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Essays in innovation, technology diffusion and globalisation

Anthony Swan
I explore the implications of an increasingly integrated world economy on production patterns, levels of innovation activity and technology diffusion, and welfare across countries in a series of three essays. First, I analyse the gains from openness to international trade and multinational production (MP) across countries in a general equilibrium framework where innovation activity and technology are endogenously determined. The gains from openness to trade and MP implied by the calibrated model are in general...

The impact of wastewater irrigation on soils in the ACT

Bronwyn Louise Yvonne Puttyfoot
Degrading catchments and water shortages are the most immediate and arguably the biggest environmental issues affecting the world today. In recent years, wastewater irrigation has gained popular support as a substitute to irrigation of potable water. The use of wastewater for irrigation is considered beneficial recycling of a limited resource; in this case freshwater within Australia. Although it has economic, environmental and social benefits, it is sometimes questioned as an environmentally sound method, because wastewater...

Gettering approaches for n-type multicrystalline silicon solar cells

Sieu Phang
The inherent resistance of n-type silicon towards metal contamination can potentially offset the higher metal content of multicrystalline silicon, allowing n-type multicrystalline silicon solar cells to reach high lifetime. Nevertheless, n-type multicrystalline silicon is still affected by metal contaminations and can be further improved by gettering. In terms of the high temperature steps involved, n-type cells require either an additional boron diffusion step or a longer aluminium annealing step to form the p+ emitter region....

Family Protection Orders in Lae, Papua New Guinea: Part 1 Accessing Justice

Judy Putt, Theresa Phillips, Davida Thomas & Lindy Kanan
A pilot study was undertaken in Lae, the second-largest urban centre in PNG, over six months in 2018 to examine the uptake and efficacy of family protection orders (FPOs). With the support of the Morobe Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) and assistance from a family and sexual violence case management centre, Femili PNG, the study involved consultations and interviews with more than 50 professional stakeholders (mainly in the legal, policing and welfare sectors)...

Australia's National Approach to 'Ecologically Sustainable Development': Success in Principle, Failure in Policy, Still in Prospect

Peter Keith Burnett
Why did Australia’s national policies on Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) fail? Almost thirty years after Australia first adopted ESD as the overarching goal of national environmental policy, and with little discernible evidence of policy impact on general environmental decline over this time, the thesis seeks to answer this question by examining the need for a concept such as ESD; the coherence of the concept itself as a social goal; and, through four case studies, the...

Data 7 for \"Does Gas Supersaturation by a Chemical Reaction Produce Bulk Nanobubbles?\"

Muidh Alheshibri & Vincent Craig
Calculated saturation of nitrogen produced over 60 minutes at T= 298 K for the chemical reaction between NH4Cl and NaNO2 at initial concentrations of 0.1 M, 0.5 M and 1 M (pH = 6), and at pH 4, pH 6 and pH 8 when the concentration of the reactants is 0.5 M.

Multilateral consensus decision making: How Pacific island states build and reach consensus in climate change negotiations

George Joseph Carter
For over two decades, Pacific island states have been active participants in multilateral climate change negotiations. Yet little is known about how these small states perform inside multi party negotiations, far less their contribution in building and reaching a consensus. This thesis investigates the behaviour of fourteen Pacific island states, by examining their negotiators and their activities in international, regional and global negotiation processes. It uses global talanoa to trace their work in the making...

Ensuring Indigenous benefit from large-scale renewable energy projects: Drawing on experience from extractive industry agreement making

Lily O'Neill, Kathryn Thorburn & Janet Hunt
In the coming decades Australia is set to see a dramatic expansion in renewable energy projects. It is likely that many of these will occur on land subject to Indigenous rights and interests. This paper looks to extractive industry experience in negotiating access and benefit sharing agreements with traditional owners to identify best practice to date. The paper concludes that while the guiding principles and the content of access and benefit sharing agreements may be...

Tracing fluids during medium to ultra-high pressure metamorphism: insights by combined in situ oxygen isotopes and trace element analysis

Laure Gauthiez Putallaz
Fluids are an essential component of tectonic and metamorphic processes such as subduction and crustal anatexis. Fluids are elusive to trace as they commonly escape high-pressure rocks. This study uses oxygen isotopes to identify fluid influxes in metamorphic rocks and tie them to geologic events, measuring δ18O in situ by ion microprobe in garnet, zircon, apatite, monazite and lawsonite. New method developments are presented for δ18O analyses by Sensitive High Resolution Ion MicroProbe: (i) in...

Australian Novels, 1830 to 1899

Katherine Bode
Derived from AustLit this dataset presents publication data for nineteenth-century Australian novels

Critical Attention to Australian Novelists Overall, 1945 to 2006

Katherine Bode
Derived from AustLit this dataset presents metadata for articles and book reviews of Australian novelists in academic (peer-reviewed) journals, literary magazines, newspapers, and overall The first column in this dataset is the year (from 1900 to 2006). The second column is the total number of 'works about' Australian novelists in AustLit for that year. The rest of the columns are in pairs: the first in each pair is the author's name; the second is the...

Advanced volumetric microscopy techniques for dynamic studies of anucleate cells

Xuefei He
Optical imaging is a cornerstone in biological and biomedical sciences. It is imperative to not only obtain high-resolution images but also provide real-time quantification of biological measurement using automated non-invasive imaging solutions. In recent years, the advent of volumetric microscopes, especially laser scanning microscopy (LSM) and quantitative phase microscopy (QPM), has opened up new powerful imaging tools for biological studies. One of the primary biological activities that require volumetric imaging is blood dynamics. Blood is...

