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Attaining inner peace according to the Risale-i Nur

Zuleyha Keskin
"Islam meaning peace becomes an important point in the discussion of inner peace; Muslims believe the religion of Islam is a source of inner peace for them, citing various Qur’ānic verses and ḥadīth in support of this notion. Furthermore, tasawwuf (Islamic mysticism) is rich with discussion of concepts relating to inner peace, such as riḍā (contentment), sakīna (serenity) and iṭmīnān (peacefulness). This further strengthens the idea that inner peace is part and parcel of Islam....

A history of TAMAR (1996-2008) in relation to the Anglican Church of Australia in general and the Diocese of Sydney in particular. TAMAR (Towards A More Appropriate Response) was formed by a group of Sydney Anglican women to address the issue of sexual abuse in the Australian Anglican Church

Patricia Mayne
"TAMAR (Towards A More Appropriate Response) was established in 1996 by a small group of Sydney Anglican women, many of whom belonged to the sexually abused community. These women through their experiences and led by their Christian spirituality, integrated with justice and mercy were compelled to address the issue of sexual abuse in the Anglican Church of Australia with particular reference to the Diocese of Sydney. Without power, authority and history these women were at...

Semantic, phonological and episodic representations in verbal immediate serial recall

Gabrielle Ritchie
"Psycholinguistic frameworks provide contemporary accounts of immediate serial recall (e.g., N. Martin & Saffran, 1997; R. C. Martin, Lesch, & Bartha, 1999). These models emphasise the inclusion of semantic/associative and phonological representations in verbal short-term memory but have difficulty explaining how serial order is represented and maintained. Conversely, computational models of immediate serial recall (e.g., Brown, Preece, & Hulme, 2000; Henson, 1998b; Lewandowsky & Farrell, 2008b; Page & Norris, 1998) have typically concentrated on the...

Does a change in the way early labour care is provided reduce epidural rates? A pre-post intervention study

Lauren Williams
Background: Normal birth, by common definition, is achieved with minimal or no intervention and is widely regarded as the safest method of birth for healthy mothers and babies. There is evidence to support delaying women’s admission to birthing suite until labour has established to avoid unnecessary interventions, such as epidurals and augmentation of labour. Reflecting this evidence base a large metropolitan hospital (study site) introduced an early labour care model in September 2012, to improve...

Beyond checkpoints: Identity and developmental politics in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Bokhtiar Ahmed Ahmed
This thesis is about contemporary identity and developmental politics in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh. Based on ethnographic research among the Pangkhuas, one of the twelve marginal ethnic groups living here, the thesis examines the everyday forms of identity and developmental practices in relation to a continuous hegemonic articulation of the state’s presence in this geopolitical margin. The central methodology of the research has been multi-sited ethnography characterized by anti-essentialism. A number of...

Redesigning the principalship in Catholic schools

Helen Cannon
The purpose of this research was to determine how the role of the principal in the Catholic school could be redesigned so that more quality applicants are prepared to seek principalship and principals already in the role could be retained. The catalyst for this study derived from the shortage of suitable applicants for the position of principal, a problem that exists not only in Australia, but also in many Western countries. An exploratory mixed method...

Assessing the characteristics of effective professional learning and training programs: Perceptions of teachers, principals and training personnel within Catholic Education in Melbourne

Robert O'Brien
The main aim of this thesis centred on what made effective professional development programs. As a particular case study data was collected on those programs sponsored by the Melbourne Catholic Education Office. Teachers from three schools in the North Western Metropolitan Zone of Melbourne, Australia, the principals from the three participating schools and training staff from the Catholic Education Office in Melbourne became the subjects of the study. The data collected from questionnaires was analysed...

