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The ends of morality

Sean McKenna
The thesis looks at the part played by failure in the life of the moral actor; the importance of integration between different facets of the moral actor's life; the possibility of being obliged to do evil; and the scope of morality. Essential to the moral actor is the ability to choose to accept failure or defeat on moral grounds; to have capabilities to further a cause but to forsake those capabilities because of a belief...

Learning to be in the 21st century: Meanings and needs: a transdisciplinary approach

Marie-Laure Mimoun-Sorel
"It is clear that life in the 21st century is and will continue to be very different from previous times culturally, economically, socially, politically and environmentally, and educators need to be able to understand and prepare young people for the challenges ahead. For example, in considering the tensions that are playing out into this century, Morin (2001a) advocates that society should urgently understand that technological and economic advances are neither the driving forces nor the...

'A vision splendid': The use and value of the concept of sustainability in policy, reform and practice in human services

Giovanna Richmond
"This thesis develops a heuristic model of sustainability in order to conceptualise and organise knowledge, for use in policy, reform and practice in human services with particular relevance to the fields of social work and public administration. The scope and context of the research are human services which operate in Western, mostly Anglophone, countries under some form of democratic government. Research activity to develop models and general theories of sustainability has remained the purview of...

While they were eating: Lukan mission through domestic hospitality and ministry as table-service, and implications for the contemporary church

Nicholas Tuohy
"The aim of this thesis is to show how in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus and the early church relied on food and hospitality provided in homes to propagate the mission of bringing the good news of the kingdom of God to Israel, and subsequently to Gentiles. Secondly, in Luke-Acts provision of meals in homes was also a means of serving Christ and one another through table ministry. These two factors of mission and ministry in Luke...

Like a bridge: Scaffolding as a means of assisting low-attaining students in mathematics during cognitively challenging tasks

Sarah Ferguson
The present study examined the case of two upper primary teachers and two low-attaining target students in each of their classes. This study was a component of a large study examining three specific types of mathematics tasks aimed at building conceptual understanding. The two classes observed and described in the present study were engaged in using these cognitively challenging types of mathematics tasks. The study aimed to explore the impact that particular scaffolding practices had...

Efficacy of whole-body vibration on exercise tolerance and functional performance on the lower limbs of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Trentham Furness
Aims: The general aim of this research is to advance knowledge of effects of whole-body vibration on exercise tolerance and functional performance of the lower limbs of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a community setting. Achieving the general aim of this research would determine efficacy of a whole-body vibration intervention to: (1) avoid exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that add to physical inactivity and, (2) improve performance of activities of daily living...

An exploration of parental choice of school by rural and remote parents

Michael McCarthy
The parental choice of school process is a complex undertaking for parents. This complexity is evident when considered from the nuanced perspective of school choice by Indigenous and non-Indigenous parents living in rural and remote areas. The social and geographic contexts of these parents give rise to unique challenges which shape the ways in which they choose a boarding for their children. The parental choice of school process consists of psychical constructions and processes which...

Supporting principals to lead literacy learning in challenging contexts

Linda Dawson
The purpose of this study was to explore the nature of coaching support that principals require to build their capabilities to lead literacy learning in challenging Australian primary school contexts. Three conceptual understandings informed the study; the dimensions of leadership of literacy learning, how literacy is defined within a context and the notion of 'difference' in SAE literacy acquisition.

Rules, rights and responsibilities: Becoming 'responsible' students in upper-primary school contexts

Natasha Wardman
This study investigates how the discourses embedded in education policy and mediated through principal and teacher pedagogy work to shape upper-primary students’ understandings and experiences of responsibility for self and others. The study analyses findings from a poststructuralist educational ethnography undertaken in three case study sites from Catholic, Independent and State schooling sectors. These case study schools are located in a regional city in the Australian state of New South Wales. The study critically examines...

English as a distant language: An investigation of teachers’ understanding

Richard Gaffney
"Indigenous students living in Traditional language communities in countries such as Australia and Papua New Guinea, where English is the language of education, attend primary schools where they learn using English. This study is an investigation of how teachers understand the English environment experience of Indigenous students who live in Traditional language communities and the requirements for their successful learning in English. Most of the research on Indigenous students has concentrated on Indigenous students in...

Fostering Purpose in Life / Meaning in Life Across the Life Span

Levi Brackman
This thesis addresses the idea of purpose and meaning in life and how it can be intentionally fostered across the lifespan. Purpose and meaning in life, as it relates to well-being, is considered by some scholars to be the highest-level construct from which all other lower-level constructs of well-being flow (Kashdan & McKnight, 2009). As this thesis will demonstrate, purpose is highly correlated with many other desirable outcomes that are vital for living a life...

John Chrysostom On Almsgiving and the Therapy of the Soul

Junghun Bae
In recent years, a significant scholarly focus has been on John Chrysostom’s appropriation of ancient psychagogy, demonstrating that he was a skilled Christian physician of the soul who sought to promote the somatic and psychological health of his congregation by proposing preaching and various ascetic disciplines as medical treatments. In theses studies, however, relatively little attention has been devoted to his use of philosophical therapy in relation to almsgiving. To address this, my project aims...

The Contribution of the Neighbourhood Environment to the Relationship Between Neighbourhood Disadvantage and Physical Function Among Middle-Aged to Older Adults

Hui Loh
With the continuing increases in life expectancies in developed countries, an important public health goal is to ensure successful ageing—morbidity compression, maintenance of physical functioning and active engagement in life. It is well established that the onset of physical function decline begins in mid-life, and functional capacity is critical to maintaining mobility, independence and quality of life. A growing body of literature has found that residents of more disadvantaged neighbourhoods have significantly poorer physical function,...

