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Young children's online authoring: The techno-semiotic co-construction of blogs

Rachael Adlington
"Blogs provide unique authoring affordances for young children. To date, however, research has focused on older children, teenagers and adults as bloggers, and is limited in accounting for the semiotic roles of facilities, such as commenting and tagging. In contrast, this thesis is concerned with the intersection of technological and semiotic affordances of blogs. More specifically, it provides an account of the linguistic nature of blogs as collaborative texts, co-constructed by young blog authors and...

Facilitating change and evaluating impact during a neonatal intensive care redevelopment: A participatory action research project

Margaret Broom
"There have been many reports indicating that if the design of Neonatal Intensive Care Units provides neonates with a more developmentally appropriate environment during the period of their admission, there would be significant neurodevelopmental benefits. To create such an environment, Neonatal Intensive Care floor plans have been modified from open plan to a single family room or larger rooms where 2-6 neonates are accommodated. Single family room design enables staff to adapt the physical environment...

From vision to reality: The perceptions and practices of school leaders in Christian Education National

Christopher Prior
Christopher Michael Prior thesis "Christian Education National (CEN) is an association of Christian schools started in Australia, in the 1960s by Christian parents, predominantly with a Dutch Reformed heritage. Its vision for education includes the lordship of Christ over all of life, the fact that the gospel is to inform practice, and that parents are responsible for the education of their children. CEN dedicate significant resources to supporting member schools to understand the beliefs that...

Conditions of academic success for Aboriginal students in school

Lynette Riley
"Despite a willingness by stakeholders to address Aboriginal education disadvantage and recent successes in outcomes, Australian education largely continues to fail to provide Aboriginal Australians with educational outcomes and life opportunities commensurate with those of their non-Aboriginal peers. Well-intentioned and widely presumed assumptions about what works to seed success for Aboriginal students seem to prevail and are often unquestionably accepted and implemented as making a real difference in the absence of tangible proof and systemic...

Exploring the journey towards successful ageing in the Philippines: A mixed method study

Nicamil Sanchez
"Currently, there are no universally accepted definitions, dimensions or scales for measuring successful ageing. Rowe and Kahn’s (1977) three dimensions of successful ageing, namely, wellbeing, physical functioning, and social engagement, have been adopted by most studies in the literature to measure successful ageing. A review of the extant literature on successful ageing revealed that the majority of the studies on successful ageing have been conducted in developed western countries, despite the fact that the majority...

The sīrah genre: An evaluation of Fethullah Gülen’s approach

Süleyman Sertkaya
"In the Islamic tradition, Prophet Muhammad is an important and central figure. The Prophet’s role is critical as the receiver of revelation, and Qur’anic verses describe him as an exemplary role model. Among the Islamic disciplines, the genre of sīrah deals independently with the life of Prophet Muhammad, his biography within the framework of incidents in his life, generally in a chronological format. This study examines Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen’s approach to the sīrah...

Age differences in prospective memory: Laboratory versus naturalistic settings

Susan Randall
"Prospective memory (PM) is the ability to remember and perform intended actions at the appropriate point in the future. PM is a cognitive ability that is vital to many aspects of daily functioning, and it is particularly important for older adults who wish to maintain functional independence. The overall aim of this thesis was to investigate factors that potentially contribute to the age-PM paradox. The age-PM paradox refers to the contrasting age effects on PM...

The effect of the emerging paradigm of diversity on the church and its leadership

Andrew Peters
Aims and Problems: Between the 1950s and 1990s, a paradigm-change occurred at foundational levels that has had global effect. In this research, I address a number of problems, related to leadership in the church, which have arisen out of this paradigm-change. The first problem relates to the validity of clerical leadership in the new paradigm. The immense effect of the current paradigm-change upon the church led some leadership gurus to propose a change in the...

Stones cry out: A gospel imagination for Catholic school identity

William Sultmann
Catholic schooling within Australia is challenged to be responsive to internal and external change of significant and wide-ranging proportions. Through engaging this 'new world', the Church and the Catholic school will embrace their immediate and wider community and draw from a Tradition those constants which have offered meaning and development in earlier times. The process is one of dialogue and analysis in a context of openness to the Spirit of Christ as the Kingdom of...

