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Exploring the spirituality and religiosity of Dinka Children in Catholic Schools in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria

Denise Goodwin
This research explored the religiosity and spirituality of newly arrived Catholic Dinka children in Catholic schools in the western suburbs of Melbourne. In particular, the study focused on Dinka children's spirituality borne of their experiences of war and trauma and sought to understand their perceptions of God, Jesus, Church and prayer. A disparity was highlighted between the available literature on children's spirituality, (Hay & Nye, 1998; Hyde, 2005; Mountain, 2005), which presented findings from children...

Gifted origins to graced fulfilment: The soteriology of Julian of Norwich

Kerrie Hide
Within the discipline of theology, this thesis examines the soteriology presented in the Revelations of Divine Love, composed by Julian of Norwich (1343 - ca. 1420). Through an exegesis of the Paris copy of the Middle English manuscript, the research analyzes the understanding of salvation implicit in the text. This study builds on and expands previous theological inquiry into Juiian's texts. A hermeneutic for interpreting the theology expressed in this mystical literature creates guiding principles...

Leadership for school improvement

Anne Anderson
"This study has emerged from an international interest and movement towards school improvement. The process of school improvement concerns itself with the concepts of change and accountability within school systems as well as the impact of leadership within these processes. The purpose of this study is to explore the influence of leadership on school improvement in Catholic secondary schools. Specifically, it addresses how leadership was seen to influence both school improvement and the understandings of...

Investigating the meaning and function of prayer for children in selected primary schools in Melbourne, Australia

Vivienne Mountain
"Prayer is a central element of all religions (Coleman, 1999; Engebretson, 1999). Alongside the sense of the theological importance of prayer there has been increased recognition of the psychological function and personal benefit of prayer for adults (Pargament, 1997). This thesis reports on research that investigated the theological and psychological perceptions of prayer held by children, shown through their understanding of the meaning and function of prayer. This thesis contributes to the research field of...

Safety survey data from Victorian youth-serving organisations:

Douglas Russell, Daryl Higgins & Jacqui Stewart
In 2015, the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) introduced the Victorian Child Safe Standards (the Standards). The aim was to promote the safety of children and young people by supporting the way in which organisations, their workforce (staff and volunteers) and members work so that protecting children and young people is always considered, taken seriously and acted upon. These Standards became fully operational in 2017. In 2019 DHHS began a review...

Exercise type, musculoskeletal health and injury risk factors in adolescent middle-distance runners

David Greene
Adolescent growth provides a unique opportunity for the growing body to adapt to external stimuli. A positive association between site-specific mechanical loading and increases in regional bone mineral content (BMC) during adolescence is established. Mechanical loads associated with middle-distance running expose the skeleton to a combination of compressive ground reaction forces and muscular contraction. Previous studies concerning musculoskeletal health in active adolescents are largely limited to planar, two-dimensional measures of bone mineral status, using Dual...

The letters of Bishop Basil of Caesarea: Instruments of Communion

Silouan Fotineas
"As its title suggest, this thesis will explore the letters of Bishop Basil of Caesarea as instruments of communion. In particular I will examine how Basil used his letters as instruments for arriving at, maintaining and expressing communion within a pro-Nicene church. For Basil, the divinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit was affirmed best through doxological worship and had ecclesiastical communion as its lasting expression. Basil’s letters became the instruments through which he...

Copyright for education: a case study of Palestine

Rawan Al-Tamimi
Palestine is a poor and disrupted territory and education is vital to its future prosperity and wellbeing. Copyright—which regulates access to information—can at times have a negative effect on education; even more so in least developed countries like Palestine. The aim of this thesis is to explain how copyright and education can function more effectively in the Palestinian context to bring about transformational change and meaningful development. To this end, the thesis (after explaining the...

Principals' understandings of aspects of the law impacting on the administration of Catholic schools: Aome implications for leadership

Paul McCann
This study explored the interface between the leadership of Catholic schools and the legal framework of the social/cultural context of Australian Society. Specifically, the study investigated the legal issues impacting on Catholic schools, principals' understandings of these legal issues and the sources used in gaining these understandings. The congruency between these understandings and the current interpretations of areas of the law were also examined, along with the influence legal issues have on principals; in particular,...

Organizational, professional and personal roles in an era of change: The case of the Catholic clergy

Georja Power
"The effects of transformations in the cultural context on the structures of the Catholic organization and consequently on the identity and role of priests is explored in this research. The way these transformations affect clergy relationships with the church, diocesan authorities and parishioners, and ultimately the psychological wellbeing of priests, are investigated in the light of recent research and literature. Quantitative and qualitative data from the Catholic Church Life Surveys (CCLS) of 1996 and 2001...

Like a bridge: Scaffolding as a means of assisting low-attaining students in mathematics during cognitively challenging tasks

Sarah Ferguson
The present study examined the case of two upper primary teachers and two low-attaining target students in each of their classes. This study was a component of a large study examining three specific types of mathematics tasks aimed at building conceptual understanding. The two classes observed and described in the present study were engaged in using these cognitively challenging types of mathematics tasks. The study aimed to explore the impact that particular scaffolding practices had...

The meaning of the word owoai (save) in the Gospel of Mark (a semiotic analysis approach)

Vivian Jacquin
"The verb owoai ""save"" is used fifteen times in the Gospel of Mark. However no explanation is given of the meaning of the word by the evangelist, Jesus or any person using it. This thesis studies the various instances where the word is used and proposes a definition of the word. The method of investigation that is used throughout this research is the Semiotic Analysis. Of the numerous schools of semioticians, this research has opted...