Marriage and Commercialisation in Urban China: Reconfigured Ritual and Evolving Norms

Zoe Hatten
This thesis explores the changing meaning and practice of marriage in urban China. It examines the evolution of the social norms that accompany marriage, particularly as they are influenced by commercialisation and the emergence of the wedding industry. In doing so, I focus on the roles of state, market and society in recreating these norms, such as marriage age, ideals of masculinity and femininity, and class-inflected idealisations of the future. I conducted fieldwork in Shanghai...

Birchalls Bookshop, 1844-2000

Michael Hess
Birchalls bookshop was established in 1844 and ceased trading in 2017. It was a family owned business, which had been an icon of Tasmanian retailing and of the Australian booktrade for generations. Finally it succumbed to commercial and succession pressures with the business gradually being wound down and the premises sold. It is of scholarly interest as a small business in a regional economy, which was exceptional in surviving the vicissitudes of time, place and...

To be continued . . .

Katherine Bode
The “To be continued . . .” project involved the datamining of National Library of Australia’s Trove database to discover over 21,000 novels, novellas and short stories published in 19th- and early 20th-century Australian newspapers. This fiction came from around the world, including Britain, America and Australia, as well as Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, and beyond.

Upland Health Swamps Plot Network

David Keith
The Uplands Health Swamp Plot Newtork comprises 3 sites, 2 in the Sydney Basin, New South Wales and 1 in the Freycinet National Park in Tasmania.

Modernising Tradition: Elections, Parties and Land in Fiji

Scott MacWilliam
Is the FijiFirst government the epitome of modernity and SODELPA banking on returning to the past? In discussing land policy, indigenous rights, accumulation and need, Scott MacWilliam’s analysis shows how things are more complicated than you think.

Transnational Intellectual Networks and their Influence on Social Movements in South Korea - A rediscovery of history through grassroots activism in the 1970s and 1980s

Younghye Seo Whitney
Younghye Seo Whitney: Transnational intellectual networks and their influence on social movements in South Korea - A rediscovery of history through grassroots activism in the 1970s and 1980s (Under the Direction of Hyaeweol Choi) What role did grassroots associations in Japan play in South Korea’s pro-democracy movement? The end of the Second World War in 1945 finally liberated the Korean Peninsula from 36 years of Japanese colonial rule. The political vacuum this left resulted in...

Similar Patterns? Chinese Aid to Island Countries in the Pacific and the Caribbean

Denghua Zhang, Diego Leiva & Mélodie Ruwet
Chinese aid to Pacific Island countries (PICs) has received increasing attention from academic and policy circles in Australia in recent years. But is the Pacific unique in China’s aid program? While the region is not comparable to Africa and Asia, which are the priorities in China’s diplomacy towards the developing world, are there similar patterns in Chinese aid to the Pacific and the Caribbean, both of which comprise island countries? By providing a comparative analysis...

Figure 3 and 4 (B). DSFA film thickness

Xiaolong Zhu
film thickness of dust suppression foaming agent solutions

Systematic Gender Violence and the Rule of Law: Aboriginal Communities in Australia and Post-War Liberia

Veronica Patience Fynn Bruey
The gender-agenda is borderless. Arguably, legal justice for Indigenous girls and women survivors of violence is unfair, inequitable, and sometimes arbitrary. Systematic violence against girls and women pervades cultures and societies; operates at three main levels: institution and state, structural and cultural, and community and individual; and manifests in myriad shapes, forms and categories. Systematic violence in this research comprises historical, colonial and contemporary aspects of violence and its impact on Indigenous girls and women....

Settler-state ambitions and bureaucratic ritual at the frontiers of the labour market: Indigenous Australians and remote employment services 2011–2017

Lisa Fowkes
This thesis explores how policy is enacted – in this case, the Australian Government’s labour market program for remote unemployed people, initially known as the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) and then the Community Development Programme (CDP). It outlines the development and delivery of the program from 2011, when the then Labor Government identified the need for a specific remote employment program, placing the employment participation of remote Indigenous people (who made up over...

Depositional History and Palaeoenvironments of the Lake Mulurulu Lunette, Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area, New South Wales

Tegan Emma Smith
The Willandra Lakes form a dry lake system consisting of a number of ancient, formerly perennial, lakes in the western Murray basin. The area has significant scientific value, providing detailed palaeoenvironmental records of arid, ice-age Australia as well as a rich and unique archaeological record. Lake Mungo, resting place of Australia’s oldest dated aboriginal remains, is a terminal lake where studies of the lake system are concentrated. Lake Mulurulu, a flow-through lake in the northern...

Analyst Investment Banking Incentives: The Impact of Regulation on Analyst and Investor Behaviour and Deal Flow

Yen-Jung Tseng
In 2002 and 2003, a series of regulatory reforms (e.g. the Global Settlement or the ‘GS’; the Self-Regulatory Organization Rules or the ‘SRO Rules’) were introduced which intended to curb analysts’ potential conflicts of interest arising from their investment banking incentives. My thesis examines whether and how the 2002/3 reforms affect the quality of primary analyst outputs and their consequent impacts on investors and brokers’ investment banking deal flow. Specifically, I focus on the effect...

Site and Basin Effects on Seismic Hazard in Indonesia:Sulawesi and Jakarta Case Studies

Athanasius Cipta
Earthquakes are among the most costly, devastating and deadly natural hazards. The extent of the seismic hazard is often influenced by factors like the source location and site characteristics, while the susceptibility of assets is influenced by the population density, building design, infrastructure and urban planning. A comprehensive knowledge of the nature of source and local geology enables the establishment of an effective urban planning that takes into account the potential seismic hazard, which in...

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