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A case study of parent-school partnership

Jan Cronin
During the past three decades a great deal has been written about the role parents have in their children's education. The literature has followed an evolving understanding of this role from involvement through participation to parent-school partnership. Although some professional educators have been slow to recognise such a partnership, there is now no doubt that parents are beginning to see it as their right. The problem for schools is not just to implement legislation about...

The Catholic school parish nexus: A case study

James Quillinan
The study recorded in this thesis sought to gain initial baseline information about the purpose of the Catholic schools, from the perspective of those who lead Catholic schools and from the perceptive of those who lead parishes in the diocese of Townsville. The study is perhaps the first step in beginning to ask whether a nineteenth century decision about Catholic schools as "the best sociological conditions for the religious socialization of the young is .......

A case study of the induction experience of new teachers in one Catholic primary school

Rhonda Thornton
Many principals, as leaders in Catholic schools today, are concerned with building a strong school culture based on the common belief of Jesus Christ. Induction of new teachers into the school influences this culture as they bring with them a diversity of beliefs, experience, attitude, and professional maturity. The challenge principals, as leaders, face is continually renewing the shared vision of the community, and maintaining a balance between the corporate needs and those of individuals....

Are age-related changes in perceptual-motor regulation related to an increased falls risk?

Steven van Andel
Introduction Decades of research have shown that approximately one in three older adults, aged 65 years or older, falls at least once each year (Campbell et al., 1990; World Health Organization, 2007). This is a problem in our ageing society; as the number of people in this aged cohort continues to increase, leading to an expected increase of falls and falls related medical costs in the coming years (Hendrie, Hall, Arena, & Legge, 2004). The...

The evolution of transport assistance for students attending non-state schools in Queensland 1906 - March 2001: A project

Paul Travers
This project documents the development of State Government funded transport assistance for students attending Queensland schools during the period 1906 to March 2001. Although the project covers all major developments in transport assistance for State school students, its main purpose is to document the struggle for justice and equity in the provision of Government funded transport assistance for students attending non-State schools in Queensland. Particular emphasis is placed on the period 1976 to March 2001,...

A case study of teachers' perceptions in a culture of change

John Percy
The purpose of this research is to examine the effects of ongoing educational change that has occurred at a particular school. It attempts to identify the thoughts of teachers as they work within this culture of change and link them to the literature on what change looks like from the position of teaching. Unless the experience of teaching is considered from the perspective of teachers, educational change could become professional rhetoric. The research seeks to...

Teacher isolation and the inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorder: Bridging the divide

Mitchell Coates
Both researchers and clinicians have observed an apparent increase in the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in current and upcoming student populations (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016; CDC, 2018). In response to these findings, the Australian Federal Government and Queensland Government have policies in place to support students in inclusive general education settings for children with ASD. The purpose of this study was to develop a more sophisticated understanding of expectations of teacher capacity...

A psychosocial stage of change approach to unemployment: A psychosocial, stage of change approach to improve employment outcomes for the unemployed

Darren Coppin
Unemployment has been found to have a detrimental impact on an individual’s well-being and mental health. This thesis aims to enhance our understanding of whether all jobseekers are truly jobseeking and explore what can be done to support behaviour changes in those who are not initially committed to returning to work. A first study tested the predictive validity of a stage of change measure on the re-employment success of 1,247 unemployed Australians. The study evidenced...

Signposts and messagesticks: An ethnographic study of non-indigenous drama teachers’ engagement with an indigenous drama text

Mark Eckersley
The purpose of this ethnographic study is to investigate how non-Indigenous Australian secondary drama teachers engage with an Australian Indigenous drama text. Some studies, such as those of Moriarty (1995) and Harrison and Greenfield (2011), have focused on the implementation and teaching of ‘Aboriginal Studies’ and ‘Aboriginal Culture’. There is a gap in scholarly literature relating to the way teachers engage with Indigenous Australian perspectives and texts. In this research, I address the following question:...

Religion and the populist radical right in western Europe

Nicholas Morieson
To test this hypothesis, the thesis analyses the discourse of two populist radical right parties in Western Europe: The National Front (now known as National Rally) of France, and the Party for Freedom of the Netherlands. This analysis has two parts: The first tests part of my hypothesis: that Europeans’ encounter with Islam in Europe has (1) revealed the non-universal nature of European secularism to Europeans, and (2) demonstrated the secularisation of Christianity into ‘culture.’...

Measuring community walking in stroke survivors using physiotherapists’ perspectives and the International Classification of Functioning, Health and Disability (ICF) framework

Neelam Nayak
Community walking is a multifactorial task and an important functional goal for stroke survivors. Measuring community walking is challenging because there is not a good understanding of what is considered successful community walking or how this could be measured. Physiotherapists currently use a range of measures to assess community walking. Furthermore, the factors contributing to community walking that are captured by these measures are not yet well understood. This thesis, comprising two studies, explores these...

Socioemotional functioning in youth with borderline personality disorder

Elizabeth Pizarro-Campagna
This thesis makes an original contribution to our understanding of socioemotional functioning in borderline personality disorder (BPD) by critically examining social cognition and emotion regulation BPD research from a developmental perspective. It also extends on previous research, making a novel and important contribution to our understanding of sociocognitive functioning and emotion regulation ability in youth with first presentation BPD. This was achieved via two critical narrative reviews of the existing literature and two empirical studies,...

‘Sins of our fathers’: The lived experiences of children and young people with a parent in prison

Vicky Saunders
With the rising numbers of prisoners in Australia and the recognition of prisoners as parents across policy and academic domains, an increased interest in children affected by parental incarceration has emerged. Such interest focuses on three areas of inquiry: psychological impacts of parental incarceration on children and young people; links to intergenerational crime; and current responses to children and young people with a parent in prison. Much of this research about children has been undertaken...

