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Directors' values: A glimpse into the black box

Michael Gatumu
Boards have an important role in contemporary society. In fact, in some cases boards govern firms that are wealthier and more powerful than the governments of the countries in which they operate. In recent years, the impact on society of the failures of some large corporations has led governments to prescribe the role of directors. However, by virtue of context, personality or values, no degree of prescription will overcome the fact that there will always...

Marriage as sacrament and covenant: A new model for pre-marriage education based upon the rite of marriage

Daniel McGrath
"The Catholic Church has long proclaimed the importance of pre-marriage education for the benefit of spouses and of society. It requires that education on the Rite of Marriage be part of the immediate phase of pre-marriage education so that the bridegroom and bride may receive greater benefit from the celebration of the sacrament. The terms ‘sacrament’ and ‘covenant’, which are central to the Church’s teaching on marriage, lack meaning for many Catholics and particularly for...

On the nexus of academic libraries, literacies, and lifelong learning for academic staff

Tatum McPherson-Crowie
This thesis is located in the changing context of higher education and concomitant changes in the management of higher education institutions (HEIs) and the nature of academic work. The research explores the role of academic libraries in providing opportunities to support the lifelong learning of academic staff. It is argued that within the evolving context and requirements of higher education, the provision of academic library lifelong learning opportunities are vitally important for academic staff to...

A commentary on the shorter text of the Acts of Thecla and its new testament parallels

Theresa Angert-Quilter
The thesis is a study of the shorter Greek text of the Acts of Thecla edited by Constantine Tischendorf in 1851. In 1891 R. A. Lipsius re-edited the Tischendorf text and dramatically changed the principles on which the text was chosen. This led him to support the longer text of the Acts of Thecla. The longer text of the Acts of Thecla was available to Tischendorf, though he decided against it. This thesis argues in...


Dean Filopoulos
Performing resistance exercise in a hypoxic environment has been shown to improve gains in muscle strength and hypertrophy, even at low intensities. These adaptations are thought to occur via increases in the accumulation of metabolites and secretion of anabolic hormones, such as growth hormone (GH). The majority of research conducted has assessed these adaptations with the use of low-intensity, high-volume (hypertrophy-type) protocols. However, there is little research investigating the effects of metabolic and hormonal responses...

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and his understanding of exegesis in his Risale-i-Nur

Hakan Çoruh
"Modernist exegesis emerged under the influence of Western science in various parts of Muslim lands such as India and Egypt in the mid-nineteenth century. Key figures of this modernist exegesis include Sayyid Ahmad Khan (d. 1898) and Muhammad ʿAbduh (d. 1905). A number of influential Muslim scholars also appeared in many parts of the Muslim world in the modern period. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (1877-1960) was a Muslim thinker and great scholar from Turkey in the...

The aim of the game: Insider stakeholders' perspectives on learning through play

Yeshe Colliver
"Most contemporary early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings in Western-heritage contexts are play-based. Play has become a central component of ECEC provision through the writings of Romantic philosophers of the 17th century and the spread of the child-centred approach in the latter half of the 20th century. Such an approach places what the child is interested in – notably represented by her/his play – in the centre of ECEC. What interests the child has...

The impact of Achilles tendon pathology on lower limb joint stiffness regulation during hopping tasks

Kevin Lieberthal
Achilles tendinopathy (AT) is a debilitating running injury affecting 50% of distance runners over their lifetime. Ultrasound (US) imaging studies have shown that pathological changes are present in 11-52% of asymptomatic individuals. Impairments of the lower leg muscle-tendon function may develop with AT however alteration of lower limb loading strategies has not been examined in runners with asymptomatic Achilles tendon pathology. The primary aim of the thesis was to determine if Achilles tendon pathology changes...

