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The Russian Orthodox presence in Australia: The history of a church told from recently opened archives and previously unpublished sources

Michael Protopopov
The Russian Orthodox community is a relatively small and little known group in Australian society, however, the history of the Russian presence in Australia goes back to 1809. As the Russian community includes a number of groups, both Christian and non-Christian, it would not be feasible to undertake a complete review of all aspects of the community and consequently, this work limits itself in scope to the Russian Orthodox community. The thesis broadly chronicles the...

Colossians, cosmology and Christ: A study into Colossians 1:15-17 with insights from Plato's Timaeus, Philo of Alexandria and middle Platonism

Matthew Burow
Colossians 1:15-20 has often been noted for its distinctive use of language and theological nuance, in particular, its ‘cosmic’ Christology. Pauline and Colossians research have identified Plato’s Timaeus, Middle Platonism and Philo of Alexandria as potentially offering beneficial insight into this Colossian ‘hymn’ and for the letter as a whole. Unfortunately, to date, these identifications have lacked a thorough treatment and have seldom been more than assertions or short, incidental statements that are part of...

(How) does the way maternity care is provided affect the health and well-being of young women and their babies?

Jyai Allen
Access to timely, quality maternity care improves health outcomes for mothers and babies. Inadequate antenatal care (defined as 1-5 visits) is associated with an increase in the risk of preterm birth and neonatal morbidity; even after controlling known confounders. Pregnant adolescents typically live in circumstances of socio-economic deprivation, which is exemplified by poorer general health status, domestic violence, mental health issues, inadequate nutrition, and smoking and illicit drug use. Adolescent pregnancy is associated with higher...

Reinventing a school for the 21st century: A case study of change in a Mary Ward school

Leoni Degenhardt
"The focus of this study is the attempt of one school, Loreto Normanhurst, to draw from its values base and traditions to develop and implement a new holistic paradigm of schooling, more relevant to the needs of its 21st century students. Loreto Normanhurst is a Catholic secondary day and boarding school for girls in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. It is a school over 100 years old, associated with the 400 year old, Mary...

The canonical adventure of the Apocalypse of John: An Eastern Orthodox perspective

Michael Michael

An exploration of the role and experiences of the postnatal domiciliary midwife in Victoria, Australia

Karen Heyward
"This study aimed to explore the current professional lives, roles and experiences of homecare midwives providing postnatal domiciliary care. The changing environment of maternity care in Australia, with limited resources, has resulted in a continual decrease in postnatal hospital length of stay. Early discharge has resulted in an increased number of clients requiring home visits and domiciliary midwives are attending to mothers and babies who are experiencing increased acuity. A literature review revealed there is...

Beyond the wall: Ballarat female refuge: A case study in moral authority

Dorothy Wickham
This thesis examines the Ballarat Female Refuge, the first such institution on the Australian goldfields, as a case study of the interrelationship between charity and power. Established in 1867 by a group of twenty-six Protestant women with the intention of reforming prostitutes, the Refuge became a shelter for single mothers. An analysis of its history over the period 1867 to 1921 highlights attitudes towards female sexuality, and demonstrates how moral authority was exercised through this...

Facilitating change and evaluating impact during a neonatal intensive care redevelopment: A participatory action research project

Margaret Broom
"There have been many reports indicating that if the design of Neonatal Intensive Care Units provides neonates with a more developmentally appropriate environment during the period of their admission, there would be significant neurodevelopmental benefits. To create such an environment, Neonatal Intensive Care floor plans have been modified from open plan to a single family room or larger rooms where 2-6 neonates are accommodated. Single family room design enables staff to adapt the physical environment...

The search for success ina a charismatic environment: Senior teacher's responses to high stakes testing in academically successful Christian Brothers' schools

Michael Davies
In Australia, traditionally a wide range of measures have been used to identify academically successful schools. The mix of these measures has varied from state to state. But recently, added to this mix, and perhaps becoming the most influential factor, has been the examination results of senior students. These have become far more available to the prospective parents and governing bodies. They are used to gauge the ranking of the school, and to whether parents...

A study of the work role in the context of change management practices in Catholic schools

Wayne Hellmuth
The following paper provides insights into managing educational change through studying how wider educational change can affect individual roles, and reciprocally how role change can have an effect on wider organisational change. Specifically the results of this thesis describe what role characteristics lead to a positive work role identity, within the Catholic educational setting. This paper also provides insight on how multiple roles within a single work position can interact, thereby influencing one's overall negative...

Matthew's wisdom christology in its Jewish and early Christian contexts

Thathathai Singsa
"This thesis aims to study the identification of the Matthean Jesus with Wisdom or Sophia, a personified feminine figure. The roots of this identification are traced to the traditions in Judaism as depicted in Proverbs, Job, Sirach, the Wisdom of Solomon, Baruch and 1 Enoch. The early Christians made use of this Wisdom tradition when speculating on the identity and significance of Jesus, and scholars have identified explicit Wisdom Christologies in Paul, Q and John....

The Catholic Marian Spirituality Scale: Conceptualization and measurement

John Vayalilkarottu
"The specific context of the current research is Catholic Marian Spirituality (CMS), which embodies a set of beliefs and practices intended to make its adherents closely connected to Jesus Christ by imitating the virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This research project aimed to conceptualize and to develop a measurement of CMS. It also aimed to establish content validity through expert review and the refining of the items based on Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) and...