Missionary life writing: Constructing a self – denied

Mary Brooks
This research investigates the writing of British-dominion missionaries working in China during the period 1860 to 1920 – a period of great intensity for mission activity, and prolonged turbulence and humiliation for the Chinese Empire. The Protestant missionary enterprise was referred to as a “writing machine” for its production of literature in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, relying upon regular accounts from missionaries for publication, designed to inform, inspire and perpetuate mission funding. In...

The function and significance of middle voice verbs in the Greek New Testament

Susan Smetko
Prompted by the re-consideration of the concept of deponency for Greek verbs in recent decades, this exploration seeks to open new vistas for understanding the middle voice in the Greek New Testament. While the middle voice has often not been emphasised in NT studies, statistical data derived from morphological data bases indicate that middle verb forms appear not infrequently throughout the New Testament and therefore warrant due consideration. This study focuses on verbs with middle...

Daily living transactions: Understanding how children and carers work together to complete daily living tasks and routines when the child has cerebral palsy.

Robyn Heesh
Objective: This research explored how children with cerebral palsy (CP) functioning at Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) levels IV and V work together with their carers to complete daily routines. It aimed to investigate the activities and skills that are important and may inform goal setting and intervention planning for children and carers. Design: An explanatory sequential mixed methods study. Method: Non-ambulant children (GMFCS IV and V) aged 5-18 years and their carers were...

The benefits of believing you can change: implicit malleability theories moderate the relationship between low self-esteem and negative outcomes

James Conigrave
There are at least two ways to combat the negative effects of low self-esteem: directly improve people’s self-esteem, or to decouple the link between low self-esteem and negative outcomes (Hayes & Ciarrochi, 2015). Incremental theories are implicit beliefs that people’s attributes are malleable. In this thesis I argue that subscription to these beliefs may help combat the negative effects of low self-esteem. Incremental theories make individuals less likely to make trait attributions as a result...

The collaborative role of parental participation in school policy development: A case study

Mark Creevey
This case study is centred on the examination of the role of parental involvement in school policy development. It documents the collaborative process of school policy development in the field of Computer and Technology Education. Examination of the process of school policy formation was undertaken in a qualitative manner, by the recording of a journal, interviews with committee members, and comparative questionnaires conducted with staff and parents eliciting attitudinal data with a view to refining...

The relationship between the Catholic school and the parish in the diocese of Rockhampton: A case study

Simon Watkins
The research project sought to gain initial information about the perceived purpose of Catholic schools from the perspectives of the administration teams in the diocese of Rockhampton. Catholic schools were first established ever one hundred years ago; society, Catholicism and parental expectations have changed over time. This study aims to inform future planning by the major stakeholders in Catholic education in the diocese of Rockhampton, to attempt to provide the most suitable educational structures to...

A case study of one staff's response to Catholic school administration

John Carroll
This thesis is centred upon the administrative structure of Catholic primary schools and how they can become more fundamentally Catholic. The problem required an examination of leadership and management and how these applied to Catholic schooling. Having initiated a structure (School Support Team) that set out to respond to Catholic school administration, a focus school was studied in relation to the theoretical principles which emerged from the literature. The study was conducted through an interpretive...

Boys in education: An action research project

Elizabeth Ryan
Gender roles, and the construction of gender, are under scrutiny in our society. Many questions are being asked about the roles of men in light of the successful emergence of feminism (Connell, 1989). There is a "crisis of masculinity" (Salisbury & Jackson, 1996) which has resulted in a bombardment of literature surrounding the issue and this, in turn, has filtered through to schools responsible for the education of boys. The purpose of this particular study...

The affordances of online multiplayer games for the social interactions of middle-primary-school-aged students with ASD

Bessie Stone
This descriptive ethnographic case study investigates the potentials and constraints of online multiplayer games for the social interactions of students with an autism spectrum disorder. Minecraft® was selected as the online multiplayer game platform of focus within the research context, given its popularity among primary-school students. The study also describes the multimodal forms of social communication that students with an autism spectrum disorder used as they engaged with online multiplayer games. It investigates students, parent,...

Outdoor play decision-making by families, schools, and local government for children with disabilities

Julia Sterman
Introduction: Play is a right for all children and an essential childhood occupation. Yet, children with disabilities experience exclusion from outdoor play participation. How children’ skills interact with the environment in which they live, notably their family, school, and community, shapes their play choice. Aim: The aim of this study was to understand outdoor play decision-making at family, school, and local government levels for primary school-age children with disabilities. Method: A multiple-perspective case study allowed...

Muscle force contributions to knee joint loading

Nirav Maniar
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are one of the most common knee injuries suffered by athletic populations. ACL injuries are particularly burdensome due to potential surgical requirements, extensive rehabilitation time and associated financial costs for the individual and the community. Additionally, ACL injuries are associated with increased risk of early onset knee osteoarthritis. As such, ACL injury preventative and rehabilitative strategies are of paramount importance. ACL injuries typically occur during non-contact dynamic tasks, such as...

A study of substantial change in the writings of St Thomas Aquinas

Steven Ledinich
This dissertation examines substantial change as explained by St Thomas Aquinas in a number of his works. It provides a systematic exposition, explanation and defence of his account of substantial change, arguing that it is not only satisfactory but also in accord with a sound philosophy of nature as well as being metaphysically consistent. The central aim of the dissertation is to explain how substantial changes are said to occur, that is, to explain the...

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