The Contribution of the Neighbourhood Environment to the Relationship Between Neighbourhood Disadvantage and Physical Function Among Middle-Aged to Older Adults

Hui Loh
With the continuing increases in life expectancies in developed countries, an important public health goal is to ensure successful ageing—morbidity compression, maintenance of physical functioning and active engagement in life. It is well established that the onset of physical function decline begins in mid-life, and functional capacity is critical to maintaining mobility, independence and quality of life. A growing body of literature has found that residents of more disadvantaged neighbourhoods have significantly poorer physical function,...

Open educational resources: supporting equitable outcomes for all students at ACU

Katarina Tuinamuana, Bernice McIntyre & Vicki Bourbous

An Exploration of a Variation of Achievement

Sue Jury
In 2006, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) identified New Zealand as not only having some of the highest levels of achievement in reading but also, and of far more national concern, having some of the lowest levels. Thus, it was of little surprise that the New Zealand Ministry of Education set goals to address this concern. One of the outcomes of this particular national educational goal was the introduction of the National Literacy...

Exercise-nutrient interactions: Effects on substrate metabolism and performance

Jill Leckey
During prolonged (> 90 min), continuous steady-state exercise, skeletal muscle is fuelled by both carbohydrate (CHO) (i.e. muscle and liver glycogen, blood glucose and muscle, blood and liver lactate) and fat substrates (i.e. adipose and intramuscular triglycerides [IMTGs], blood-borne free fatty acids [FFAs] and TGs). The specific pattern of substrate oxidation is influenced by the relative exercise intensity, an individual’s training status and their preceding diet. However, it is well accepted that when exercising at...

Fostering Purpose in Life / Meaning in Life Across the Life Span

Levi Brackman
This thesis addresses the idea of purpose and meaning in life and how it can be intentionally fostered across the lifespan. Purpose and meaning in life, as it relates to well-being, is considered by some scholars to be the highest-level construct from which all other lower-level constructs of well-being flow (Kashdan & McKnight, 2009). As this thesis will demonstrate, purpose is highly correlated with many other desirable outcomes that are vital for living a life...

Moanan-Tongan fatongia and deontic in Greco-Rome: Fiefia, happiness, of tauelangi, climatic euphoria, and 'alaha kakala, permeating frangrance - Malie! Bravo!

Siosiua Lafitani
This dissertation discusses some logical premises or propositions of two themes with their conclusion regarding the traditional Moanan-Tongan fatongia, obligation, and its relation to ancient Greco-Roman deontic, obligation. The premise of the first theme considers fatongia as a worldview, philosophia or weltanschauung, which is embedded in human fundamental values and behaviors like justice, dykaisyn or faitotonu, and democracy, demoskratos or pule'aetokolahi. With the premise of the second theme, it considers fatongia with its specific aim,...

The construction of gender identity in India through television advertisements: A semiotic analysis

Deodrin Correa
"This study investigates how television advertisements in India construct gender identity. Advertisements that appeared during popular Indian television serials were obtained from a local video rental outlet and recorded on a weekly basis for a period of six months. A representative sample was then screened and used for analysis. As sign systems are involved in the construction of meaning (Chandler, 2001) - and advertising makes use of signs to convey its message (Bezuidenhout, 1998), this...

Ministries in the Catholic Church Today: The Nigerian situation

Basil Ekot
Aims: This thesis seeks to study ministry, as it is understood today in the light of the renewed ecclesiology of Vatican II, and to relate this study to the church situation in Nigeria. This thesis proposes to investigate the possible need for changes in the practices of ministries in the church in Nigeria. The study aims to articulate a theology of ministry and to critically review the growth and development of ministries in the church...

Parent expectations of Catholic secondary education: A study over time in one particular school

William Griffiths
This thesis explores the expectations that parents had of a particular Catholic secondary school for boys during the first half of the 1990s. By exploring in some detail the expectations of one group of parents whose children attended one particular Catholic secondary school in suburban Adelaide (South Australia), the research illuminates the larger issue of the changing nature of parent expectations of Catholic secondary schooling, and how these expectations were being shaped in the last...

