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Monogenean parasites infect ornamental fish imported to Australia

A. Trujillo Gonzalez

Spatial and temporal water quality changes during a large scale dredging operation

Clair Stark

Shift happens: transformative learning in social work education

Peter Jones

Empty spaces and smiling faces: the New Settlers' League and Australian immigration

Jacqueline Mary Stockdale

From spatio-temporal trajectories to succinct and semantically meaningful patterns

Luke Leslie Bermingham

Aerobic performance of two tropical cephalopod species unaltered by prolonged exposure to projected future carbon dioxide levels

B. Spady, T. Nay, J. Rummer, P. Munday & S.-A. Watson

Can environmental DNA be used to reliably detect parasites in the aquarium fish trade?

A. Trujillo Gonzalez

Parasite detection in the ornamental fish trade using environmental DNA

A. Trujillo Gonzalez

Characterisation of carbonic anhydrase in the symbiotic dinoflagellate Symbiodinium

Teressa Bobeszko

Impact of motorboats on fish embryos depends on engine type

S. Jain-Schlaepfer, M. McCormick & J. Rummer

The gait features & plantar pressures of people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy & plantar foot ulcers

Malindu Eranga Fernando

Adaptive strategies in reef-building corals

Chao-Yang Kuo

Shifting the lens: Indigenous research into mainstream Australian culture

Lorraine Muller

Poaching in marine protected areas: drivers of and responses to illegal fishing

Brock J. Bergseth

Over and under: geography and archaeology of the Palm Islands and adjacent continental shelf of North Queensland

Mornee Jasmin O'Keeffe

Non-contact competition between soft and hard corals: a transcriptomic perspective

Natalia Alexandra Andrade Rodríguez

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