252 Works

Monogenean parasites infect ornamental fish imported to Australia

A. Trujillo Gonzalez

Flatback dispersal scenarios

M. Hamann & N. Wildermann

Nitrate-ammonium utilisation for the green alga species Desmodesmus armatus reared in laboratory batch culture conditions.

M. Malerba, S. Connolly & K. Heimann

Integration of biodiversity, connectivity and climate change in marine planning

R. Magris

Neurogenic Heterotopic Ossification: Prevalence , Risk Factors, Management /Treatment

J. Reznik

Occupation of damselfishes across reef seascape and colony scale, GBR 2016 data

T. Chase & M. Hoogenboom

Structural habitat composition of Alligator Creek (Townsville, QLD)

C. Trave

Public's willingness to be referred to a veterinarian by their GP if they have a zoonotic disease

R. Speare, D. Mendez & J. Judd

Data from 'Historical biogeography of herbivorous coral reef fishes: the formation of an Atlantic fauna'

A. C. Siqueira, D. R. Bellwood & P. F. Cowman

Dataset describing the detection of Plasmodium falciparum in mosquito excreta and saliva

A. Ramirez Lopez

Inshore GBR Reefs, derelict fishing line and benthic data, 2007-2009

D. Williamson & G. Russ

Parasite attractants: identifying trap baits for parasite management in aquaculture

D. Skilton

Dataset for: Defining the larval habitat: abiotic, biological and chemical parameters associated with Anopheles farauti productivity

Tanya. Russell, Kimberley. McLaughlin & Thomas. Burkot

Fossil charcoal particle training data for neural networks

E. Rehn & A. Rehn

Global warming impairs stock-recruitment dynamics of corals

T. Hughes, A. Baird, A. Hoey, M. Hoogenboom, J. Kerry & M. Pratchett

Aerobic performance of two tropical cephalopod species unaltered by prolonged exposure to projected future carbon dioxide levels

B. Spady, T. Nay, J. Rummer, P. Munday & S.-A. Watson

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