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Exercise type, musculoskeletal health and injury risk factors in adolescent middle-distance runners

David Greene
Adolescent growth provides a unique opportunity for the growing body to adapt to external stimuli. A positive association between site-specific mechanical loading and increases in regional bone mineral content (BMC) during adolescence is established. Mechanical loads associated with middle-distance running expose the skeleton to a combination of compressive ground reaction forces and muscular contraction. Previous studies concerning musculoskeletal health in active adolescents are largely limited to planar, two-dimensional measures of bone mineral status, using Dual...

Maternal and child emotional regulation in paediatric chronic pain

Sophia Franks
Pain is influenced by biological, social, emotional and cognitive factors. Emotions are not simply a consequence of pain but rather a fundamental part of the pain experience. In addition, the social context cannot be isolated when constructing the meaning of the child's pain, and in understanding the influence of mother-child interactions on children's physiology. This research consists of two studies, study one investigated the relationship between anxiety, depression and physical functioning in children and adolescents...

Transforming professions: A case study of social work in the Australian Defence Organisation

Roslyn Hughes
The research investigated the impact of cultural change on the professional identity and practices of social workers in the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO). The researcher sought to understand both the nature and impact of change.

Josephus' Jewish war as a narrative five-act tragedy

Suresh Shenoy
The Dissertation, Josephus' Jewish War as a Narrative Five-act Tragedy, develops a method of reading the war narrative of Josephus that is consistent with the textual design of the literary work. Traditionally Bellum Judaicum has been held as a history, with little discrimination among the many types of history. A different understanding of the genre of the war narrative of Josephus is proposed in this study from what has been traditional, namely, that in addition...

An exploration of how some staff members perceive Catholic school renewal in some primary schools in the Catholic Diocese of Rockhamption

Simon Watkins
For the last forty years, since the end of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church has been committed to renewal. In Queensland, Catholic schools have responded to this commitment by undertaking cyclical renewal processes since the early 1980s. The focus of this research was the process of Catholic School Renewal in the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. The review of the literature focused on literature relating to school effectiveness and school improvement internationally...

An examination of student meaning-making in the post-compulsory subject of study of religion

Mark Craig
Current research and anecdotal evidence has suggested that students enrolled in the QSA (Queensland Studies Authority) subject for Year 11 and Year 12, Study of Religion, as outlined in the Senior Syllabus for Study of Religion, are experiencing difficulties in meaning-making. This may be due to particular methodologies being employed to teach the subject to secondary students (Barnes, 2001; Flood, 1999; Kay, 1997). The purpose of this research was to explore the connection between student...

Investigating aboriginal perceptions of literacy needs: Elucidating innovative approaches to engage aboriginal youth and adults in literacy learning

Anne Ndaba
"Poor literacy skills are seen as a major contributor to poverty and disadvantage (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation [UNESCO], 2011), and to the social and health problems faced by many Aboriginal people today (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare [AIHW], 2013; Boughton, 2009; Dockery, 2013; Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision [SCRGSP], 2011). Literacy education is therefore a social justice issue that needs to be addressed in order to improve...

System learning in complex and emergent environments: A study of how leaders in one education system enabled capacity for learning focused on the enactment of moral purpose

Jayne-Louise Collins
This thesis explores system capacity building, in particular, the purpose of system capacity building and how leaders, in the context of Leading for Learning Project, enabled whole of system capacity building with a focus on sustained engagement with moral purpose. It is argued, however, that the purpose and scope of system capacity building is often conceptually limited because it is understood within the current regulatory and performance focused education reform environment. This thesis, therefore, offers...

Sex differences in mate preferences: An in-depth exploration of evolutionary and social-economic theories

Evita March
Extensive research has documented the sex differences that exist in men’s and women’s mate preferences. Specifically, men desire the physical attractiveness of a potential mate more than women do, and women desire the status and resources of a potential mate more than men do. These sex differences in mate preferences are often attributed to evolutionary and/or social-economic origins. However, to date, research has only examined the different factors of social-economic theory independently without acknowledging the...

The foundation and early history of Catholic Church insurances (CCI) 1900-1936

Jane Carolan
"In the early twentieth century Cardinal Patrick Moran and others, both clerical and lay, understood that the adolescent Australian Catholic Church needed physical as well as spiritual support. The Church, as trustee, had an economic imperative to care for and maintain its properties. In 1910 Moran asked Hugh Mahon, a feisty Irishman and an Australian federal politician, to establish an Australian Catholic insurance company to achieve this purpose. Moran made it clear that the primary...

Social enterprise: Applicability of the competitor identification framework

Syed Rizvi
"Since government funding has significantly decreased, and the number of non-profit organisations has increased, it is inevitable that social enterprises will face greater competition which may threaten their social mission and sustainability. Therefore, the objective of this thesis was, firstly, to explore whether social enterprises understand that they face competition and, secondly, whether the model for competitor identification, developed by Chen (1996), is applicable to social enterprises. This research used a multi-stage, random, purposive sampling...

The spiritual formation of Queensland Baptists ministers

David Loder
This thesis examines the spiritual formation of Queensland Baptists ministers. It explores their current practice and seeks to systematise it into a framework. By elucidating a paradigm it is anticipated there will be two positive benefits. First, ministers will be able to be more intentional regarding their own formation and then second, they will be better equipped to assist their parishioners in their formation. Foundational to the thesis is that it is not sufficient to...

Beyond collaboration: Trans-cultural journeys in the Kimberley

Robert Hoskin
My research/inquiry concerns trans-cultural journeys made with people from Mowanjum, an Aboriginal community in the Kimberley. These journeys provided an opportunity for me and other non-Aboriginal participants to experience land and culture in a unique way. I began with the question what is the nature and meaning of trans-cultural collaboration involving Aboriginal land. I found the concept of collaboration limiting as I and others were challenged by an Aboriginal ontology and world view. My thesis...