Sisters of St Joseph: The Tasmanian experience: The foundation of the Sisters of St Joseph in Tasmania 1887-1937

Josephine Brady
This thesis reports on and analyses the first fifty years, 1887-1937, of the Sisters of Saint Joseph's ministry in Tasmania. The design of the study is qualitative in nature, employing ethnographic techniques with a thematic approach to the narrative. Through a multifaceted approach the main figures of the Josephite story of the first fifty years are examined. The thesis attempts to redress the imbalance of the representation of women in Australian history and the Catholic...

Leadership in a Lutheran school: An exploration of principal and school pastor worldviews and their potential impact on the transformation of the school learning community

Ken Bartel
This ethnomethodological study focuses on the worldviews of Lutheran school principals and pastors. Essentially, these leaders in a Lutheran school provide direction and vision for the school learning community. The degree to which their worldviews coalesce will naturally result in positive or negative influences on the whole school community. These leaders within the Lutheran school can be seen as a hub for all kinds of learning experiences and interaction in the context of vital Christian...

Effects of different loading intensities on skeletal adaptation to exercise in prepubertal girls

Peter Wiebe
This study involved a 28-week school-based exercise trial of single-leg drop-landing exercise with 42 girls (Tanner stage 1; 6-10 yr old) randomly assigned to control (C), low-drop (LD) or high-drop(HD) exercise groups. The latter two groups performed single-leg drop-landings (3 sessions.wk-1 and 50 landings.session-1) from 14cm and 28cm, respectively using the non-dominant leg. Single-leg peak ground-reaction impact forces (PGRIF) in a sub-sample ranged between 2.5 - 4.4 x body-weight (BW). No differences (p>0.05) among groups...

The search for success ina a charismatic environment: Senior teacher's responses to high stakes testing in academically successful Christian Brothers' schools

Michael Davies
In Australia, traditionally a wide range of measures have been used to identify academically successful schools. The mix of these measures has varied from state to state. But recently, added to this mix, and perhaps becoming the most influential factor, has been the examination results of senior students. These have become far more available to the prospective parents and governing bodies. They are used to gauge the ranking of the school, and to whether parents...

Practising inclusion within the regular school setting: students with special needs and their Aprender experience

Napoleon Rodezno
The experiences of students with special needs attending regular schools, their involvement and achievement within their school setting, and the theoretical underpinnings directing and determining what is best practice and delivery of effective education, have been an area of on-going change and development over the last 30 years. Teaching and learning processes involved in the effective pedagogical practice of special education have been consistently evolving, providing schools with developing options to enhance effective education practice...

An ethnography study of nurses' cancer pain management in Sri Lanka

Badurakada De Silva
Cancer pain is a serious problem that requires specialised nursing knowledge to manage. This ethnography study explored the experiences and practices of cancer pain management among nurses at the Cancer Hospital, Sri Lanka. Data were collected at the Cancer Hospital in Sri Lanka during October 2007 to January 2008. Data consisted of participant observation of nursing practice in a cancer ward, semistructured interviews with 10 participants and researcher diary. Analysis of data was undertaken with...

Elaboration on a permissible theme

Drew Carter
The experience of being overwhelmed or speechless is very common, but it has insufficiently informed contemporary moral philosophy. My thesis seeks to redress this. Iris Murdoch wrote that 'art is the great clue to morals'. In tragic drama she saw a doomed but noble attempt to answer to the worst in life and in sublime experience an emblem of goodness: loving attention to the 'unutterably particular'. Form generally, artistic or intellectual, falters before both the...

Modelling the method: a Lonergan approach to Christian responsibility in interreligious relations

Patrick McInerney
"My thesis is a practical contribution towards interreligious relations. Religious plurality is a major challenge facing church and society at the beginning of the third millennium. In Chapter One I set the context of developments and crises in the twentieth century, and propose that Bernard Lonergan's theological method provides a way to engage the complex issues involved in interreligious relations. Because he offers a cognitional theory and an epistemology that are empirically grounded in the...

