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A qualitative study of Spanish-speaking patients’ experiences of pain after surgery

Nelly Bruinsma
"The aim of this study was to acquire knowledge of the way Spanish-speaking patients experience pain and pain management after surgery and to analyse how their experiences, lack of knowledge of the English language and their cultural beliefs may influence their experiences. The study outcomes will assist health professionals to provide a culturally appropriate pain management plan when not able to speak English and to care appropriately for Spanish-speaking patients and for other Culturally and...

An investigation of the linkages between leadership, learning and student engagement

Brad Campbell
"Education, or specifically, the nature of the learning experiences occurring in the classrooms of today, has been a fertile area for researchers and commentators as the discourse engages with the need to provide authentic learning experiences for students of the 21st century. This study explored the experiences of participants in a change project conducted in a Catholic secondary and primary school. The project entitled InteL, (an abbreviation of Integrated Learning), was part of a larger...

The knowledge-practice gap: Evidence-based practice for acute stroke care in Ghana

Leonard Baatiema
A critical global health concern in the last few decades is the widened gap between what we recognized scientifically as best practice interventions and what patients actually receive in clinical settings. Despite the fact that the past two decades has witnessed a preponderance of new and more effective interventions for acute stroke care globally, uptake of such interventions is inadequate and remains largely inaccessible to stroke patients. To be specific, uptake rates in low-middle income...

Monitoring athlete preparedness in professional Australian football: Load, self-report measures and performance

Tania Gallo
"Monitoring athlete preparedness, including quantifying training and competition load and determining fatigue/training status, is used to complement training and recovery prescription in professional sport (Kenttä & Hassmén, 2002). The overall objective of this research was to investigate contemporary athlete monitoring practices in professional Australian football (AF). The aim of study 1 was to identify the relationship between external training load and session rating of perceived exertion (s-RPE) training load and the impact that playing experience,...

An empirical investigation of factors predicting the choice of an advertising agency

Ralitza Bell

From doer to stayer: Dispositional and organisational factors affecting sustained volunteering in community service organisations

Michael Ryan
"Sustained volunteering – the continued service of a volunteer with a particular organisation – is a critical issue for organisations that depend on the contribution of volunteers for the continuation of their programs and the achievement of their goals. The purpose of this research was to determine the extent to which selected dispositional and organisational factors influence a volunteer’s sustained involvement with a community service organisation. A conceptual model of sustained volunteering was developed based...

Soak up the goodness: Discourses of Australian childhoods on television advertisements, 2006-2012

Christopher Drew
"Childhood is represented on Australian television advertising so frequently as to be commonplace. Traversing childhood, cultural and media studies disciplines, this thesis works to disrupt and unsettle taken for granted and exclusionary cultural assumptions about childhood that emerge through contemporary television advertisements. I conduct social semiotic and discourse analyses across a corpus of 330 advertisements spanning 2006 to 2012, considering the ways the Australian childhood subject is discursively produced through the advertisements. The television advertisements...

The transition of the spirituality of the Christian Brothers in Australia from a traditional to a contemporary mode

Paul Nangle
"This thesis grew out of my own experience as an Australian Christian Brother. After nearly thirty years of living and teaching as a Brother in Australia, I was appointed for the next twenty-six years to the Fiji Islands. For most of that time there was no Brothers’ community near to my assigned work for me to live in and, in isolation from the Brothers, I continued to follow the spiritual practices and customs of the...

A study of learning environment in the extended practicum of a pre-service teacher education course at a Catholic University

Joy Kennedy
"This thesis reports research which employed quantitative data collection methods to investigate pre-service teacher perceptions of extended practicum learning environments of pre-service teachers at a Catholic university and their self-efficacy for future teaching. By drawing on learning environment research, practicum in teacher education literature, student teacher practicum evaluation data and stakeholder perceptions of dimensions of the ACU extended practicum learning environment, an instrument, a 72-item questionnaire, the Extended Practicum Learning Environment Inventory (EPLEI) was developed...

An investigation into students' perceptions of multicultural classroom environments in Queensland Catholic secondary schools

Michael Carroll
Australia continues to become culturally diverse. This diversity is being witnessed in Catholic schools. This thesis reports research which employed quantitative data collection methods in investigating students' perceptions of their multicultural classroom environment. By drawing on Catholic school literature, multicultural literature, previous learning environment research and the perceptions of stakeholders, an instrument, known as the Multicultural Classroom Environment Instrument (MCEI), was developed to assess psychosocial dimensions of classroom environments in Queensland Catholic secondary schools. These...

A retrospective, cross-sectional study of an in-home breastfeeding programme

Robyn Thompson
"Background: Breastfeeding complications impact on the woman’s ability to initiate and sustain breastfeeding. A local government in-home breastfeeding programme was established to provide support for breastfeeding women after hospital discharge. A purpose built database to record maternal-infant data was piloted during 2001-2003 and data continued to be collected until 2007. This thesis reports on the analysis of the data collection 2003-2007, including demographic information, presenting complications, observational, diagnostic and photographic data. Research Questions: What were...

Lift up your hearts: A musico-liturgical study of the eucharistic prayer of the Roman Rite

Anthony Way
It is a well established fact that the practice of the eucharistic prayer in the roman, rite is seriously underdeveloped. This survey of complete or partially through -composed settings of the eucharistic prayer attempts to shed some light on why and how composers have responded to the wide-spread opinion that the eucharistic prayer is rarely experienced as the high point of the eucharistic celebration as it was intended. Divided into two parts, the study initially...

