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IMOS - Animal Tracking Facility - Acoustic Tracking - Quality Controlled Detections (2007 -2017)

Xavier Hoenner, Charlie Huveneers, Andre Steckenreuter, Colin Simpfendorfer, Katherine Tattersall, Fabrice Jaine, Natalia Atkins, Russ Babcock, Stephanie Brodie, Jonathan Burgess, Hamish Campbell, Michelle Heupel, Benedicte Pasquer, Roger Proctor, Matthew D. Taylor, Vinay Udyaer & Robert Harcourt

The Australian Chlorophyll a Database (1965 - 2017)

Claire H. Davies, Penelope Ajani, Linda Armbrecht, Natalia Atkins, Mark E. Baird, Jason Beard, Prudence Bonham, Michele Burford, Lesley Clementson, Peter Coad, Christine Crawford, Jocelyn Dela-Cruz, Martina Doblin, Steven Edgar, Ruth Eriksen, Jason D. Everett, Miles Furnas, Daniel P. Harrison, Christel Hassler, Natasha Henschke, Xavier Hoenner, Tim Ingleton, Ian Jameson, John Keesing, Sophie C. Leterme … & Anthony J. Richardson

Spatially explicit current and future threats to seagrass habitats in Australia

Robert Canto, Kieryn Kilminster, Mitchell Lyons, Chris Roelfsema & Kathryn McMahon
This mapped dataset is a compilation of spatially explicit, nation-wide threats to seagrass based on current pressures and projected future climate change pressures. In addition, the value of this mapped dataset can potentially extend to assess threats to other coastal habitats. Current threats in this mapped dataset include urban/agricultural runoff, industrial pollution, sediment resuspension, port infrastructure and dredging, shipping accidents, oil and gas accidents. Future threats in this mapped dataset include modelled increase in sea...

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  • 2017

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