An exploration of continuity of midwifery carer for women of all risk status

Amanda Forti
Continuity of carer is the cornerstone of the caseload midwifery model where a woman receives the majority of her maternity care from a named midwife throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. This model differs from standard maternity care where midwifery continuity of carer is not provided across the pregnancy continuum. A systematic review of midwifery-led care has associated midwifery continuity models with beneficial outcomes for women (Sandall, Soltani, Gates, Shennan, & Devane, 2013)....

Exploring the breast care nurse role in supporting women with breast cancer

Tracey Ahern
Breast cancer is the most common female cancer worldwide and the incidence is increasing. Due to advances in diagnosis and treatment, the number of women surviving breast cancer is also increasing. Those living with and beyond a breast cancer diagnosis need access to a wide variety of information and support which may vary depending on their circumstances. Breast care nurses (BCNs) are well recognised by Australian breast cancer patients for the information and support they...

Fatigue and pacing in rugby league players

Richard Johnston
"Players from a number of team sports such as soccer, Australian rules football, and rugby league adopt pacing strategies during match-play in order to successfully complete match tasks without causing the failure of any single physiological system. Whilst these pacing strategies are influenced by numerous factors, it is currently unclear how physical qualities, physical contact, and time between matches influence pacing strategies. Given the frequency of physical collisions during match-play and the close link between...

Developing identity as a light-skinned Aboriginal person with little or no community and/or kinship ties

Bindi Bennett
Due to Australia's colonisation history, Aboriginal people now have a complex process of both claiming and building a cultural identity, especially if they have light skin. There has been little research into how light-skinned urban Aboriginal people who lack community and/or kinship ties formulate and build their Aboriginal identity. This is an important area to research for the sustainability of the Aboriginal culture and for light-skinned Aboriginal people for now and the future.

Thomas Aquinas and Joseph Ratzinger's Theology of Divine Revelation's transmission: A comparative study

Andrew Wood
This thesis is a comparative study of Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) and Joseph Ratzinger‟s (b.1927) theology of divine Revelation‟s transmission. The thesis is divided into four chapters: Firstly, the introductory chapter provides the thesis‟s purpose, and outlines its scope, goals and methodological approach. The second and third chapters consider their respective theology of how divine Revelation is transmitted. The fourth chapter initially provides a summary of the previous chapters‟ findings before offering a comparison of the...

The relations among academic motivation, self-concept, aspirations and choices: Integrating expectancy-value and academic self-concept theory

Jiesi Guo
"The fact that many talented and capable students opt out of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) pipeline and that women remain underrepresented in STEM fields are international phenomena and a matter of considerable concern amongst policymakers. Expectancy-value theory (EVT) (Eccles, 2009) is one of the major frameworks for studying achievement motivation, and has been widely used to tackle this issue. Previous EVT research has demonstrated that students’ expectancy and value beliefs for specific...

Relationships between AFL player off-field activity, player characteristics, the club environment, and on-field engagement

Matthew Pink
"With the increasing professionalisation of the Australian Football League (AFL), greater demands are being placed upon AFL players with respect to their technical, tactical, and physiological training, in addition to increased requirements to promote their club’s brand via community appearances. Modern AFL players have an additional challenge as their careers will be typically limited to, at best, a decade or slightly more at the elite level. This means that they are also encouraged to develop...

How regulatory responses to negative emotion are related to adolescent mental health: A longitudinal investigation

Loch Forsyth
This thesis investigates the multidimensional construct of emotion regulation (ER) and its relationship with adolescent mental health. It used the Process Model as a theoretical framework to understand the stage of regulation being measured. The focus was on how adolescents regulate their negative emotions with flexibility and acceptance and how such behaviour is related to their mental health. This thesis consists of introductory chapters that cover the theoretical foundations and models of ER utilised in...

Investigation of nursing knowledge of catheter selection following the introduction of a catheter decision support tool

Kylie Wicks
"People living with spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis are often dependent on some form of catheterisation to manage their urinary incontinence, and this is accompanied by the risk of urinary complications. Nurses’ expertise, based on contemporary evidence about catheter types, purposes and risks, is fundamental to the role nurses play in urinary catheter selection, insertion and care with this client group, and more broadly. Catheter selection choice integrity is influenced by clinical nursing expertise...

