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An investigation of the Coral Sea with an ocean general circulation model

Rowan David Hughes

Nitrate-ammonium utilisation for the green alga species Desmodesmus armatus reared in laboratory batch culture conditions.

M. Malerba, S. Connolly & K. Heimann

Behavioral and physiological measures taken for the manuscript "Top-predators negate the effect of mesopredators on prey physiology"

M. Palacios Otero, S. Killen, L. Nadler, J. White & M. McCormick

Fish rejections from the Papua New Guinea marine aquarium fishery from January to June 2010

Thane. Militz

Science fiction and fantasy experience survey

C.B. Menadue

In situ behavioural observation of juvenile Pomacentrus amboinensis in response to small motor boat noise

L. Holmes & M. McCormick

Marine conservation planning in the Gulf of California, Mexico

J. Alvarez Romero

Dataset examining host feeding parameters of Anopheles farauti in Haleta village, Solomon Islands

T. Russell & T. Burkot

Data set for quality of life and physical activity of adults within a regional workplace

A. Leicht, D. Lindsay, S. Devine & R. Sealey

The effects of temperature on larval anemonefish metabolic and digestion rates

I. McLeod & T. Clark

Supplementary rotation file and feature collections to Holm et al., 2016

R. Holm

Shoaling reduces metabolic rate in a gregarious coral reef fish species

L. Nadler, S. Killen, E. McClure, P. Munday & M. McCormick

Tree-scale lateral variation in root mass, throughfall and soil respiration in mature oil palm plantations in Papua New Guinea

P. Nelson, M. Webb, M. Banabas, S. Nake & I. Goodrick

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