551 Works

Mangrove bird isotope data 2015

C. Buelow

A comparative study on sexual reproduction of scleractinian and alcyonacean corals

W. Wessels

Data archive: Larval habitats of the Anopheles farauti and Anopheles lungae complexes in the Solomon Islands

T. Russell, T. Burkot, H. Bugoro, A. Apairamo, N. Beebe, W. Chow, R. Cooper, F. Collins & N. Lobo

Exploring the development of clinical reasoning skills among doctors-in-training

Paul Gordon John Welch

Coral reef mesopredator trophodynamics in response to reef condition

Tessa N. Hempson

Threatening processes to taxa of conservation concern in Northern Australia

A. Pintor, E. Graham & M. Kennard

Tailoring the properties of PECVD deposited terpinen-4ol thin films

Avishek Kumar

Integrated land-sea planning in the Gulf of California, Mexico

J. Alvarez Romero

Neighbour diversity regulates the productivity of coral assemblages

M. McWilliam

Influence of virtual world end-user motives on social capital

Mohamed Nazir Riad Mohamed

Nutrient contents and associated parameters for cocoa tree leaves, ripe cocoa pods and soil from 63 cocoa farms in Papua New Guinea in 2007

P. Nelson, M. Webb, S. Berthelsen, G. Curry, D. Yinii & C. Fidelis

The optimization of the Barrier Screen

E. Pollard

Recreational fishers' perceptions of poaching in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

J. Cinner & B. Bergseth

Unravelling foster care and finding family support

Heather Muriel Lovatt

Biodiversity, biogeography and phylogeny of Australian freshwater triclads

Lauryne Joan Grant

Role of predator experience in influencing prey behaviour and survival - dataset

O. Lonnstedt & M. McCormick

The safety and efficacy of nitrate N supplementation to Bos indicus cattle

Imanuel Benu

High resolution environmental layers for species distribution modeling

A. Pintor, J. VanDerWal & E. Graham

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