The dialogue of theology and education: Clarifying the role of Lutheran confessional theology for Australian Lutheran school education

Malcolm Bartsch
This study aims to clarify the role of Lutheran confessional theology in informing and shaping policy and practice for Australian Lutheran school education. In doing this, it also seeks to provide another step in the on-going process of developing for Australian Lutheran schools a comprehensive theoretical framework that reflects insights from both Lutheran confessional theology and educational theory and research.

A rhetorical analysis of Tertullian's Adversus Iudaeos

Geoffrey Dunn
In his book, Ancient Rhetoric and the Art of Tertullian, Robert Sider omitted any analysis of adversus Iudaeos because, as he stated elsewhere, the latter part of the treatise was an addition probably by someone other than Tertullian and taken from the third book of adversus Marcionem. Rather than accept that position unquestioningly this dissertation, inspired by Sider's methodology, provides an analysis of adversus Iudaeos according to the rules of classical rhetoric with regard to...

Gifted origins to graced fulfilment: The soteriology of Julian of Norwich

Kerrie Hide
Within the discipline of theology, this thesis examines the soteriology presented in the Revelations of Divine Love, composed by Julian of Norwich (1343 - ca. 1420). Through an exegesis of the Paris copy of the Middle English manuscript, the research analyzes the understanding of salvation implicit in the text. This study builds on and expands previous theological inquiry into Juiian's texts. A hermeneutic for interpreting the theology expressed in this mystical literature creates guiding principles...

Quality assurance processes: The nature, outcomes and effectiveness of quality assurance processes of the Catholic Education Office, Sydney

Michael Idobo
AIMS:The project examines the perceptions of significant stakeholders in the Catholic Education system concerning the nature, outcomes and effectiveness of the implementation of the Quality Assurance Processes developed by the Catholic Education Office (CEO), in the Archdiocese of Sydney. The study identifies factors that were assisting or hindering the effective implementation of these processes as they existed in 1996. It offers suggestions and recommendations for a future and more effective implementation of these processes. SCOPE...

Righting women's writing: A re-examination of the journey toward literary success by late eighteenth-century and early nineteenth century women writers

Roslyn Stanford
This thesis studies the progressive nature of women's writing and the various factors that helped and hindered the successful publication of women's written works in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The thesis interrogates culturally encoded definitions of the term 'success' in relation to the status of these women writers. In a time when success meant, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, 'attainment of wealth or position', women could never achieve a level of...

The canonical adventure of the Apocalypse of John: An Eastern Orthodox perspective

Michael Michael

The role of attachment in a time-limited marital therapy: Implications for practice and treatment

Coral Brown
The present study investigates the role of attachment in a time-limited marital therapy. The study explores Brief Contextual Modular Psychotherapy (BCMT). This approach to practice provides a model that integrates principles and techniques from the major psychotherapies. BCMT can be distinguished from other brief therapies by its theoretical integration, its six-session time limit, its specific clinical focus, and its techniques for dealing with dissatisfaction and distress. The therapy sets out practice modules—six-session treatment plans—for a...


Frances Hanrahan
"As a result of two years working with the pre-service primary teachers in a College in Fiji I became aware of the difficulty many of the students were having understanding the primary school mathematics they would be required to teach. During that time I had attempted to help them overcome the difficulties by using different teaching approaches and activities but was far from satisfied with my efforts. Hence I decided to make a concerted effort...

Christian parent controlled schools in Australia - A study of the relationship between functional values and prevailing practices

Charles Justins
Christian Parent Controlled (CPC) Schools, which commenced in the 1960s, are a relatively small, but growing component of the non-government schooling sector in Australia. In 2001, they enrolled over 22 000 students in 85 schools. Very little research has been conducted on the values and practices of CPC schools and while these schools frequently assert that they promote explicitly Christian values, their foundational values have not previously been identified or recorded. This research identifies the...

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