56 Works

Flatback dispersal scenarios

M. Hamann & N. Wildermann

Proteomic analysis of allergenic proteins in King crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) and Edible crab (Cancer pagurus)

S. Kamath, A. Lopata & R. Nugraha

Plantar pressures are elevated in people with longstanding diabetes-related foot ulcers during follow-up

M. Fernando & J. Golledge

Latitudinal trends in shell production cost from the tropics to the poles

S. Watson

Habitat forming shellfish in Australia

I. McLeod

Phenotypic determinants of survival: a field study

M. McCormick & B. Allan

Population allele data (microsatellites) for Holothuria scabra sea cucumbers

D. Jerry & S. Nowland

Science fiction and fantasy opinion survey

C.B. Menadue

Through a lens, brightly: how the worldview of science fiction reflects the spirit of the age

Christopher B. Menadue

Limited capacity for developmental thermal acclimation in three tropical wrasses

K. Motson

Laser ablation data tables for magnetite, hematite, pyrite and chalcopyrite

M. Carew

Predation on settling crown-of-thorns starfish larvae by benthic predators

Z. Cowan & M. Pratchett

In solution digestion and mass spectrometry identification of major proteins in various mollusc species

A. Lopata, S. Kamath & R. Nugraha

Cross-scale habitat structure driven by coral species composition on tropical reefs

L. Richardson

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