From doer to stayer: Dispositional and organisational factors affecting sustained volunteering in community service organisations

Michael Ryan
"Sustained volunteering – the continued service of a volunteer with a particular organisation – is a critical issue for organisations that depend on the contribution of volunteers for the continuation of their programs and the achievement of their goals. The purpose of this research was to determine the extent to which selected dispositional and organisational factors influence a volunteer’s sustained involvement with a community service organisation. A conceptual model of sustained volunteering was developed based...

The role of a career counsellor in enhancing the career development process of secondary school students

Greg Vanin
"This study originated from commentary on career counselling, which highlighted concerns over the implementation and delivery of career advice given by career counsellors within secondary schools. The introduction of career development frameworks and standards was meant to address the concerns raised and provide clarity and consistency in service delivery by career counsellors. However commentary on career counselling after the introduction of the frameworks and standards indicated that career development services in secondary schools fell short...

The institutionalisation of charism in a faith-based school

Margaret Lee
"The research problem underpinning this study concerns the congruence between Dominican charism and how it is experienced by students, teachers and parents at San Sisto College. The purpose of the research is to explore how students, teachers and parents experience Dominican charism. Three specific research questions focus the conduct of this study: What do students, teachers and parents understand Dominican charism to be? How do students, teachers and parents experience Dominican charism at San Sisto...

Cognitive recovery in acute stroke: Measurement and facilitation of change

Hannah Tehan
Strokes can affect any part of the brain and therefore have a wide range of potential outcomes including an array of cognitive deficits such as memory problems, neglect, problem solving difficulties and decision making errors. From a biological perspective, recovery from stroke can be categorized into two time phases, acute (up until 3 months) and chronic (3+ months), with most changes occurring in the actue phase. In the motor and speech areas, it is recognised...

Reconceptualising the preservation of special character in Catholic secondary schools: An investigation of the role of the Director of Religions Studies in Catholic secondary schools in the Hamilton Diocese, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Theo van der Nest
Since the enactment of the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act in New Zealand in 1975, leadership in Catholic schools has become increasingly complex. Under the legislation Catholic schools are required to develop and maintain the special character of the school. In recent times the position of Director of Religious Studies (DRS) has become a prominent leadership position with a key responsibility to ensure the structural transmission of the special character of the school. Financial or...

The sweetest little buggers: Exploitation to autonomy in representations of the Botswana San

Roie Thomas
"This study draws on postcolonial and post-tourism theories to explore tourism representations of the San (commonly known outside Africa as Bushmen); predominantly those who traditionally occupied the Central Kalahari region of Botswana. This thesis deploys images, articles and captions from tourist publications, tourist ’blogs, an academic documentary, the film The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980), literary texts such as selected works of Laurens van der Post, and Alexander McCall Smith’s (1998 –) No.1 Ladies’ Detective...

Understandings and perceptions of spirituality held by multidisciplinary professionals involved in a community-based palliative care organization: Implications for professional practice.

Julie Fletcher
"As a universal human experience, spirituality is innate to humanity. Nevertheless, the attempt to define spirituality within health care has led to a range of diverse and often nebulous definitions. Holistic practice within palliative care includes the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of human beings, all of which can facilitate pain for the terminally ill. Commonly, spiritual pain is inadequately addressed within palliative care. This is due to spirituality not being identified or performed...

Prospective memory and social cognition in people with chronic heart failure

Tina Habota
People affected by chronic heart failure (CHF) suffer from diffuse brain pathology and are consequently at a higher risk of developing cognitive impairment. The aim of this thesis was to examine two areas of cognition in people with CHF, namely prospective memory (PM) and social cognition. This aim was addressed in a series of three experiments. PM and social cognition have not previously been assessed in the CHF population; however, because both of these cognitive...

A tort law framework for copyright authorisation

Kylie Pappalardo
"The law relating to authorisation liability for copyright infringement in Australia is unclear and unruly. As courts attempt to extend the law to reach new and disruptive intermediaries online, concepts designed to limit the scope of liability to only those at fault - such as the requirement that a person have the 'power to prevent' infringement - have begun to lose their meaning. Further, copyright owners seek measures from intermediaries that go well beyond the...

The use of NAPLAN data in Catholic schools

Francis Malloy
"This research was conducted within the context of Australia’s recent ‘Education Revolution’, initiated by the Rudd Labor Government after the Australian federal election in November 2007. Key to this revolution was the National Assessment Programme for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), which commenced in 2008. For the first time in Australia’s history, a large amount of student performance data have been generated from these tests nationwide, for various uses by governments and education sectors. Associated with...

Young children's online authoring: The techno-semiotic co-construction of blogs

Rachael Adlington
"Blogs provide unique authoring affordances for young children. To date, however, research has focused on older children, teenagers and adults as bloggers, and is limited in accounting for the semiotic roles of facilities, such as commenting and tagging. In contrast, this thesis is concerned with the intersection of technological and semiotic affordances of blogs. More specifically, it provides an account of the linguistic nature of blogs as collaborative texts, co-constructed by young blog authors and...

Facilitating change and evaluating impact during a neonatal intensive care redevelopment: A participatory action research project

Margaret Broom
"There have been many reports indicating that if the design of Neonatal Intensive Care Units provides neonates with a more developmentally appropriate environment during the period of their admission, there would be significant neurodevelopmental benefits. To create such an environment, Neonatal Intensive Care floor plans have been modified from open plan to a single family room or larger rooms where 2-6 neonates are accommodated. Single family room design enables staff to adapt the physical environment...

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