Transforming teachers' temporality: Tutures in curriculum practices

Debra Bateman
There is much rhetoric around the notion that schools educate for the future. This research is an interrogation of the ways in which explicit futures time perspectives exists within school practices. This study investigates the ways in which these perspectives appear within curriculum documents and do/do not influence the ways that teachers think about, and plan for, student learning. Moreover, through ongoing and supported professional learning, this research identifies the ways in which teacher practice...

Nurture, outreach and beyond: Reconceptualising Lutheran education for the contemporary Australian context

Meryl Jennings
The origins and development of the Lutheran school system in Australia since the1830s were strongly influenced by the two powerful metaphors, nurture and outreach. This study investigated the ways in which these foundational metaphors have been reshaped over time in response to the changing social and educational environments as well as through the adaptations brought about by practitioner dialogue and innovation in practice. The study thus sought to develop a reconceptualisation of Lutheran education in...

Pioneering a new model of midwifery care: A phenomenological study of a midwifery group practice

Anne Moore
"This study explores the essence of the experience of midwives working within a new midwifery model of care: A Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) and is one component in a quality assurance project to evaluate the new service. In March 2005 the Re-Birthing Report was released in Queensland. This report reviewed maternity services in Queensland and contained key recommendations and guiding principles which were subsequently endorsed by the Queensland Government. The Re-Birthing Report clearly articulates that...

Lonergan's intentionality analysis and the foundations of organization and governance: A response to Ghoshal

John Little
The thesis explores the nature of organization and governance by applying a method of intentionality analysis as elaborated by the Canadian philosopher and theologian, Bernard Lonergan, in his two monumental works, Insight - a study of human understanding, and Method in Theology. The project arose from the writer's own experience in management education and consultancy. Admittedly, intentionality analysis has not been a major theme in the management literature. However, the late Sumantra Ghoshal drew attention...

Between the 'Politics of mysticism' and the 'Mysticism of politics': Implications of the universal call to holiness within the Roman Catholic tradition

David Ranson
"This dissertation is a study of Christian spirituality within the Roman Catholic tradition in the modern era. Specifically, it is an exploration of the tensive relationship between ""the mystical"" and ""the political"". Though this inter-relationship has become a feature in twentieth century Roman Catholic theology there remains a relative absence of considered treatments on the theme. The thesis is a response to this lacuna. The thesis suggests that, given both the development of laicality in...

An ethnographic study of the work environment of an aid organisation

Pauline Abboud
The working environment of an aid organisation generally has fewer benefits than in the commercial sector, so why do well trained and presumably well qualified people work for an aid organisation rather than a corporation which could provide them with better remunerations and a more comfortable work environment? What is it about the work environment of an aid organisation that attracts them? The focus of this study was to answer these questions. This involved examining...

The spirituality of pilgrims: A study of an Australian experience of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Neil Harrigan
"This research investigation into the spirituality of pilgrims arises from the intense mobility that characterizes contemporary society and from the new emphasis that is now being placed on pilgrimage. In the face of these trends the Holy See's Pontifical Council for Migrants and Itinerant People has called for appropriate pastoral responses based on ""a clear theological foundation and praxis"" whereby pilgrimage can be ""transformed into an experience of deep and mature faith."" The specific contribution...

Migratory shorebird ecology in the Hunter estuary, sourth-eastern Australia

Jennifer Spencer
Migratory shorebirds inhabit the shorelines of rivers, wetlands, oceans and lakes, where they need to rest and feed during their non-breeding seasons to prepare for their annual migrations to breeding grounds in the Arctic. Along their flyways many non-breeding and stop-over sites are under pressure from coastal developments, disturbance, global sea level rise and water resource development. In this thesis I investigated how migratory shorebirds responded to habitat loss in the Hunter estuary, a non-breeding...

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