures of people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy & plantar foot ulcers

Malindu Eranga Fernando

Hafnium isotope data for the Simuku Igneous Complex, New Britain, Papua New Guinea

R. Holm, C. Spandler & S. Richards

Responses of a reef shark to simulated ocean warming conditions

I. Bouyoucos

Adaptive strategies in reef-building corals

Chao-Yang Kuo

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