27 Works

Integration of biodiversity, connectivity and climate change in marine planning

R. Magris

Neurogenic Heterotopic Ossification: Prevalence , Risk Factors, Management /Treatment

J. Reznik

Public's willingness to be referred to a veterinarian by their GP if they have a zoonotic disease

R. Speare, D. Mendez & J. Judd

Hafnium isotope data for the Simuku Igneous Complex, New Britain, Papua New Guinea

R. Holm, C. Spandler & S. Richards

Conservation planning accounting for climate warming disturbance

R. Magris

The nitrogen, protein and amino acid content of seaweeds

A. Angell, N. Paul & R. De Nys

Near Infrared Spectra of Australian Rainforest leaf litter (decomposition)

S. Parsons

Physiological determinants of tolerance to climatic extremes in small ectotherms

A. Pintor, A. Krockenberger & L. Schwarzkopf

Latitudinal trends in thermal traits in a clade of small reptilian ectotherms

A. Pintor, A. Krockenberger & L. Schwarzkopf

Social queuing in a tropical fish

M. McCormick

Papua New Guinea EcoAquarium Ltd. public collection records.

T. Militz

Dugong Aerial Survey Database

H. Marsh & S. Sobtzick

Internal transcribed spacer gene alignment of Ulva for new species description of Ulva sapora

R. Lawton & C. Carl

Painting in the Tropics

A. Meyer

Hydroregulation in the tropical skink Carlia rubrigularis

A. Pintor, A. Krockenberger & L. Schwarzkopf

Disrupted learning: habitat degradation impairs crucial antipredator responses in naive prey

Mark. McCormick

Acclimation of cold tolerance in Carlia longipes

A. Pintor, A. Krockenberger & L. Schwarzkopf

Sensory cues of a top-predator indirectly control a reef fish mesopredator

Mark. McCormick, Donald. Warren & Maria. Palacios Otero

Experimental study of trace element release during ultrahigh-pressure serpentinite dehydration

Carl. Spandler

Supporting Data Set for Tests of the Climatic Variability Hypothesis in Australian Skinks

A. Pintor, A. Krockenberger & L. Schwarzkopf

Eastern water skinks (Eulamprus quoyii) life-history data

L. Schwarzkopf & J. Caley

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  • 2015

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