A grounded theory study of midwives' decision-making: Use of continuous electronic foetal monitoring on low risk labouring women

Janene Rattray
Many midwives continue to use Continuous Electronic Foetal Monitoring (CEFM) on low risk women in labour, despite overwhelming clinical evidence that it is unnecessary. The use of CEFM on low risk labouring women has been linked to rising rates of medical intervention during labour and birth with no improvement in long term neonatal outcomes. This study examined the decision-making processes of midwives who used CEFM on low risk labouring women. Whilst a number of previous...

The psychosocial issues of orphaned youth by HIV/AIDS in Western Kenya

Lucy Kiyiapi
Despite the elaborate intervention strategies and huge emphasis on AIDS and orphan hood, there is a looming danger that might create a lost generation of young people who are growing up without role models, parental guidance, warmth, love and proper care. Young people in these times of AIDS are charged with the responsibility of caring for their infected parents until they die; and thereafter to care for their siblings. Despite playing these important roles coupled...

Moanan-Tongan fatongia and deontic in Greco-Rome: Fiefia, happiness, of tauelangi, climatic euphoria, and 'alaha kakala, permeating frangrance - Malie! Bravo!

Siosiua Lafitani
This dissertation discusses some logical premises or propositions of two themes with their conclusion regarding the traditional Moanan-Tongan fatongia, obligation, and its relation to ancient Greco-Roman deontic, obligation. The premise of the first theme considers fatongia as a worldview, philosophia or weltanschauung, which is embedded in human fundamental values and behaviors like justice, dykaisyn or faitotonu, and democracy, demoskratos or pule'aetokolahi. With the premise of the second theme, it considers fatongia with its specific aim,...

The construction of gender identity in India through television advertisements: A semiotic analysis

Deodrin Correa
"This study investigates how television advertisements in India construct gender identity. Advertisements that appeared during popular Indian television serials were obtained from a local video rental outlet and recorded on a weekly basis for a period of six months. A representative sample was then screened and used for analysis. As sign systems are involved in the construction of meaning (Chandler, 2001) - and advertising makes use of signs to convey its message (Bezuidenhout, 1998), this...

Self-Concept of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Sau Kuan Cheong
Self-concept is the perception that individuals have of themselves across different aspects of life such as academic performance or appearance. The Self-Concept Feedback Loop proposed for this research program conceptualised self-concept as developing through an interactive and iterative process involving social experiences and the cognitive processes of individuals. Through this process, individuals evaluate their behaviour or attributes against their internal standards. Subsequently, this evaluation influences their self-concept. In the general population, low self-concept has been...

The emergence of a dominant discourse associated with school programs: A study of CLaSS

John Rafferty
This thesis takes the position that once schools and school systems adopt reform programs,the values and meanings inherent in those programs create and perpetuate powerful forms of discourse that characterize the projects themselves, evoke loyalty and commitment and may ultimately serve to stifle other voices. The thesis examines several primary schools involved with the Children's Literacy Success Strategy (CLaSS) in the Victorian Catholic Education system. It is an analysis of the dominant discourse created and...

Effects of whole body vibration on neuromuscular performance of community dwelling older adults

Trentham Furness
Whole body vibration (WBV) is a mode of exercise by which an individual stands on a vibration platform that may be oscillating and therefore creating vertical displacement which affects gravitational forces acting upon the whole body. Manipulations of platform amplitude or frequency can affect the rate of change of the WBV (i.e. acceleration) acting upon an individual. The specific influences of frequency or amplitude, however, are unknown. The aim of the study, therefore, was two...

An investigation of clinical assessment processes of student nurses in Jackarta, Indonesia

Dessie Wanda
"Nursing in Indonesia is attempting to achieve a higher standard of education to enable nurses to migrate to global areas of nursing shortages. Assessment of nursing practice during undergraduate nursing education in Indonesia requires investigation to assist in achieving a higher standard of education. For assessment to occur, there are several variables reported in the literature that must be included in the process of assessment, that is assessors, students, methods and tools of measurement as...

Boarding houses, owners and tenants: The demise of an old form of working-class housing

Daniel Carmody
Boarding Houses, Owners and Tenants: The demise of an old form of working-class housing. This research investigates an often forgotten area of affordable housing, the boarding house and as such the thesis fits into the broader frame work on affordable housing, which is an issue of growing magnitude. Internationally as well as nationally this form of housing has helped many people over the last 160 years, and in Australia the main group to be housed...

The appropriateness of the apologetical arguments of Justin Martyr

Robert Haddad
AIM The purpose of this study is to assess the appropriateness of Justin Martyr's apologetical arguments as contained in his genuine works, namely First and Second Apologies and Dialogue with Trypho the Jew, in response to the so-called 'five-fold attack' against Christianity in the second century AD. Methodologically, by 'appropriate' in this study is meant 'suitable' or 'proper,' taking into account the rhetorical and literary conventions of second-century Graeco-Roman culture, the contemporary social situation, Justin's...

An investigation into the equity and efficiency of Australia's higher education system

Sarah Wright
"This thesis examines the impact of changes in higher education policy in Australia on equity for students and efficiency in resource allocation. This involves measuring the impact of the 2005 budgetary changes in the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) on the Private Rate of Return (PRR) and Social Rate of Return (SRR) to higher education for both males and females across different occupations and for different qualifications. This thesis examines the proposition that the movement...

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