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Comparison of a single versus a four intradermal sterile water injection technique for the relief of lower back pain for women in labour: A mixed methods study

Nigel Lee
Significant back pain is often experienced by women in labour and may increase the need for pharmacological pain relief, often with associated side effects including excessive sedation and restriction to mobility. Sterile water injections (SWIs) are a simple, safe, effective, non-pharmacological technique for relieving back pain in labour; however, the number of injections required to achieve optimal analgesia is unknown. Furthermore, administration of SWI causes a brief, but intense, pain which may influence the acceptability...

The theory practice interface: A case study of experienced nurses' perceptions of their role as clinical teachers

Heather Beattie
This research explores how experienced nurses perceive their role as clinical teachers in an environment that is challenged not only with on-going changes in healthcare delivery, but also by the expectation that it will continue to provide positive clinical learning opportunities for undergraduate student nurses.

The effect of the emerging paradigm of diversity on the church and its leadership

Andrew Peters
Aims and Problems: Between the 1950s and 1990s, a paradigm-change occurred at foundational levels that has had global effect. In this research, I address a number of problems, related to leadership in the church, which have arisen out of this paradigm-change. The first problem relates to the validity of clerical leadership in the new paradigm. The immense effect of the current paradigm-change upon the church led some leadership gurus to propose a change in the...

Collaborative leadership: Leading educational organizations into the next millennium

Christopher Mayes

Sisters of St Joseph: The Tasmanian experience: The foundation of the Sisters of St Joseph in Tasmania 1887-1937

Josephine Brady
This thesis reports on and analyses the first fifty years, 1887-1937, of the Sisters of Saint Joseph's ministry in Tasmania. The design of the study is qualitative in nature, employing ethnographic techniques with a thematic approach to the narrative. Through a multifaceted approach the main figures of the Josephite story of the first fifty years are examined. The thesis attempts to redress the imbalance of the representation of women in Australian history and the Catholic...

The understanding of early childhood development that Alberta kindergarten teachers bring to their work when administering the early development instrument (EDI)

Jennifer Weber
Recent research into the abilities of children beginning school is powerfully influencing government policy and the provision of early childhood education in Canada. The Early Child Development (ECD) Mapping project, undertaken by the Offord Centre for Child Studies, McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) is one such body of research. The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is designed to gather information about developmental outcomes of children’s prior-to-school experiences at the time of starting kindergarten (the first year...

M. Fethullah Gülen’s understanding of Sunnah

Mustafa Erdil
"The aim and objective of this study is to highlight the importance of and the status of hadith in Islam, as well as its relevance and reference to sunnah, the Prophetic tradition and all that this integral source of reference holds in Islam. Furthermore, hadith, in its nature, origin and historical development with its close relationship with the concept of memorisation and later recollection came about after the time of Prophet Muhammad. This study will...

The identity of the Spirit in Paul: Did the Spirit come to possess a distinct identity within Paul’s Christian monotheism?

Christopher Baker
"This thesis examines the identity of the Holy Spirit within the thought and experience of the Apostle Paul. Using the methodologies of Richard Bauckham (the framework of The Unique Divine Identity) and Larry Hurtado (Religious Experience), this thesis argues that the structure of Paul’s thought and his religious experience contributed to the emergence of a distinct identity of the Spirit within his Christian monotheism which developed beyond his Jewish roots. This conclusion is reached by...

Transition to end-of-life in the aged care setting: Identifying the changes

Ruth Hohn
The purpose of this research study was to identify the perceptions of aged care health care personnel (ACHCP) working in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) of the changes that indicate a resident has entered the end-of-life (EOL) phase. This is a challenging time for ACHCP because the changes in the resident's condition are frequently subtle and sometimes difficult to identify due to their slow deterioration, often over many months. In order for the best EOL...

Reimagining the Catholic school: An exploration of principals' responses to changing contexts of the contemporary Catholic school

Graeme Mellor
"The focus of this research project was the changing perception amongst practising Catholic school principals of the nature and purpose of the contemporary Catholic school. This examination was set within the changing social, ecclesial and educational contexts within which the Catholic school has operated in the decades following the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). The research which was conducted amongst principals in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Australia, was focused by two research questions. These were:How do...

Compliance with lipid-lowering medications following diagnosis of coronary heart disease by angiography: A prospective cohort study

Sandra McKellar
The aim of this research study was to measure the length of time that coronary heart disease patients remain compliant with lipid lowering medications and, if they ceased taking their medications, to investigate the reasons why. Scope: The research was designed as a prospective cohort study, enrolling 120 randomly selected patients who were diagnosed with coronary heart disease by angiography and followed up for one year. Individual participants were followed up, via monthly telephone interviews,...

The voice of teachers in a changing Hong Kong society: The study of the effectiveness of a school guidance program me for teacher

Elaine Tung
This research study examines the development of a school guidance programme in a teacher education institute in a turbulent Hong Kong environment. The focus of the study is the teachers' awareness of the impact of change, their beliefs in human nature, and the skills gained from the programme in dealing with student guidance issues in their classrooms. The study describes the political, economic and social changes in Hong Kong society after 1997 and the consequent...

Recognising the spirituality of the Golliwogg: An analysis of Upton's Golliwogg picture books

Olga Buttigieg
"The Golliwogg first entered childhood imaginations as a character in the Upton picture book, The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls, 1895. Florence Upton’s own childhood toys, an old black doll and five wooden dolls became the inspiration for this first picture book. The success of this picture book led to the creation of other Golliwogg narratives for children from 1895 to 1909. This character became the first black protagonist in English picture books. Golliwogg narratives...