An ethnographic study of a Victorian Secondary School

Carmel Laffan
This thesis constitutes a study of a Catholic secondary school in the State of Victoria, Australia, in the year 2001. It addresses the issue of the nature and purpose of Catholic schools in situ, the focus of the research being an in-depth analytical description of the participant school. Consequently, the findings are of potential relevance to those interested in the issue of the nature and purpose of the Catholic school in situ from a general...

Authorship and authority in the novels of Alasdair Gray

Claire Blomeley
Alasdair Gray’s novels highlight the construction of the author to frame a discussion around authority and the political implications of destabilising and reconstructing power structures. In this thesis I engage with both the postmodern and political nature of Gray’s work, using a metafictional approach that accommodates these two often conflicting aspects of Gray’s novels. This metafictional discussion will centre on the author and how Gray, in his novels, exposes and manipulates the authority held by...

An Exploration of a Variation of Achievement

Sue Jury
In 2006, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) identified New Zealand as not only having some of the highest levels of achievement in reading but also, and of far more national concern, having some of the lowest levels. Thus, it was of little surprise that the New Zealand Ministry of Education set goals to address this concern. One of the outcomes of this particular national educational goal was the introduction of the National Literacy...

Implementing mandated curriculum reform: Sources of support for teacher-meaning making

Janeen Lamb
The impetus for this study was a pragmatic concern for the implementation of the Mathematics Year 1-10 Syllabus (Queensland Studies Authority, 2004) at Hillside Primary School (pseudonym). The researcher's involvement with this school was as the Support Teacher: Learning Difficulties 2002-2004. During this time the researcher assisted teachers by working with students who had difficulty acquiring the necessary mathematical skills which enabled them to keep pace with their peers, and actively participate in their environment....

The Gospels of Mark and Matthew in the Context of the Early Church

Sarah Cook
The New Testament is witness to disagreement in the early church about whether Gentile converts to the good news needed to abide by the ritualistic aspects of the Jewish Torah. One view, advocated by Paul, was that Gentiles did not need to adhere to these aspects of the Law. Another view, promoted by James and Peter in the Jerusalem Church, held that the Torah had not been moved aside with Jesus’ ministry. As such, there...

Redesigning the principalship in Catholic schools

Helen Cannon
The purpose of this research was to determine how the role of the principal in the Catholic school could be redesigned so that more quality applicants are prepared to seek principalship and principals already in the role could be retained. The catalyst for this study derived from the shortage of suitable applicants for the position of principal, a problem that exists not only in Australia, but also in many Western countries. An exploratory mixed method...

Dignity as a performative concept

Mirjam van der Heide
In my thesis I am looking at the way that dignity is used in political action, and how this can inform and enrich the way it is theorised. In the literature on dignity, there is suspicion and scepticism about the concept, whereas in protests it is used as a powerful and meaningful concept. Although there seems to be a discrepancy between these uses, the role of the concept of dignity in both domains is the...

Biceps femoris long head architecture: The association with hamstring injury and response to training

Ryan Timmins
Hamstring strain injuries (HSIs) are the most common injury in many running based sports, and following the initial insult the risk of recurrence remains high. In order to reduce the risk of a hamstring strain re-injury, developing a greater understanding of the maladaptations associated with a previous insult is important. Despite continual research over the past decade, recurrence rates have not declined suggesting the aetiology of re-injury is still not well understood. Whilst non-modifiable risk...

Exploring the spirituality and religiosity of Dinka Children in Catholic Schools in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria

Denise Goodwin
This research explored the religiosity and spirituality of newly arrived Catholic Dinka children in Catholic schools in the western suburbs of Melbourne. In particular, the study focused on Dinka children's spirituality borne of their experiences of war and trauma and sought to understand their perceptions of God, Jesus, Church and prayer. A disparity was highlighted between the available literature on children's spirituality, (Hay & Nye, 1998; Hyde, 2005; Mountain, 2005), which presented findings from children...

Gifted origins to graced fulfilment: The soteriology of Julian of Norwich

Kerrie Hide
Within the discipline of theology, this thesis examines the soteriology presented in the Revelations of Divine Love, composed by Julian of Norwich (1343 - ca. 1420). Through an exegesis of the Paris copy of the Middle English manuscript, the research analyzes the understanding of salvation implicit in the text. This study builds on and expands previous theological inquiry into Juiian's texts. A hermeneutic for interpreting the theology expressed in this mystical literature creates guiding principles...

Leadership for school improvement

Anne Anderson
"This study has emerged from an international interest and movement towards school improvement. The process of school improvement concerns itself with the concepts of change and accountability within school systems as well as the impact of leadership within these processes. The purpose of this study is to explore the influence of leadership on school improvement in Catholic secondary schools. Specifically, it addresses how leadership was seen to influence both school improvement and the understandings of...

Investigating the meaning and function of prayer for children in selected primary schools in Melbourne, Australia

Vivienne Mountain
"Prayer is a central element of all religions (Coleman, 1999; Engebretson, 1999). Alongside the sense of the theological importance of prayer there has been increased recognition of the psychological function and personal benefit of prayer for adults (Pargament, 1997). This thesis reports on research that investigated the theological and psychological perceptions of prayer held by children, shown through their understanding of the meaning and function of prayer. This thesis contributes to the research field of...

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