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An international comparison of the development of research data infrastructures: report and suggestions

German Council For Scientific Information Infrastructures

Evidence review: Settings for addressing the social determinants of health inequities

Lareen Newman, Sara Javanparast & Fran Baum
This report provides an overview of the evidence base on work in health promotion settings that addresses the social determinants of health inequities.

The emergence of mapping, planning in England and the early English colonies

Alan Peters
In the English-speaking world, the emergence of modern post-medieval mapping coincided with the emergence of modern land markets. Maps were found, very quickly, to be a useful tool in defining the extent of land and thus in adjudicating land disputes between owners. They soon became part of a proto-planning system used to envisage, to describe and to talk about future growth. Naturally maps became an important way to describe land legally and envisage future uses...

Everything old is new again

Emma Greenhalgh & John Minnery
This paper uses nostalgia, and especially 'social nostalgia', as a key to exploring the impacts of changes in the caravanning landscape since the early part of the twentieth century, using the Gold Coast as a case study. It shows that whilst the caravanning landscape has changed there is a resurgence of nostalgia for the simplicity and communality of the past, which is threatened by both land development pressures and changes within the industry. An expression...

Closing the motor vehicle industry - the impact on Australia

Bianca Barbaro, John Spoehr & National Institute Of Economic And Industry Research
Following announcements by General Motors Holden GMH, Ford and Toyota that they will be ceasing production in the country, these reports assess the likely impacts over time and across Australia.

Who starts a self-managed superannuation fund and why?

Ron Bird, Doug Foster & Jack Gray
Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) – small retirement savings funds with four or fewer members – now manage almost one third of retirement savings in Australia, and serve over one million members.

Measuring the effectiveness of Australia's statutory-backed continuous policy on 'innovative' investment disclosures

Jarrad Harford & Ronan Powell
The disclosure of timely and accurate financial information is a fundamental component of company valuations. It is also conducive to stock market efficiency in the form of narrower bid-ask spreads and increased liquidity.

Writing themselves in 3: the third national study on the sexual health and wellbeing of same sex attracted and gender questioning young people

Lynne Hillier, Tiffany Jones & Marisa Monagle
This is the third of the Writing Themselves In national reports which have been conducted six years apart since 1998.

Improving child and family health services for families most in need and building positive relationships with families

Centre For Community Child Health
While most families of young children are well supported socially and make good use of services, some do not.

"The home of the Borough"

David Nichols & Hannah Lewi
“The revolution is in full swing.” So wrote commenter “Matt” in October 2013 underneath an online report that the State Liberal government was considering proposals to alter the form and use of the Port Melbourne Football Ground. “Matt’s” point was primarily that Port Melbourne was changing irrevocably, and that both adult residents and their children had interests less clearly focused firstly, on localism (Port Melbourne football team is an old VFL, rather than nationally-focused AFL,...

Fiscal policy levers to improve diets and prevent obesity

Anne Marie Thow
This Evidence Brief considers the evidence regarding economic incentives to prevent obesity in the form of targeted taxes and subsidies on food and beverages.

From idealistic to iconic Adelaide - an enduring nexus between urban plan and social identity

Susan Avey
Reformist ideals underpinned South Australia as a colonial endeavour and manifested from foundation in an enduring nexus between Adelaide’s urban plan and its social identity. During the first half of the nineteenth century Adelaide strove to stand out from a cohort of colonial cities established during a wave of Imperial expansion. It competed with cities in Australia, Canada, America and New Zealand for investment of population and capital from established powers looking to divest and...

Growth 60: Australia's broadband future: four doors to greater competition

Committee For Economic Development Of Australia
This report focuses on the current Australian broadband debate. How do we deliver the best information services to customers in different situations across the country?

No bail, more jail? Breaking the nexus between community protection and escalating pre-trial detention

Marilyn McMahon
Victoria is experiencing an ‘incarceration crisis’, caused by an unprecedented growth in prisoner numbers. The key driver of this growth is the increasing number of persons who are denied bail and remanded into custody. As of 31 May 2019, 38% of adult prisoners in Victoria were being held on remand.The increase in the remand population is gendered, with higher rates for women—nearly half the women in Victorian prisons are now being held on remand. It is...

Cyber safety in remote Aboriginal communities: final report

Ellie Rennie, Tyson Yunkaporta & Indigo Holcombe-James

Digital technology access and use among socially and economically disadvantaged groups in South Australia

Lareen Newman, Kate Biedrzycki & Fran Baum
This paper reports on a qualitative study which explored how these groups access and use information and communication technologies (ICTs), specifically computers, Internet and mobile phones

A study on development of new-type air cleaner for creating healthy indoor environments

Atsuo Nozaki, Kikumi Yoshida & Yasunori Narita
Indoor air pollution caused by the cigarette smoke consisted of wide range pollutants is a big problem for threatening human health. Air cleaners are expected as one of effective countermeasures against this environmental problem. However, few air cleaners correspond to various sorts of indoor...

In-house investment management: making and implementing the decision

David R. Gallagher, Tim Gapes & Geoff Warren
In-house investment management is a hot topic in the Australian superannuation industry. Organic growth and industry consolidation is leading to an increasing number of funds attaining a size at which managing their investments in-house becomes a serious proposition. SuperRatings data reveals that about 60% of superannuation funds manage some assets in-house, with nearly one-fifth reporting a substantial commitment of 20% or more of assets

Raspberries: management of autumn fruiting cultivars

Department Of Environment And Primary Industries
The raspberry plant possesses the potential to produce fruit on primocane tips in autumn, in addition to the main crop which is borne on floricanes in spring. This habit is usually described as primocane-fruiting (PF). PF cultivars are grown as a perennial crop with annual canes - that is, canes...

Mitigating the urban heat island effect on social housing residents - the Cooling Communities project

Mike Collins, Kathryn Skidmore, Mariela Mendoza & Helen Everleigh

Body Mass Index (BMI) for children and infant-parent interaction

Louise Newman
Body Mass Index (BMI) for children and understanding the capacities of infants and the importance of communication for development are the focus of this publication.

Constipation and encopresis and leaping early in life

Jill Sewell & Geraldine Naughton
Constipation, encopresis and the developmental value of play in the early years of life are the subjects of this publication.

Effect of the basel accord capital requirements on the loan-loss provisioning practices of Australian banks

James R. Cummings & Kassim J. Durrani
Through its Basel III reform package, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) is seeking to improve the banking sector’s ability to absorb shocks arising from financial and economic stress, thereby reducing the possibility of spill-over from the financial sector to the real economy. The outcome of the reforms is dependent on the timeliness and reliability of the banks’ provisioning practices for loan losses. This is because provisions are deducted directly from equity capital. Consequently,...

Paying it forward: cost benefit analysis of the Wyatt Trust funded financial counselling services

Parvin Mahmoudi, Ann-Louise Hordacre & John Spoehr
Seeking to gain a better understanding of the benefits associated with financial counselling service provision and its net impact on the lives of people assisted, this report shows that $1 invested in financial counselling services generates $5 of benefits for recipients.

Bioethanol in Victoria

Department Of Environment And Primary Industries
This Agnote provides information on bioethanol, drivers and barriers for production, markets, and research and development in Victoria, Australia.

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