Mindfulness and coping with stress: A multi-method examination

James Donald
"Theories of mindfulness emphasise its role in enhancing self-regulation, including in the presence of negative emotion. However, most studies of mindfulness in social and clinical psychology have focused on its influence on affective outcomes such as stress, anxiety and well-being, rather than on outcomes relating to self-regulation. In this thesis I aim to address this gap by examining whether mindfulness enhances approach and inhibits avoidance coping responses following stressful events. In two studies, mindfulness was...

Big Gubba Business: The making of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, first nations resurgence and the Australian connection

Graeme La Macchia
Incorporating a significant component of Yarning-based oral history, Big Gubba Business investigates the making of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) from an Aboriginal Australian standpoint. This study examines the dynamics of the global Indigenous resurgence and interrogates the evolution of the Indigenous/UN relationship. First Nations engagement with the UN system and participation at the 1993 UN World Conference on Human Rights are explored in detail. Big Gubba Business also...

Development of a practical model for coaches to use mental skills training to enhance psychological strengths for athletes

Vijay Kumar
This thesis investigated the effectiveness of mental skills training. A meta-analysis (Study 1) was conducted to examine the existing evidence on mental skills training interventions: goal setting, self-talk, relaxation, imagery and multicomponent as performance enhancing strategies in the sporting domain. A total of 128 studies with 684 effect sizes were included in the final meta-analysis. Overall, mental skills training had a moderate, positive association with performance outcomes (d = .72, 95% CI = [.60, .85])....

Teacher leadership in South-East Queensland Anglican schools

Mark Sly
This research study explores the issue of teacher leadership in South-East Queensland Anglican schools. An initial exploration of the context of Anglican education in South-East Queensland confirmed that both nationally and within the Anglican system, hierarchical understandings of school leadership were being challenged amidst a growing expectation of teacher leadership. However, despite this expectation of teacher leadership, there was little in respect to formal policy and resource support for teacher leadership within South-East Queensland Anglican...

Sport and physical activity for youth with intellectual disability: An analysis of determinants and outcomes

Nathanial Kapsal
Introduction: Extensive research has supported the physical and psychosocial health benefits of physical activity among typically developing youth. These benefits include higher quality of life, lower risk of disease, higher levels of psychological and emotional well-being, greater school engagement, greater motor skills, more frequent prosocial behaviours, and enhanced self-concept. Compared to their typically developing peers, youth with intellectual disability participate less frequently in physical activity, tend to be less fit, have poorer motor control, and...

A tort law framework for copyright authorisation

Kylie Pappalardo
"The law relating to authorisation liability for copyright infringement in Australia is unclear and unruly. As courts attempt to extend the law to reach new and disruptive intermediaries online, concepts designed to limit the scope of liability to only those at fault - such as the requirement that a person have the 'power to prevent' infringement - have begun to lose their meaning. Further, copyright owners seek measures from intermediaries that go well beyond the...

Spiritual wellbeing and its relationship to adolescent resillience. A case study of Australian youth attending one local church

Lindsay Mervyn Smith
"The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships and connections within the family and the local Christian church community influencing spiritual wellbeing of young people engaged with Christian spirituality. Questions have arisen recently about the role of spiritual wellbeing in strengthening resilience of youth. To explore this association, this research focused on the relationships and connectedness of people who attend one religious organisation as one means of enhancing their spiritual wellbeing. Two separate...

Understanding the experiences of mothers who are breastfeeding an infant with tongue tie: A phenomenological study

Janet Edmunds
"In Australia, initial exclusive breastfeeding rates are 92 %, reducing to 14% at six months. One factor that contributes to early breastfeeding cessation is infant tongue tie. It is linked to breastfeeding difficulties and these problems contribute to early breastfeeding cessation. Tongue tie or ankyloglossia is described as a congenital condition with an unusually thickened, tightened or shortened frenulum (membrane or string under the tongue). The frenulum may vary in length, elasticity and placement along...

Anna Brennan (1879-1962): feminism and catholicism in context

Helena Anderson
The historical analysis of any individual life is augmented by an incorporation of the complexity of identity formation and representation. Using an intersectional framework and with reference to various insights from some of the recent scholarship on historical biographies, this thesis focuses on the life of one Australian woman, Anna Brennan (1879-1962). Brennan was a pioneering lawyer in Victoria and an ardent advocate for the rights of women. The central issue that is examined in...

What a difference a play makes: An examination of factors influencing personal development benefits through involvement in extracurricular theatre

Ronald Sproston
The research investigates the personal development benefits to students of involvement in a particular extracurricular activity (student theatre). It examines aspects of student personal development that are promoted by involvement in this extracurricular activity and discusses factors within the activity that encourage or promote these results. It does this through its focus on participants' perceptions of what happens in the group, in terms of personal development and events and actions that affected that personal development....

An assessment of animal repellents in the management of vehicle-macropod collisions in New South Wales

Craig Gibson
Collisions between animals and motor vehicles are frequent and often result in animal mortality. In Australia, macropods are regular victims of these collisions. This has serious implications for animal welfare and conservation as well as aesthetics and tourism. Collisions with large animals and secondary collisions caused by the presence of animals on road easements, can lead to serious personal injury and property damage. A range of mitigative measures to prevent animal-vehicle collisions exists, but no...

An investigation of teachers’ experience of applying Community Action Projects in the discipline of Humanities in a Victorian Catholic Secondary School

Marie Bagh
"This qualitative research study aimed to investigate, through focus group action research, teachers’ experience of applying Community Action Projects (hereafter, CAP) in the discipline of Humanities in a Victorian Catholic secondary school. In the context of this study, emanating from the philosophies of a social reconstructionist curriculum framework, teachers facilitated CAP with students born between the years 1995 and 2002. In this study, this group of students are referred to as the ‘current learners’ while...

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