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A case study of teachers' perceptions in a culture of change

John Percy
The purpose of this research is to examine the effects of ongoing educational change that has occurred at a particular school. It attempts to identify the thoughts of teachers as they work within this culture of change and link them to the literature on what change looks like from the position of teaching. Unless the experience of teaching is considered from the perspective of teachers, educational change could become professional rhetoric. The research seeks to...

A Study of the adult learning experiences of Peruvian single women who migrated to Australia in the late 1960s and early 1970s

Flor Becerra
This thesis constitutes a study of the migration, settlement and adult learning experiences of single Peruvian women who migrated to Australia between the 1960s and 1970s. As relevant background, matters related to the migration of women to Australia generally throughout this country's modern history are also examined. This study aims to contribute to the knowledge of history and the knowledge of adult education. The specific goal is to highlight the migration and settlement learning experiences...

The function and significance of middle voice verbs in the Greek New Testament

Susan Smetko
Prompted by the re-consideration of the concept of deponency for Greek verbs in recent decades, this exploration seeks to open new vistas for understanding the middle voice in the Greek New Testament. While the middle voice has often not been emphasised in NT studies, statistical data derived from morphological data bases indicate that middle verb forms appear not infrequently throughout the New Testament and therefore warrant due consideration. This study focuses on verbs with middle...

Copyright for education: a case study of Palestine

Rawan Al-Tamimi
Palestine is a poor and disrupted territory and education is vital to its future prosperity and wellbeing. Copyright—which regulates access to information—can at times have a negative effect on education; even more so in least developed countries like Palestine. The aim of this thesis is to explain how copyright and education can function more effectively in the Palestinian context to bring about transformational change and meaningful development. To this end, the thesis (after explaining the...

The Dynamics of Shame in the Eden Narrative

John Anderson

Developing the Multimodal Language of Emotions of Low SES Primary Students (LP150100030, 2016-2019)

Kathy Mills, Len Unsworth, Mark Williamson, Angela Ferguson, M. Quinn, Rosalind Clay, Melissa Trembath & Tony Maksoud
This project planned to broaden the range of resources for students to communicate emotions through speech, writing and images. Such communication is important for social and economic success, particularly for disadvantaged students, and it is now part of the Australian curriculum. However, research shows that teachers are not equipped to teach these new curriculum requirements. The project unites a consortium of schools, visual media experts and policy makers to address this problem. The outcomes include...

Measuring community walking in stroke survivors using physiotherapists’ perspectives and the International Classification of Functioning, Health and Disability (ICF) framework

Neelam Nayak
Community walking is a multifactorial task and an important functional goal for stroke survivors. Measuring community walking is challenging because there is not a good understanding of what is considered successful community walking or how this could be measured. Physiotherapists currently use a range of measures to assess community walking. Furthermore, the factors contributing to community walking that are captured by these measures are not yet well understood. This thesis, comprising two studies, explores these...

Changing self-limiting mindsets of young mathematically gifted students to assist talent development

Linda Parish
The aim of this study was to explore the impact of classroom teachers receiving professional learning about students who are mathematically gifted, but who may display self-limiting mindset tendencies. There has been an emerging emphasis on affective impacts in education in general (Duckworth & Gross, 2014; Dweck, 2015), and in mathematics learning specifically (Boaler, 2016; Williams, 2014), on nurturing positive, non-cognitive learner dispositions, or mindsets. However, there seems to be little research, and limited discussion...

Collaborative leadership: Leading educational organizations into the next millennium

Christopher Mayes

Big Gubba Business: The making of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, first nations resurgence and the Australian connection

Graeme La Macchia
Incorporating a significant component of Yarning-based oral history, Big Gubba Business investigates the making of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) from an Aboriginal Australian standpoint. This study examines the dynamics of the global Indigenous resurgence and interrogates the evolution of the Indigenous/UN relationship. First Nations engagement with the UN system and participation at the 1993 UN World Conference on Human Rights are explored in detail. Big Gubba Business also...

Development of a practical model for coaches to use mental skills training to enhance psychological strengths for athletes

Vijay Kumar
This thesis investigated the effectiveness of mental skills training. A meta-analysis (Study 1) was conducted to examine the existing evidence on mental skills training interventions: goal setting, self-talk, relaxation, imagery and multicomponent as performance enhancing strategies in the sporting domain. A total of 128 studies with 684 effect sizes were included in the final meta-analysis. Overall, mental skills training had a moderate, positive association with performance outcomes (d = .72, 95% CI = [.60, .85])....

Sport and physical activity for youth with intellectual disability: An analysis of determinants and outcomes

Nathanial Kapsal
Introduction: Extensive research has supported the physical and psychosocial health benefits of physical activity among typically developing youth. These benefits include higher quality of life, lower risk of disease, higher levels of psychological and emotional well-being, greater school engagement, greater motor skills, more frequent prosocial behaviours, and enhanced self-concept. Compared to their typically developing peers, youth with intellectual disability participate less frequently in physical activity, tend to be less fit, have poorer motor control, and...