Maternity care in rural Victoria: Midwives' perspectives

Kathryn Brundell
"This modified Grounded Theory study explored the experiences of midwives working in a rural Victorian setting during a period of maternity service redesign. Changes to the local maternity service under study were block funded by the Rural Maternity Initiative, Victoria, Australia (Edwards & Gale, 2007). The Rural Maternity Initiative, along with the release of the maternity service review report (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009), incorporated women’s requests for continuity of care provision, demedicalised care, choice in...

A defence of public reason: A Kantian reading of Rawls’s Ideal Theory

Ozgur Yalcin
"The thesis defends Rawls’s idea of public reason as a purely normative basis of critical political judgment against its various criticisms by democratic theories of justice from normative deliberative democracy to radical democracy. The thesis focuses on the basic criticism of Rawls’s idea of public reason as a legitimating basis of a conservative political doctrine that serves to perpetuate injustice and relations of domination. Criticisms of Rawls’s idea of public reason are developed on the...

Supported playgroups in schools and parent perspectives on children’s play

Pamela Lambert
"This research thesis examines the establishment of Supported Playgroups in Schools (SPinS). The aim of the project was to examine SPinS as an under-researched area of early childhood education, involving parents, children and schools promoting children’s access to play. Children’s access to play is important because play in the early years is known to increase children’s later learning outcomes (Roberts, 2010). A sociocultural approach to this study was used to understand ways in which parents...

Age differences in verbal short-term memory and the process of redintegration

Amanda Scicluna
There are long-standing but ongoing debates in the literature about the composition of memory and the causes of short-term forgetting. Some researchers believe human memory is a dual system that comprises separate stores for verbal short-term memory (STM) and long-term memory (LTM), best exemplified by Baddeley and Hitch’s (1974) Working Memory Model. Dual memory researchers also believe that information stored in verbal STM decays over time if it is not refreshed through engaging in some...

Calcium and Vitamin-D supplementation on bone structural properties in young male Jockeys: A randomised controlled trial

Leslie Silk
"Introduction: Young male jockeys compromise bone health by engaging in caloric restriction and high volumes of physical activity during periods of musculoskeletal growth and development. Failure to attain peak bone mass (PBM) during growth can have adverse short and long term musculoskeletal effects, with numerous studies demonstrating inferior bone health in jockey populations. However, no study to date has addressed counteracting the deleterious effects that participation in this sport has on bone health. The purpose...

Trial of a family-based education program for patients with heart failure and their carers in rural Thailand

Nittaya Srisuk
"Introduction: Heart failure is a major public health problem, affecting over 26 million people worldwide. It is associated with a high rate of mortality, symptom burden and diminished quality of life. Best practice guidelines for the management of chronic heart failure recommend that patients and carers/family members are educated about heart failure self-care. Effective heart failure self-care has the potential to improve health outcomes. Studies conducted in Thailand addressing heart failure self-care are limited and...

Teachers' experience of professional standards for teachers: A case study of the enactment of teaching standards in a high performing school system

Adam Taylor
The focus of this thesis is professional standards for teachers. In particular, teachers’ experiences of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership’s (AITSL) Australian Professional Standards for Teachers are addressed as one example of similar professional standards found throughout the global metropole. There is a bountiful literature on professional standards written from a theoretical perspective, but no notable international literature on practitioners’ experience of professional standards and the professionalism which they enunciate. The literature...

An investigation of learning processes and contexts of a curriculum program for the formation of spiritual directors

Peter Bentley
"In recent times Spiritual Direction has grown in popularity amongst lay people seeking to nurture their own spirituality. This trend has given rise to an increased enrolment of people seeking to train as Spiritual Directors. This study aims to identify key factors underpinning the learning processes in a spiritual direction curriculum program that is part of a graduate course offered by an Australian University. Having identified the factors, the researcher will assess its effectiveness in...

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