Rumour outbreak: The impact of personal characteristics on consumer decision-making

Thomas Kobinah
"The purpose of this research was to investigate the effect of brand commitment, personal values and consumer self-confidence on consumer decision-making during the outbreak of rumours in the marketplace. Word-of-mouth communication in the form of commercial rumours, have been of great concern to many marketing practitioners and consumer behaviour experts. This is because an outbreak of rumour tends to have a devastating effect not only on the target company’s sales, but also a long-term negative...

Tackling Ability in Rugby League Players: a Strength and Conditioning Perspective

Michael Speranza
Rugby league is a collision sport that is intermittent in nature, characterised by bouts of high intensity running, collisions and tackling, separated by periods of lower intensity activity. Success in the sport requires a multifaceted skillset with players requiring good ball handling ability, quick and accurate decision making, and the ability to perform effective tackles. A large part of success in a collision sport such as rugby league is based on player’s ability to execute...

The Dynamics of Shame in the Eden Narrative

John Anderson

Waiting: A critical experience

Amber Van Dreven
This study explores the experiences of relatives waiting. Often relatives wait for considerably long periods, especially in critical care areas, whilst their loved one, whose health status is unknown, receives care. To explore these experiences and to understand the symbolic meaning behind the participants' stories, a grounded theory approach was utilised which is firmly rooted in the sociological theory of symbolic interactionism. A qualitative approach was employed in order to yield a rich description of...

Human resource capital and relational capital dimensions and the perceptions of mum and dad shareholders

Alma Kairouz
"Intellectual capital (IC), including its components of human resource capital (HRC) and relational capital (RC), is important to leverage tangible corporate assets. This research is conducted from a human resource perspective and refers to behavioural economic theories to explain its findings. There are four research aims which include: (1) to investigate perceptions of "mum and dad" shareholders about information on HRC and RC dimensions; (2) to understand the sources of advice individual investors turn to...

A practical theology of mental health: A critical conversation between theology, psychology, pastoral care and the voice of the witness

Pauline Pierce
What exactly do we mean by mental illness? Is it an organic disease? Or are its causes psychological and requiring therapy or counselling with, at times, medication to alleviate any accompanying organic symptoms? Or could one even consider that, in some instances, it is neither of these and is best described as a 'spiritual dis-ease'? If there is evidence that this is the case, then its causes [and remedies] must be sought elsewhere. In other...

Boarding houses, owners and tenants: The demise of an old form of working-class housing

Daniel Carmody
Boarding Houses, Owners and Tenants: The demise of an old form of working-class housing. This research investigates an often forgotten area of affordable housing, the boarding house and as such the thesis fits into the broader frame work on affordable housing, which is an issue of growing magnitude. Internationally as well as nationally this form of housing has helped many people over the last 160 years, and in Australia the main group to be housed...

Developing the Multimodal Language of Emotions of Low SES Primary Students (LP150100030, 2016-2019)

Kathy Mills, Len Unsworth, Mark Williamson, Angela Ferguson, M. Quinn, Rosalind Clay, Melissa Trembath & Tony Maksoud
This project planned to broaden the range of resources for students to communicate emotions through speech, writing and images. Such communication is important for social and economic success, particularly for disadvantaged students, and it is now part of the Australian curriculum. However, research shows that teachers are not equipped to teach these new curriculum requirements. The project unites a consortium of schools, visual media experts and policy makers to address this problem. The outcomes include...

An exploration of participant experience of the service learning program at an Australian Catholic boys' secondary school

Damien Price
This research explores participant experience of the Service Learning Program in the context of an Australian Catholic Boys' Secondary School. The research aims to explore what is happening as adolescent participants engage in working and relating with homeless people over an extended period of time. What are they learning? What sense or meaning are they making of their experiences, and are they deepening their value and belief system towards existential change?

Measuring community walking in stroke survivors using physiotherapists’ perspectives and the International Classification of Functioning, Health and Disability (ICF) framework

Neelam Nayak
Community walking is a multifactorial task and an important functional goal for stroke survivors. Measuring community walking is challenging because there is not a good understanding of what is considered successful community walking or how this could be measured. Physiotherapists currently use a range of measures to assess community walking. Furthermore, the factors contributing to community walking that are captured by these measures are not yet well understood. This thesis, comprising two studies, explores these...

The development and testing of an instrument for measuring awareness of coronary heart disease risk factors reduction in a Hong Kong Chinese population

Choi Chan
Coronary heart disease (CHD) claims millions of lives every year worldwide. In the developed countries, a clear connection has been documented between a decline in CHD mortality and modifiable risk factor reductions. While raising awareness of CHD risk factors reduction is imperative, no valid instrument backed by robust psychometric data is available to measure people's awareness in this regard. In addition, especially among the Chinese population, despite many studies already conducted concerning awareness of CHD-related...

Changing self-limiting mindsets of young mathematically gifted students to assist talent development

Linda Parish
The aim of this study was to explore the impact of classroom teachers receiving professional learning about students who are mathematically gifted, but who may display self-limiting mindset tendencies. There has been an emerging emphasis on affective impacts in education in general (Duckworth & Gross, 2014; Dweck, 2015), and in mathematics learning specifically (Boaler, 2016; Williams, 2014), on nurturing positive, non-cognitive learner dispositions, or mindsets. However, there seems to be little research, and limited discussion...

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