The effect of high intensity running training on work capacity in football (soccer)

Timothy Rogers
"Rationale: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been used by elite athletes for decades however, it is a relatively under researched training methodology in a team sport setting. Aim: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of a high intensity interval training protocol on aerobic power and physical performance in competitive matches. Intervention: Twenty-five (25) players were recruited from a national Under 20 men's football (soccer) program. Players were randomly assigned to...

The engagement of newcomers in church attendance

Ian Hussey
Christian church attendance in Australia is static or declining. Contrary to this trend Some churches have been identified as attracting increased numbers of attenders. Within this group of new attenders there is a category of attendees joining churches for the first time, or rejoining after a substantial absence of years. These can be called “Newcomers.” The research problem focuses on exploring this atypical population. Hence, the purpose of this research is to explore the engagement...

They did what they were asked to do: An historical analysis of the contribution of two women's religious institutes within the educational and social development of the city of Ballarat, with particular reference to the period 1950-1980

Heather O'Connor
This thesis covers the period 1950-1980, chosen for the significance of two major events which affected the apostolic lives of the women religious under study: the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), and the progressive introduction of state aid to Catholic schools, culminating in the policies of the Whitlam government (1972-1975) which entrenched bipartisan political commitment to funding non-government schools. It also represents the period during which governments of all persuasions became more involved in the operations...

Principles of the new evangelization: Analysis and direction

Richard Rymarz
This thesis, after appropriate analysis, proposes a number of principles, which guide both an understanding of the new evangelization as formulated by Pope John Paul II and how the new evangelization can be applied. The key insight of the new evangelization is that growing numbers of people, especially in Western countries such as Australia, whilst retaining what can be termed a 'loose' form of Christian affiliation, can no longer be described as having a living...

Shout to the Lord: Music and change at Hillsong, 1996-2007

Tanya Riches
The Christian pop-rock music of Hillsong is an iconic Australian phenomenon. According to Michael Hawn, ""The music of Hillsong is undoubtedly the best-known church music export from Australia to the world"". This study focuses on the years between 1996 and 2007, a time when Hillsong bands received a staggering amount of industry accolades and awards, and the church expanded from Sydney's Hills District into the city, and internationally to London, Paris, Berlin, Kiev and Moscow....

The spirituality of pilgrims: A study of an Australian experience of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Neil Harrigan
"This research investigation into the spirituality of pilgrims arises from the intense mobility that characterizes contemporary society and from the new emphasis that is now being placed on pilgrimage. In the face of these trends the Holy See's Pontifical Council for Migrants and Itinerant People has called for appropriate pastoral responses based on ""a clear theological foundation and praxis"" whereby pilgrimage can be ""transformed into an experience of deep and mature faith."" The specific contribution...

An exploratory descriptive study of mission integration and sustainability in a not-for-profit Australian Catholic hospital

Monica Whelan
Literature indicates that the issues of mission, and mission integration and sustainability, are of importance in organisations, including Catholic hospitals. However, there is minimal research to inform and guide mission integration in organisations. The aim of the study was to identify aspects of mission integration in a not-for-profit Australian Catholic hospital from employees' perspectives. The research questions addressed: (1) the knowledge and experience of mission integration by current employees, (2) the issues, problems, barriers, and...

The mission of the Catholic school and role of the principal in a changing Catholic landscape

Pat Coughlan
"This research explores the mission of the Catholic school and the role of the principal in a changing Catholic landscape. The context of this research is set within a Catholic landscape of radical change. Declining allegiance to institutional Church and disintegration of parishes as a focal point for sacramental and community life are indicative of paradigmatic shifts in understandings of Catholic life. In spite of these changes, Australian Catholic schools continue to enjoy widespread popularity...

The affective component in effective education

Maura Sellars
This study investigated eight and nine year old children's capabilities to develop skills in the intrapersonal intelligence domain as defined by Howard Gardner. A group of twenty-seven, seven to nine year olds were introduced to a program specifically designed to foster their self-knowledge as learners and their self-management skills in the English learning environment. The students were introduced to activities that would help them to identify their own relative strengths and limitations and use this...

The use of Scripture in the teaching of religious education in Victorian Catholic secondary schools

Michael Grace
This thesis examines the use of scripture by religious education teachers with their students in Victorian Catholic secondary schools in late 1999. The aims of the research were: to present a picture of the incorporation of scripture into the religious education program of Victorian Catholic secondary schools in 1999, and in particular the incorporation of the historical-critical method of modern biblical scholarship (focus will also be placed on the purpose for which scripture is used,...

The enduring effects of job demands on the mental health of police officers

Katrina Lawson
Occupational stress research has consistently documented significant relationships between work characteristics and employee mental health, with the components of the Demand-Control-Support (DCS) model of occupational stress (i.e., job demand, job control and social support) being widely used to capture work characteristics (Karasek & Theorell, 1990). The work characteristics of the DCS model appear to be key determinants of employee health outcomes for individuals in a diverse range of occupations (de Lange, Taris, Kompier, Houtman, &...

Indigenous women's career development: Voices that challenge educational leadership

Nerida White
"This research focuses on deepening our understanding about Indigenous women’s participation in contemporary Australian society by exploring their experiences in employment, careers, education and leadership. Since the purpose of this study is to explore how university education Indigenous women understand and make sense of it of their career journeys, the epistemological framework of the research is constructionism using an interpretivist approach. The particular interprevetivist perspective used is symbolic interactionism, but the research has also been...


Frances Hanrahan
"As a result of two years working with the pre-service primary teachers in a College in Fiji I became aware of the difficulty many of the students were having understanding the primary school mathematics they would be required to teach. During that time I had attempted to help them overcome the difficulties by using different teaching approaches and activities but was far from satisfied with my efforts. Hence I decided to make a concerted effort...

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