Anna Brennan (1879-1962): feminism and catholicism in context

Helena Anderson
The historical analysis of any individual life is augmented by an incorporation of the complexity of identity formation and representation. Using an intersectional framework and with reference to various insights from some of the recent scholarship on historical biographies, this thesis focuses on the life of one Australian woman, Anna Brennan (1879-1962). Brennan was a pioneering lawyer in Victoria and an ardent advocate for the rights of women. The central issue that is examined in...

Missionary life writing: Constructing a self – denied

Mary Brooks
This research investigates the writing of British-dominion missionaries working in China during the period 1860 to 1920 – a period of great intensity for mission activity, and prolonged turbulence and humiliation for the Chinese Empire. The Protestant missionary enterprise was referred to as a “writing machine” for its production of literature in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, relying upon regular accounts from missionaries for publication, designed to inform, inspire and perpetuate mission funding. In...

An exploration of the dimensions of children’s lived experience of spirituality on “The Walk”

Kristen Hobby
Over the past three decades, the term “spirituality” has been included in the Aotearoa New Zealand early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki (Te Whariki, 2017), the Australian Government’s Belonging, Being and Becoming: Early Years Learning Framework (Belonging, Being and Becoming: Early Years Learning Framework, 2009), and the Welsh Foundation Phase Framework (Early Years Team Department for Educations and Skills, 2015). Despite the use of the term in these countries’ early childhood curriculum documents, little to no...

‘Like gold scattered in the sand’: Human rights as constructed and understood by African families from refugee backgrounds

Maree Higgins
Social workers engage with African families from refugee backgrounds in many practice settings. Human rights principles underpin social work and are especially relevant in social work practice with people from refugee backgrounds. This is because gross human rights violations instigate refugee movements, while human rights principles facilitate refugee determination and resettlement. Yet, key human rights theorists argue that human rights discourse is too grounded in Western-centric ideals and needs to be more inclusive of African...

An evaluation of a model of care for children with serious illnesses and their families in New Zealand

Cynthia Ward
Background: Due to advances in knowledge and medical technology, many neonates and children survive pre-term birth and serious illness. They are cared for by their families, predominantly their parents, in the family home. While there is a high demand on health services to provide care to the seriously ill child, the highest burden of care falls on the child’s family. The impact of the child’s complex and highly technical care needs on the family unit...

Do instrumental music students hear differently? Implications for students who have a disability

Ross Walker
It should be no surprise to suggest that the better a child listens, the better is their likelihood of classroom success. Within the existing body of research, it is relatively easy to locate evidence that not only is auditory discrimination a key predictor of children's classroom success, but that instrumental music training can enhance children's auditory discrimination skills. Optimizing auditory discrimination is as equally important for children who have a disability as it is for...

Relationship between teachers’ interpersonal style and student outcomes in physical education

Diego Vasconcellos
The overarching aim of this thesis was to investigate the effect of need support from the teacher on primary school students’ enjoyment, effort, and cognitive outcomes in physical education. Study 1 was a systematic review and meta-analysis of 265 studies that investigated the evidence regarding the tenets of Self-determination theory (SDT) in the physical education context. With few exceptions, path analysis supported the relationships proposed by SDT. Teacher need support was a stronger predictor of...

Low back pain in dance: Prevalence and associated factors

Christopher Swain
Introduction Low back pain (LBP) is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Dancers, who are often required to perform complex and repetitive movements of the spine, are thought to be vulnerable to LBP. However, there is limited available evidence concerning the prevalence, experience, impact, or factors associated with LBP in this population. Therefore, the overarching aim of this thesis was to investigate the prevalence and factors associated with LBP in dance. Methods This thesis consists...

Leadership in a binational, bicultural and bilingual school

Kathleen Sutherland
This study explored how leadership develops and is practised in a binational, bicultural and bilingual school. The study focused on the joint leadership (Australian and French) of Telopea Park School Lycée Franco-Australien de Canberra, located in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Australia. The school is a binational, bicultural and bilingual school. The study sought to understand some of the conceptual, professional and practical aspects of leadership development and practice with regard to the...

‘Sins of our fathers’: The lived experiences of children and young people with a parent in prison

Vicky Saunders
With the rising numbers of prisoners in Australia and the recognition of prisoners as parents across policy and academic domains, an increased interest in children affected by parental incarceration has emerged. Such interest focuses on three areas of inquiry: psychological impacts of parental incarceration on children and young people; links to intergenerational crime; and current responses to children and young people with a parent in prison. Much of this research about children has been undertaken...

Factors influencing the use of digital technologies in transforming learning practices

Lynette Sandford
This is an age where information is accessed, shared and communicated in new and increasingly different ways. Students have more access at home to digital devices and their applications than ever before and are entering school much more digitally literate. However, there remain many primary school teachers who are applying Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom, but are not yet integrating it into classroom practice in a way that will transform learning. ICT continues...

Exploring contradictions in physical activity understanding, practice and opportunities between the home and the ECE settings

Debbie Ryder
With an increasing number of children attending early childhood education (ECE) settings full-time due to parent work commitments, the question of who is responsible for children’s physical activity is crucial. This thesis raises the concern that, as the responsibility for young children’s care shifts from the home to being shared between the home and the ECE settings, who is responsible for ensuring children are involved in regularly physical activity. What if parents are reliant on...

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